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Sun, May 26, 2024

Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour: second round of pre-sales begins tomorrow at 12PM

Sun, Apr 29, 2012@4:13PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 5/3@1:21PM: Bristow, Dallas and Houston VIP pre-sales are now sold out along with Las Vegas and St. Louis.

UPDATE - 5/2@2:33PM: Showlist DC is running a contest where you could win a pair of tickets to Rush's September 9th show in Bristow. The contest runs through tomorrow at 5PM and you can enter at this link.

UPDATE - 5/2@1:18PM: Atlanta VIP pre-sale is underway and the St. Louis VIP pre-sale is now sold out (Las Vegas is too).

UPDATE - 5/2@11:12AM: Although the KQRS-FM website indicates that their pre-sale password is CLOCKS, it seems like they changed it to just CLOCK. You can also just use the Live Nation password of drumline.

UPDATE - 5/2@10:51AM: The Live Nation password is drumline!

UPDATE - 5/2@10:06AM: It looks like the Live Nation password for this round of pre-sales is not melody (thanks Bob). If anyone knows what it is, please let us know. It's drumline.

UPDATE - 5/1@5:13PM: VIP pre-sale for Atlanta begins tomorrow at 12PM with the password headlong (thanks DigitalRushExperience).

UPDATE - 5/1@4:46PM: Rush's Clockwork Angels tour has jumped into the Top Events Rankings for TicketNews at #6. KQRS-FM in Minnesota will be sponsoring a pre-sale starting tomorrow at 10AM using the password clocks (thanks balance). VIP pre-sales now no longer require a password and Music Today fan pre-sales for all 12 dates will run through tomorrow at 5PM. Live Nation pre-sales for most of the shows will kick-off tomorrow at 10AM using a password of drumline.

UPDATE - 5/1@9:39AM: The VIP pre-sale for Las Vegas is sold out. CITI card pre-sales for all 12 dates except Atlanta kick off at 10AM local venue time.

UPDATE - 4/30@3:00PM: VIP and Music Today fan pre-sales for Phoenix, San Jose and Las Vegas are now underway!

UPDATE - 4/30@1:04PM: VIP and Music Today fan pre-sales for St. Louis, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are now underway!

UPDATE - 4/30@12:14PM: Note that it doesn't look like VIP tickets are available for Atlanta today (at least not yet), despite what the newsletter said - possibly Houston as well (we'll know at 12PM CST). There are Music Today pre-sales for both of these cities though.

UPDATE - 4/30@11:35AM: All 12 shows are now listed at the Rush Music Today website for the fan pre-sale. Remember you do not need a password for the fan pre-sale. You will need a password for the VIP pre-sale (password is headlong) - and right now all the shows except Atlanta and Houston are listed at the VIP Nation website with a message indicating that pre-sales begin at Noon local time. I'm not sure what's going on with Atlanta and Houston, but the newsletter seemed to indicate that VIP pre-sales would be available for those shows today. Assuming that's the case, then both the VIP and fan pre-sales for Bristow, Pittsburgh, Bridgeport, and Atlanta will be kicking off in less than a half hour at 12PM EST; St. Louis, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston kick off at 12PM CST; Phoenix at 12PM MST; and San Jose and Las Vegas at 12PM PST.

The first round of pre-sales for Rush's 2012 Clockwork Angels finished off last week and the second round will kick off tomorrow. The newsletter sent out a notice this afternoon confirming that pre-sales for 12 more dates will begin tomorrow at 12PM local venue time: Bristow, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Bridgeport, Atlanta, San Jose, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. From the newsletter:

Tomorrow morning at 7AM there will be an announcement for the second round of markets to go on-sale for the Clockwork Angels North American Tour.

But we wanted to let you know now that the pre-sales for these specific shows begin THIS MONDAY APRIL 30 at NOON LOCAL TIME for Washington, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Minneapolis, Bridgeport, Atlanta, San Jose, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Phoenix.

For the pre-sales, you have the option of:

1 - Tour Package pre-sale starts Monday 4/30 at noon local time and is exclusive to Rush fan members with password "headlong" (lower case, case sensitive) for the first 24 hours.
For details visit

2 - Rush Fan Club pre-sale starts Monday 4/30 at noon local time and closes Wednesday 5/2 at 5pm local time.
For details visit

3 - CitiCard Holders pre-sale starts Tuesday 5/1 at 10 am local time and closes Thursday 5/3 at 3pm local time.
For details

As of this posting only the Bridgeport show is listed as going on pre-sale at VIP Nation tomorrow but the rest of the dates should be showing up between now and the morning. They will once again be using a password of headlong for the first 24 hours. All of the shows are now listed at the Music Today site as well except for Atlanta (I assume there will still be one for Atlanta though). Most of these dates are currently listed at Ticketmaster for the CITI pre-sales that begin Tuesday, but not all of them (Atlanta will not have one). I already have the tour page updated with all the information. With the benefit of hindsight we now have a better picture of how the various pre-sales work this go-around. The Music Today fan pre-sales operate much as they have in the past with the one exception being that registration with the fan community on the Music Today website is no longer required. The big difference this year is with the VIP pre-sales, which are now conducted by rather than Ticketmaster. With VIP Nation, you still get a guaranteed seat in the first 15 rows but you don't know the exact location of your ticket until you pick them up at the venue - which has many fans understandably up in arms (there's also this petition). The CITI pre-sales simply require that you use a CITI credit card and use the first six digits as the password. Various Live Nation, radio and venue pre-sales should also be available later in the week. The Live Nation password this time around is melody unknown. For any other passwords, just periodically check out the tour page, and for more details on how all the pre-sales work check out my ticket sales and pre-sales guide. We also learned over the weekend that Ticketmaster is offering Official Platinum Seats for some of the dates on the Rush 2012 tour. These are a good alternative to the VIP pre-sales since you know exactly what seats you are purchasing - although the prices are significantly higher than the regular ticket prices. These are made available at the same time general tickets go on sale. More information in my ticket sales and pre-sales guide.

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