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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour official pre-sale details

Sat, Apr 21, 2012@8:42PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 4/26@8:36AM: VIP pre-sales for Buffalo and Newark are now sold out along with Chicago, Manchester, Philadelphia and LA.

UPDATE - 4/25@5:21PM: The KLOS radio pre-sale for the LA show is using a password of klos. Music Today fan pre-sales for all of the East Coast dates are now over and Chicago is sold out, but they continue for Anaheim and LA until 5PM PST.

UPDATE - 4/25@12:27PM: VIP pre-sales for Manchester and Philadelphia are now sold out along with Chicago and LA.

UPDATE - 4/25@11:42AM: The venue pre-sale for the Boston show at the TD Garden is using a password of angel (thanks Craig M).

UPDATE - 4/25@9:58AM: There's a venue pre-sale for Chicago starting at 10AM (CST) with password CLOCKWORK (thanks Dean S and Ellen V).

UPDATE - 4/25@8:39AM: The VIP pre-sale for LA is now sold out in addition to Chicago. There are still packages available for the other 8 dates for the time being though, and passwords are no longer required. Fan pre-sales for all 10 dates are still available until today at 5PM. Several Live Nation, radio and venue pre-sales kick-off this morning at 10AM. The Live Nation pre-sales seem to all be using a password of melody.

UPDATE - 4/24@1:04PM: It looks like the VIP pre-sale for Chicago is now sold out. It looks like there are still packages available for the other 9 dates for the time being though. Passwords are no longer required for these except for Anaheim and LA (until 12PM PST). Also, it looks like all of the various Live Nation pre-sales will be using a password of melody (thanks Scott G and Gerard kK).

UPDATE - 4/24@10:09AM: CITI Card pre-sales for Manchester, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Buffalo and Detroit are up and running! Chicago begins in 1 hour, Anaheim and LA in 3 hours.

UPDATE - 4/23@3:19PM: Fan and VIP pre-sales for Anaheim and LA are up and running!

UPDATE - 4/23@1:06PM: Fan and VIP pre-sales for Chicago are up and running! Anaheim and LA begin in 2 hours.

UPDATE - 4/23@12:07PM: Fan and VIP pre-sales for Manchester, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Buffalo and Detroit are up and running! Chicago begins in 1 hour, Anaheim and LA in 3 hours.

UPDATE - 4/23@11:16AM: A note on the Music Today fan pre-sales. It looks like you may not don't have to sign-up for the fan community beforehand to purchase tickets this go-around. But it's probably a good idea to do so anyways just to make the checkout process go more quickly - better safe than sorry. You can sign-up here and login with an existing account here.

UPDATE - 4/22@9:20PM: Some more VERY IMPORTANT information regarding the VIP ticket pre-sales. You must signup for an account at this link in order to purchase tickets. There's also an asterisk next to where it states that the package includes One reserved ticket within the first 15 rows of the stage*. The asterisk reads:

*Exact seat location available at show. Ticket is allocated based on time & date of purchase

This seems to indicate that you won't have any idea exactly where your seats are until you pick up your tickets at the will-call. This was not the case on the last tour and really sucks if true. :(

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/22@9:04PM: The VIP Nation website has been updated with details regarding the VIP ticket package pre-sales. These pre-sales will indeed begin tomorrow at Noon as we had predicted. For the first 24 hours you will need to use a password; the password is headlong. After that no password will be required. You can see listings for all 10 of the dates at this link. The packages will cost between $275 and $350 depending on the venue. They are also offering an exclusive Clockwork Angels hoodie for $50 with any VIP ticket purchase.

The newsletter sent out some more details this afternoon regarding next week's pre-sales for the 2012 Clockwork Angels tour. The newsletter provides a lot of good information, but also still leaves a few questions unanswered. From the newsletter:

The Clockwork Angels North American 2012 Tour itinerary of 33 shows has been announced! For a full list of shows and general ticket information, visit

The first round of Clockwork Angels Tour pre-sales start this Monday, April 23rd for Manchester, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Chicago & Detroit.

Whereas this is good to know, they don't mention which pre-sales specifically start on Monday nor what time they begin. The only one that we know for sure will start on Monday is the Music Today fan pre-sale. The Music Today website now lists all 10 dates mentioned above along with a message saying that these pre-sales will begin at 12PM (local venue time) on Monday, April 23rd. The newsletter then goes on to discuss the VIP tour packages:

Packages will be exclusive to Rush fan members for the first 24 hrs!
Passcode: headlong (lower case, case sensitive)
Package Includes:

* One reserved ticket located within the first 15 rows of the stage
* Exclusive Rush Tour Shirt
* Collectible Tour Poster (numbered, limited)
* Official Tour Program
* Specially Designed Tote Bag
* Set of Official Guitar Picks
* Commemorative Concert Ticket
* Commemorative Tour Laminate

We will also be offering an exclusive Clockwork Angels Tour hoodie, only available via this offer upon check-out.

To purchase your Tour Package, please visit

So it looks like the VIP ticket packages will work a little differently than on the last tour. On the Time Machine tour, VIP ticket packages were handled via the Ticketmaster website through the same interface that regular tickets were sold, and no password was required. Now it looks like the packages will be sold through the website and will require a password of headlong for the first 24 hours. Currently only the package details are listed on the website along with a coming soon message. These pre-sales are called out as VIP pre-sales in the Rush is a Band tour section. One very important piece of information that they left out was when these pre-sales begin, and when they end. On the last tour, the VIP package pre-sales always coincided with the Music Today fan pre-sales, so I'll go with that assumption until we get some more solid information. Speaking of which, here's what they say about the Music Today fan club pre-sales:

The Fan Club tickets are only available during the PRE-SALE. Reserve the best seats in the house through our special Rush fan pre-sales. These presales only last three days, and only certain cities/dates are currently available with more presales being added each week. Check back soon if you don't see your date. At the end of your ticket purchase, you will have the opportunity to pre-order Exclusive Tour Merchandise.

The Fan Club Presale Merchandise includes a BRAND NEW Clockwork Angels T-Shirt design.

In addition, when you order Fan Club Tickets and the Exclusive Merchandise you will be automatically entered to win a meet and greet with members of the band at your show (one winner plus guest per city). To purchase Presale Tickets and Presale Merchandise please visit

So the fan club pre-sales sound like they will be run similarly to how they've been run in the past. As I'd mentioned above, the Music Today website now lists all 10 dates going on sale next week along with a message saying that these pre-sales will begin at 12PM (local venue time) on Monday, April 23rd. So if they will last 3 days, then they'll end on Thursday, April 26th at 12PM. Note that if they run out of the allotted number of tickets for the pre-sale then they may end early (this has happened in the past). Calling these fan club pre-sales is a little bit misleading since there isn't any official Rush fan club. To participate in these pre-sales you simply need to sign up at the Rush Music Today website; it is free to sign up, and there are no pre-sale passwords. Although the link is currently hidden, to sign up for (or login with your account from previous tours) the Music Today Rush Fan Community just go to this link. When you are logged into the Rush Music Today site and a pre-sale is open, you will see a link to buy tickets on the Rush Music Today schedule. From that point things play out like most ticketing websites; you choose the level and number of seats (usually there is a max of 4 or 8) you want, they find tickets for you, you choose to either take the tickets or try again. If you decide to move forward with the purchase then you are asked to enter your payment information. Ticket prices are face value although the fees might make the final cost slightly different from Ticketmaster, but not significantly so. When you purchase tickets, you will be given the option to pre-order some exclusive merchandise - which will be a Clockwork Angels t-shirt according to the newsletter. By purchasing tickets along with the merchandise, you will be automatically entered into a contest where one winner from each tour stop will be selected for a meet-and-greet with Rush. These pre-sales are called out as Fan pre-sales in the Rush is a Band tour section. Note that the fan pre-sales for any given date will occur the week leading up to the general on-sale date. So only shows where the general on-sale date will occur next weekend will have fan pre-sales this upcoming week; fan pre-sales for the rest of the dates will occur in the coming weeks. The newsletter then says a little about CITI card pre-sales:

Just a reminder that those fans that are CITI card members will have access to pre-sale tickets through Citi's Private Pass Program beginning April 23rd in select markets. For complete presale details visit

So far all of the CITI pre-sales I've seen listed at Ticketmaster are set to begin on April 24th at 10AM - not April 23rd like they state in the newsletter. These pre-sales are sponsored by Citi Bank and are open to anyone with access to a valid Citi consumer or business credit card. These tickets are purchased via Live Nation/Ticketmaster just like you would buy any other ticket through these outlets. When prompted to enter your Passcode or Member Code on the billing information page you simply enter the first six (6) digits of your credit card account number (no dashes) located on the front of your Citi card. You will then need to use a Citi credit card to complete your ticket purchase. These pre-sales are called out with a code of CITI in the Rush is a Band tour section.

I now have all 33 of the shows loaded into the RIAB tour page, and will be continually updating these listings along with my ticket sales and pre-sales guide with pre-sale/on-sale information as it comes in - so check back regularly. I also have the interactive tour map up and running again on the tour page, and will be using the attention all planets... news rotator on the home page to alert folks to the various pre-sales as they happen. So dust off your piggy banks, and limber up your mouse-clicking fingers - it's time for the pre-sale frenzy to begin!!! :)

Here's the Clockwork Angels 30-second spot that is running:

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