Alex Lifeson talks Clockwork Angels Tour video in new BBC interview

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 4:21PM

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#5 - Posted 11/14/13 @6:38PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Breaking News: Just noted, yes that was 100% me from by runned by Adrian "Lifeson" as just watched for the very first time the official CA Tour official trailer " clip, 0:57 seconds a man waving the usual message flag = that's me, or was it just my arm without control, as I'm 194cm tall maybe the head was down with the gratitude of love and joy they say to a boy..:) Love RUSH..
#4 - Posted 11/14/13 @6:09PM by Gedfan [contact]

Well researched and a good little interview. Graham (UK). There's another at Planet Rock I've asked Ed to post. Enjoy. :-)
#3 - Posted 11/14/13 @6:00PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Dirk starts promoting everytime I go to RIAB..I know I know (purchased the VIP fanpack already), and talking about "The Anarchist" yes I tried to went wild but the local "security" seemed not to like that (no seats here in front), I should just have stared and be a quite normal RUSH totem but Geddy had a look at me with smile, he knew..:;. Btw WM = from the original home of heavy metal, Birmingham, West Midlands, have heard this on MW / FM during the past decades, no not via internet but radio with a decent outdoot aerial / jagi, thats DX.
#2 - Posted 11/14/13 @5:22PM by Geddimus Prime

Yeah, great interview overall. Eddie Trunk could take a lesson.
#1 - Posted 11/14/13 @4:30PM by Runkerry

Excellent. Alex is such a good interviewee.
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