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Rush Clockwork Angels tour official teaser photo gallery
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UPDATE - 9/4@2:15PM: Here's a John Arrowsmith top-side view of Neil Peart's kit that was posted to the Neil Peart Twitter feed last week.

UPDATE - 9/4@11:39AM: According to this tweet from Neil Peart drum tech Lorne Wheaton, the Clockwork Angels tour machine has arrived in Manchester:

Getting close...The HOT seat is set up in Manchester, NH...

If the band isn't there already, they should be very soon - and full tour rehearsals at the venue should occur within the next couple of days. There's nothing else going on at the Verizon Wireless Arena this week, so the band has the place to themselves. In other tour-related news, Rush's official merchandiser - Showtech Merchandising - has filed a lawsuit in federal court to try and fend off producers and sellers of knock-off shirts and other merchandise.

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Clockwork Angels tour teaser photo - John ArrowsmithClockwork Angels tour teaser photo - John ArrowsmithRush pytrotechnician and tour photographer John Arrowsmith has posted a gallery of Clockwork Angels tour teaser images to the official Rush tour photo website at The gallery contains a number of closeup and out-of-focus shots of some spectacular steampunk imagery from the set. It's truly a teaser gallery since none of the photos are very revealing. You can check them out at this location.

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#30 - Posted 9/5/12 @10:45AM by dinoman [contact]

Re: boot shirts - I will buy a merchandise shirt if I am inspired to do so (i.e. because of a super-cool design), but otherwise the price deters me. The times I have bought a bootleg shirt were in the parking lot after the show, when I have already decided NOT to buy an "official" shirt. I bought a boot back at RTB tour (I think - I no longer have it), and recently I bought one at the S&A show in London, Ontario. That one is pretty awesome and seems to be of excellent quality and is holding up well. I don't think the prospect of a boot would affect my decision of whether or not to buy an official. The price certainly has more to do with that decision. Even if I bought an official, I'd probably buy a boot in the parking lot if I found one and they were reasonably cool.
#29 - Posted 9/4/12 @11:31PM by SA [contact]

I'm betting on "Losing It" from "Signals" as I don't beleive they have ever played this song in concert, and it would go great with the string section...not to mention becouse it is such a short song I think they could fit it in.
#28 - Posted 9/4/12 @10:07PM by DJ2112 [contact]

Have to echo the thanks to Ed for all of his fine work... So easy to take all that he makes look so easy - for granted! Very proud of my fellow Clevelander!

That being said - I am absolutely amazed that we are now a scant 3 days from the start of one their most anticipated tours EVER - and yet - NOT a single snippet of potential set-list crumbs for us to salivate over...

Now if I have missed it, I'm sure you all will point me in the right direction... My guess is as follows -

- Think they WILL play "Clockwork Angels" in it's entirety - which is how it really should be...

- Think "The Camera Eye" and "Presto" are held over from the last tour because they really like them...

- And outside of that, that's about all I've got right now... : )

Looking forward to other perspectives... As a transplanted Clevelander, I'm very much looking forward to seeing The Holy Trinity for the 30th time, in Charlotte NC on 10/30!

#27 - Posted 9/4/12 @7:48PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

bubsy i'm starving


had some bbq'd mre's on labor day...
#26 - Posted 9/4/12 @6:27PM by The Sphere [contact]

Hey Ed! Busy times ahead for us all... thanks for keeping on top of it.

Looks like they are reusing assets on the twitter feed... I'm pretty sure the top-down photo of Neil's kit is an old one... I've got the exact same pic in a file dated from 2010.

#25 - Posted 9/4/12 @6:21PM by TMMB [contact]

#24 Very nice! I miss MT...thanks for the link.

Moved to Cailf from Missoula 2 years ago and miss it everyday.
#24 - Posted 9/4/12 @5:52PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Greetings from
somewhere between The Gorge and Manchester
#23 - Posted 9/4/12 @5:49PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#23 - I bought a Rush boot shirt at the R30 tour, only because of the price. I had no desire to buy a shirt at the prices the Merch stand was offereing. It was the first tour shirt I ever bought since going to shows since Moving Pictures for the exact reason of price. And the design on it blew away anyting the Merch stand was offering.

I still wear that shirt to this day, and is now only showing signs of fading. Fruit of the Loom Heavy cotton shirt has held up and was well worth the purchase.

If I see another Rush boot outlet, I will peruse and possibly make another purchase.
#22 - Posted 9/4/12 @3:24PM by CraigJ [contact]

#19 I usually get a couple of bootleg shirts in the parking lot on the way out. I always get an official shirt. This time I should be getting my shirt and program from UPS.
#21 - Posted 9/4/12 @3:15PM by conniemack99 [contact]

Half the price??? My max for the boot t-shirt is $10 and that's usually what I pay. Mind you I've never bought a Rush boot shirt but have a couple others and I have to say, the quality is quite good. I never pay full price in the arena. If I want a shirt and can't get it for $10 outside, I will buy one online and still pay less than the cheapest one in the arena.

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