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Mon, May 20, 2024

Alex Lifeson says Envy of None album release likely coming this fall in new Grateful Web interview

Mon, Jul 5, 2021@7:58PM | comments

Alex Lifeson was recently interviewed by Elliot Engebretson for the Grateful Web website to talk about his new signature Epiphone Les Paul Standard Axcess guitar, his new Envy of None music project, his new website at, and more. A few weeks ago Lifeson surprised fans by releasing two new instrumental tracks via his website, coinciding with the release of the new signature guitar. The two tracks - Kabul Blues and Spy House - were the first glimpses of the above-mentioned Envy of None collaboration with Curran, guitarist Alfio Annibalini and vocalist Maiah Wynne, which has a total of 10 songs recorded as part of a planned future release. Here's Alex talking about the current status of the Envy of None project, when we might expect an album release, and whether a tour of some kind would follow:

... Well, we are in the mixing stages, and we're actually in the final mixing stage of this project. We've been living with some monitor mixes for a little while and going back and forth and updating things until we finally reach the stage as to what we would refer to as "final mixes." I think we're probably about a month or so away from what we would consider "final mixes," and we're not sure where we are going to go in terms of release, but the general idea is to release by the fall. We have 10 songs, everything is recorded, we're just getting a couple final things from Maiah, but we're in really good shape it's just a matter of sliding them in.

I think we're so focused on how we're going to release this, that we haven't even discussed sort of how we would take it live. From Maiah, she would love to take this live, she's a lot younger than the rest of us (laughs). I could maybe see doing a handful of shows if it ever came up, all depending on how it is accepted, we might come up with some ideas on how to present it live. But we shall see, that is still a long way off. ...

You can read the entire interview online here.

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