New Rush Backstage Club contest: Win a Rush meet & greet!

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 8:25PM

WELCOME ! Please Leave a comment

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#26 - Posted 9/8/12 @1:21AM by What-A-Rush

Just sent in my entry. Looking forward to the show on 11-25-12. I'll stay away from the "spoilers". Thanks Ed for the heads up!
#25 - Posted 9/6/12 @12:46PM by conniemack99 [contact]

Was fortunate to get meet n greet through a connection on SnA tour -- as others have said, it is a quick in and out. Professional photographer takes a couple of pics (they won't take with your camera) and the pics are posted to a special website where you can go and download.

Maybe they can have a second place drawing to meet the string section!
#24 - Posted 9/6/12 @11:33AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Rules state " If you are going to see RUSH on this tour in several cities, you may enter ONCE for each show you are attending."

So for the Toronto shows, how do you enter twice.
#23 - Posted 9/6/12 @10:34AM by Will Collier [contact]

#1, it's really quick, and Neil doesn't participate. Just enough time to say hello to Al and Ged, shake hands and get a picture. All of which is very nice, of course, but don't expect any long conversations.
#22 - Posted 9/6/12 @9:55AM by Project37 [contact]

Entered! Even for five seconds, just the chance to shake hands and say "thanks" would be grand. :-)
#21 - Posted 9/6/12 @9:14AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#19 - I have the Hemispheres poster that came with the album signed by Alex and Geddy (I got it signed at the Walk of Fame induction in Toronto back in the 90's), but no Neil. Like you said I would never send it off in hope of getting Neil to A) sign it, and B) actually return it.

There just are no opportunities offered to get it signed. I was getting hopeful thinking that Neil would show up at the book signing of CA, but no go. So I just don't see it happening.
#20 - Posted 9/6/12 @9:04AM by brianrush2112 [contact]

on the 1st leg of S&A tour we left for LasVegas MGM sat show on thursday early AM-had entered contest via wifes work computer (no home computer at time)we got back Mon pm- Tues AM wife called after logging in at work E-mail from SRO about meet n greets for MGM show Sent thurs AM we left!!!24 hrs to respond! Sent e- mail explainig situation but no response. So close- lesson= watch your E-mail and/or check before your flight.Fingers crossed universe will right a terrible injustice for this September 24th in Minneapolis. Kept SRO e-mail still upsets us.
#19 - Posted 9/6/12 @8:08AM by Pale Facsimile [contact]

I heard that on previous tours, the meet & greets were photo-op only, and no autographs (I know Alex usually keeps a black Sharpie on his lanyard anyway). Is that true? And if so, WTF is the point of even having a M&G in the first place?

P.S. Yes, I know the guys sign stuff send c/o the various venues; I got an 8x10 signed by all 3 on the Time Machine Tour. But as any thru-the-mail collector knows, you don't send "good" stuff that might get lost or not ever get sent back, so on the off-chance someone actually wins a M&G, it'd be nice to get something really cool signed.
#18 - Posted 9/6/12 @4:16AM by Liverpool 78

These meet and greets don't usually take place outside of North America but I've entered anyways just in case they've had a change of heart.

#17 - Posted 9/6/12 @1:40AM by MCM [contact]

I thought that you could enter more than once last tour??
#16 - Posted 9/6/12 @12:46AM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

#15...based on how well he knows the person??? I would venture a guess that Neil knows about ZERO of the contest winners in this case. Any one he knows already has great seats, backstage access, etc. I am at a loss as to what you are referring to, please enlighten me. peace.
#15 - Posted 9/6/12 @12:20AM by limelighter [contact]

neil does meet and greets depending on how well he knows the person. i have met him a few times several years ago but nothing since. a class act of a guy to meet by the way.
#14 - Posted 9/5/12 @11:30PM by dadof4 [contact]

#13 - Posted 9/5/12 @11:00PM by drmike [contact]

The Wreckers is currently #16 on the mainstream rock charts and Headlong Flight is #24.

#12 - Posted 9/5/12 @10:33PM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

eve3n if it might be a 5 second meet and glance then run, its still somethign that i have never been able to do and it would be a drem,a come true, i mena these guys were my inspiration for my career in the making, without rush i wouldnt be into music as much as i am now!

only 10 more days till chiacgo!!!!!!!
#11 - Posted 9/5/12 @10:00PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

When you've hung out (side-stage) by the invites of Howard & Liam (in the 70's)
"meet & great" isnt that big a deal...No hugs guys...please ?
#10 - Posted 9/5/12 @9:59PM by 2112october1981YYZ [contact]

Entry in !
#9 - Posted 9/5/12 @9:39PM by yosef [contact]

I won the meet and greets last year. It was very fast, about 5 seconds two pics taken with their photographer, but very cool. There was about 30 people there so not a lot of time to chat. Had it enlarged and hangs in my rec. room.
I would do it again though.
#8 - Posted 9/5/12 @9:31PM by rg1 [contact]

Willing to trade a pair of front row tickets center section for meet and greet in Tampa....
#7 - Posted 9/5/12 @9:30PM by rg1 [contact]

Links do not work....
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