Rush's Clockwork Angels tour to include a string section

Posted on Monday, June 18, 2012 at 5:37PM

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#198 - Posted 6/27/12 @10:57AM by Lucien [contact]

Can I say I'm a hardcore fan if I have all their albums, call Rush a genre in themselves, but are only 16 years old and therefore was born when T4E came out?

If so, I think these strings will be awesome. Seriously.

Jacob's Ladder + strings = grown men crying.

Besides. Don't we already know Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart, Spirit of Radio, and Freewill well enough w/o strings?

Oh and @196 A fourth member? Rush can ONLY sound better with a fourth member. Ever thought of that? Rush does REALLY WELL on their own, but would probably sound EVEN BETTER with a fourth. (albeit higher possibility of trainwreck, but that still happens rarely)

(I'm secretly hoping the live album will be from the Houston concert on dec 2, last of the first leg. You never know :D)
#197 - Posted 6/20/12 @10:59PM by CraigJ [contact]

#196 I'm a hardcode fan since 1980 and I want to hear strings, on, you know, all the CA songs that were recorded with strings. Open your mind, man. It's gonna be groovy.
#196 - Posted 6/20/12 @8:37PM by holeinone53575

Adding strings is like adding a fourth member to Rush. The only strings I would like to see is if they play Losing It. I can see the newer fans getting a kick from this but the hardcore fans want guitar, bass and drums.
#195 - Posted 6/20/12 @7:29PM by CraigJ [contact]

#192 - It's only cheap if it sucks ;-)
#194 - Posted 6/20/12 @5:57PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Howdy and welcome!
#193 - Posted 6/20/12 @3:05PM by SwordsAgainstTheKingdom [contact]

Newbie to the board!! Howdy!
So psyched to hear they're bringing a string section. Not only is is necessary to bring out the majesty of the CA stuff, but certain songs I've looked forward to that treatment for a long time - Jacob's Ladder, Witch Hunt and Losing It just to name a few. Jacob's Ladder I even tricked myself into hearing in the periphery when I was listening to Ruch Radio at work. I'm excited on treatments of other songs as well...this morning in the shower I suddenly imagined them doing "A Day In The Life" for some reason - talk about great use of strings! - and Geddy's voice lent itself perfectly to Lennon's melody. Guys, I know you're not a cover band (except for in 2004:-) ) but...hey, think about it. :-D
And, #172, you're not alone. Vapor Trails is probably my favorite as well, or at least second.
AND, let me just say that I think remixing VT is a bad idea. Takes away from the chaos and urgency of the album, if the latest Chycki remixes are any indication.
#192 - Posted 6/20/12 @3:01PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Also, FavHeadache09, you reminded me to promote my YouTube channel a little bit too haha.

Everybody go to my channel palidrummer11, or search Jackson Price Drums. I just put up a new drum cover of "The Big Money."


Sorry I know that it's really cheap to do this here, but I figured that if anybody's going to appreciate my Rush covers, it would be you guys on this site

#191 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:59PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#190 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:58PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Ya, Meshuggah and the likes are technical as hell but makes my brain hurt.That Romain guy is great! Many people don't respect that extreme metal guys CAN be very talented, just expressing it in a heavy way.
#189 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:56PM by MGRushFan

Just checked out some Devil Driver. Good stuff. Label mates to Rush too. Later Jupe, good conversing with you.
#188 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:50PM by MGRushFan

I am not into Meshuggah, but I was going to also post some Strapping Young Lad as well. Hoglan is an absolute monster! I love the song "S" storm (cant use the explitive).
#187 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:45PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

MG-Thanks,I'll check them out. One of my favourite albums is from about 5 years back called The New Black by StrappingYoungLad the drummer is Gene Hoglan. Also that dude drumming for DevilDriver was awesome as well. Are you into that technical stuff like Meshuggah? I bought their second last CD, but was having a hard time cozying up to that one.
#186 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:39PM by MGRushFan

As an example, listen to the drumming here.


May not be your cup of tea musically, but rhythmically these guys are absolutely insanely talented.
#185 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:37PM by MGRushFan

Lol! That's about the only use for Yanni music! Regarding the extreme metal bands you mentioned, I'm not surprised you enjoyed yourself. I often say that the wildest experimentation in music today is being made by these extreme bands (Necrophagist is one example that will blow you away...the drummer is insane). I liken it to the free jazz movement of the 60s and 70s. I almost gave up on music untill I started listening to the amazing technique and rhythms these extreme bands are playing. I don't like technique for techniques sake, but these guys took metal (and most likely a heavy Rush influence) and turned it into something amazing. When done right of course. I can't tell you how many "death" bands I hear locally that are absolute garbage.
#184 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:32PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

MG -We went to the Mayhem festival last summer at Darien Lake and it was Trivium,InFlames,Megadeth,Godsmack, and Disturbed was the headliner and it was an awesome show. Of course I probably wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for the 2 boys wanting to go so we made a little holiday of it and we really enjoyed it!Even my wife liked it, and she's an old.....whoa!better put the brakes on that!I also took my oldest son to see Chthonic,Skeleton Witch,DevilDriver, and Arch Enemy in T.O.last fall and it rocked too. But to show you how diverse of a musical moron I am I'll tell you this and you'll probably laugh, but my dear,lovely wife and I are taking my mom and dad to Las Vegas July 27th to go see Yanni at the Thomas and Mack Center. That's right Yanni.This is something we're doing as a surprise to my parents as they LOVE Yanni and Vegas. I don't mind Yanni if I want to go to sleep or have a drink and veg.
#183 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:17PM by MGRushFan

And PS Jupe, I would never say "none of your business." I really only respond negatively to those who lay their hangups on me first. I guess as a Rush fan who took their message to heart and lives by it daily, I don't follow anybody or take any guff. You, on the other hand, were highly mature and adult in your delivery and approach to my posts, and I truly appreciated and respected that.
#182 - Posted 6/20/12 @1:15PM by MGRushFan

Thanks for that reply man. Well, at 39, I'm a bit younger than you. My age group is an interesting one because we grew up with the old technology with all the new stuff coming in when we were young enough to get into it. We straddled both worlds (rotary phone to dial tone, Pong video game to Nintendo...Tandy computers and Apple 2's to the newest stuff....and yes older Rush (I first listened to Tom Sawyer when my older sister played it for me in 81 off ESL. I thought the woman on the cover was the singer!)to the new super heavy music.

I guess my point is that my being in the "bridge" generation has enabled me to actually listen to the stuff your kids listen to without it feeling like I'm listening to kids music. I love the super heavy Death stuff (if done well of course) because when it first started being made I was still in my early 20's. I can't say I see that the new album can fulfill the musical tastes of kids who love the heavy stuff, but your kids prove otherwise, which is very cool. To me, it just sounds like some bad Rush songs, but I'm all for it if it gets a whole new generation of kids to get hooked. In a way I'm jealous of them. When I first got into them, they only had a few albums out so I quickly got to learn their discography. Now the kids have what, 19 albums to listen to? That must be awesome for them.
#181 - Posted 6/20/12 @12:59PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

MG- Hey thanks alot for doing that, you could have quite easily said "none of your business" so I really do appreciate your reply.It really helps in this day of computer blogs to get to know someone's background a little better thus leading to a better understanding of that person's viewpoints. I have drummed for 39 years, started when I was six, but although I did play with a couple of bands/bar gigs I never got real serious with it. Had to get a real job to pay the bills.I have loved Rush since I was 14. My brother came home from university one weekend with the 2112 album and said "here, try drumming to this!", and I was instantly hooked. My first concert was the Signals tour at MapleLeaf Gardens in T.O. when I was 16. I think Tom Cochrane and RedRider warmed up. I've seen every tour since, bought everything including all of Neil's books,DVD's etc. It's almost like a hobby, following Rush, something that gives me immense joy and something I don't mind spending money on. They've helped me through stages of my life more than I've helped them! There are some albums that aren't perfect, some songs I don't care for much, but overall I feel that most of their work is pretty top-notch and I think they are good role models for anyone. One thing about CA and it's delivery/sound/style is this point. I have 2 sons 15 and 13. My oldest son is into Arch Enemy, Disturbed, Lamb of God etc. and I really like that type of music also especially when I'm working- high energy,all-out aural assault! Anyways I'm listening to Headlong Flight and he says "WOW dad that song kicks-ass, can I put it on my i-pod?" I said "really?it is Rush you-know". He says "ya but that song really kicks ass, I've got to have it". Then he listened to the whole album and said "What happened to Rush, they're really kicking ass again, except for the few mellow songs!" So my point is maybe fans who don't really care for this new sound just don't like that type of high energy style that as I said my 15 year old son thinks is "kick-ass".Hard to get used to if that's not your thing or something you weren't thinking they would move to. That's what is so great about Rush and this site there is always interesting back and forth going on among fans, although when it de-volves into arguing and whatnot, that's not good. I would like to know the name of that band if you want to -email it to me.Thanks again for your post.
#180 - Posted 6/20/12 @12:18PM by MGRushFan

#176, fair enough man. I didn't take your post in a bad way. Happy to answer your questions, and since I know no one else is interested, my post is directed to you and you alone.

1) I can say I was not and am not a professional musician, although I did play drums for 25 years, with a specialty in progressive metal and classical Indian Tabla, so my rhythmic knowledge is pretty deep.

2) While I was never a professional "producer," I do have one band that I "discovered," and produced and engineered their album. This album did go on to become featured in a full page article in Rolling Stone, and Rik Ocasik of the Cars took over where I left off, producing the bands second album. Actually it was this incident that caused me to leave the music industry, since I was supposed to produce the second album, but got screwed by the band. I guess I understand why they chose Ocasik over me, but the second album went nowhere. If you are interested in the name of the group, you can email me. But I'd rather not publicly give it out since it would be easy enough to find out my real name, and that's the last thing I need.

3) I operated, for about 10 years, one of NYC's largest and most respected Percussion rental service, and in that capacity, I was around the biggest names and stages in the business. So I do have some authority on sound.

4) I love Peart, and grew up learning every note he ever played, but I feel that Gruber destroyed his feel, and when I say he messes up sometimes, that is just an objective truth. Listen to 2nd chorus of Earthshine on R30 and see how he inverts the beat. Now, I fully realize that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so my main beef is really about his current sound and feel. I hate the DW's and Sabians. Nothing sounds like his trusty old Tamas and Luddies and the old 22" ride. The new one sounds like a cowbell.

5) After leaving the perc business, I actually did become a professional journalist, but left after 6 months when I realized how full of crap that business is. Now I am a certified botanist and teacher at a highly respected local botanical garden.

6) Finally, I love everthing from 74-91, with my favorite albums from those periods being Caress of Steel, Hold Your Fire and Grace under Pressure. I loved a few songs off RTB, a few off Counterparts and the first 3 on Test for echo, but otherwise found those albums to be highly forgettable, and too derivitive of what else was going on in music as to be completely worthless for me. I absolutely loved VT, although I admit I hated it at first listen. I loved Far Cry off S&A, and on CA I only like the chorus of wreckers. I feel that the music now is highly disjointed, almost sounding like a cut and paste job on Protools. I blame the new producer for this more than anything, which is why I use the refrain.....Bring Back Broon!

Hope that helps. I didn't think you were being a dick, and appreciate the post.
#179 - Posted 6/20/12 @12:15PM by MMCXII

Duly noted!!
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