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Thu, May 30, 2024

Rush Clockwork Angels concert film status update

Thu, Jun 13, 2013@10:22AM | comments removed/disabled

This past November Rush filmed both the Phoenix and Dallas shows on the 2012 Clockwork Angels tour for a planned concert film release. The film was produced by Fadoo Productions, where Geddy Lee's brother Allan Weinrib is the Head of Production. The film is now apparently finished and this past weekend Fadoo Productions mistakenly posted a 2-minute trailer for the film to Vimeo. The video was supposed to be password-protected but wasn't, and therefore quickly went viral and was re-posted to YouTube and other sites before being taken down. The CEO of Fadoo Productions happens to be Bob McCown - who is best known for hosting Prime Time Sports on Toronto's The Fan 590. On his radio show yesterday McCown spoke at length about the trailer and the film, explaining how it was mistakenly posted to Vimeo and also revealing a few other details. He confirmed that the film has been finished and that it will likely premiere on HBO sometime this fall, but should eventually be shown on other networks too (VH1 Classic?). It wasn't mentioned, but I would assume that the DVD/Blu-ray release should follow shortly after the premiere. The fact that the film will premiere on HBO also tends to suggest that we might see portions of the Rock Hall induction ceremony (which was produced by HBO) as bonus content on the DVD/Blu-ray release (just speculation on my part). You can listen to the podcast where McCown talks about the DVD at this location (get the mp3 file here). The discussion begins about 5 minutes into the 4PM hour of yesterday's (June 12th) show (thanks Bigleaf). The trailer is still floating around the internet and occasionally reappears on YouTube - do a search for Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD trailer and you might find it.

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