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Follow the Clockwork Angels tour on Twitter
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UPDATE - 8/2@1:10PM: The Twitter page has been officially announced over at

West Side Beemer BoyzUPDATE - 7/28@9:54AM: Wait! Now the page is called WestSideBeemerBoys and has a nice cool logo to match. :)

UPDATE - 7/27@8:02AM: Michael has updated the title of the feed to Clockwork Motorrad and also updated the feed's description:

Neil Peart Official - Join Neil and tour security Michael as they ride the Clockwork Angels Tour 2012-13 from a two-wheel moto-tour perspective!

There have already been a bunch of great tweets made since yesterday including this photo of Neil all dressed up with his bike.

----- snip -----

A new Twitter page has been set up by Neil Peart's friend/riding partner and member of the Rush tour security team - Michael Mosbach - where he and Neil will be tweeting updates from the road on Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels tour. Here's the introductory tweet from earlier this morning:

Welcome one welcome all! This misfit band of a twitter page will be up to speed oddities of words and photos! Of the 2012 CA tour...

Praetorian and BubbaYou can follow them on Twitter at @praetorianx1. The band headed into full rehearsals earlier this week in preparation for the tour kickoff in Manchester 6 weeks from tomorrow. Geddy recently had this to say regarding the tour in an interview with Music & Musicians magazine:

We're going to be rehearsing for at least seven or eight weeks this summer to make sure that we can play these songs. Putting the tour together is a big job, and obviously we want our fans to love what we're putting together. ...

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#18 - Posted 8/23/12 @7:00PM by jmorg503 [contact]

Hey guys, please come to Portland Oregon again. Last year i went to see my favorite band for the first time after 30 plus year of wanting to go and not being able to. This time i want to take my new wife and the closest you're coming is Seattle. You have a huge fan base out here in the great northwest and many of us live in Oregon and need you to come down here!!! I promise you won't be disappointed!!!
#17 - Posted 7/27/12 @8:21AM by Liverpool 78

Howard certainly is a nice guy. When the Snakes and Arrows tour came to Manchester UK, Eucon took place at the same time and of course Howard came to talk to everyone and brought lots of goodies to be auctioned off. He always has time to talk to people during the interval, as he did that night with me.

Terry Browne was also at that EUCON event and also at the concert that night, as was Andrew McNaughtan. He was conducting and filming interviews with fans; some of which made it onto Beyond The Lighted Stage. I got some great photos that day.

#16 - Posted 7/27/12 @7:49AM by Will Collier [contact]

Second that comment about Herns Ungerleider. Hard to imagine anybody being a nicer guy than he's always been.
#15 - Posted 7/27/12 @4:51AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

Tonight is the BIG ONE in old London Town,the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic games at Stratford East London.
I pass the Olympic site on my way to work, and it is a joy to see the stadium every day.
One of the venues will be the North Greenwich Arena (AKA The O2 London) the same Venue Rush will play on my 57th Birthday on May 24th 2013,just 36 years since my first Rush gig at the Hammersmith Odeon back in 1977!
Enjoy the games everyone.

Old prog rock fan.
London (today is the day) 2012.
#14 - Posted 7/27/12 @3:47AM by jaeger [contact]

#8. Howard is unbelievable. He once did a great thing for me once just because he _heard_ from a friend how big a fan I was: a friend met him at a laundromat while he was taking care of some laundry on tour , my friend told him disappointed that I'd be for not having been there to meet him (again), so he left a little memento for me. Amazing.
#13 - Posted 7/27/12 @2:12AM by lapirata2 [contact]

I'm guessing Geddy is at a Blue Jays game, Alex is at the Canadian Open and Neil is, well Neil is just being Neil :)
#12 - Posted 7/27/12 @1:57AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

woohoo rehersals are starting! looking forward to this tour so much - glad i got my tickets last week i can just feel the concert screaming for me - looking forard to knowing what kind of songs they are gonna play, i bet its gonna be a lot of songs that we have wanted them to paly for a while - (consdiering that they might actually listen to us for once)

since my fanatasy setlsit has changed 8732389650293865 times or so, i'll just stop and say that they're only 3 songs that, if i had to pick, i would LOVE to see live.

Cut To the Chase
Something For Nothing
By-Tor & The Snowdog

i just know that they'll be doing something of a medley on this tour, its time for a good one, possibly as good as the Roll The Bones Medley was... grrr can't wait!

happy Friday to you all
#11 - Posted 7/27/12 @1:14AM by ghost__rider [contact]

#5 Macca and MJ = Say, Say, Say

Ebony and Ivory was Macca and Stevie Wonder.
#10 - Posted 7/26/12 @11:56PM by scotto2112fan [contact]

#8. I guess Dave can't see the forest through "The Trees" about everyone making a fuss about Rush. My Canadian girlfriend still shakes her head as I talk about Rush on a daily basis and what they are doing. She has family in Willowdale and hope to visit one day, maybe take a trip to Lakeside Park also.
#9 - Posted 7/26/12 @11:05PM by lapirata2 [contact]

Any chance we can get Muse to play for an hour between 6:30-7:30 before Rush takes over?

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