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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

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  • [Rush Radio]
    Streaming Rush Online
  • [Something For Nothing podcast]
    A RUSH podcast, hosted by lifelong friends and Rush fans Steve & Gerry.
  • [Rushwave 2112 Radio]
    Internet Only 24/7 Progressive Rock Radio channel for Rush music
  • [MitA's Rush Oddities]
    ... unusual, rarely heard, and just plain 'off-the-beaten-path' Rush OdDiTiEs ... as compiled, collected, or uncovered by ... MUSICinTheABsTrAcT

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Rush Friends Links

  • [David Barrett Trio]
    Website for the Alex Lifeson-produced, Toronto band the David Barrett Trio
  • [Terry Brown]
    Site for Rush's producer through Signals, Terry Brown (Broon)
  • [Richard Chycki]
    Website of Rush sound engineer Richard Chycki
  • [Andrew MacNaughtan]
    Website of Rush friend and photographer, Andrew MacNaughtan
  • [Hugh Syme]
    Website of Rush friend, collaborator and album artist Hugh Syme
  • [Lorne Wheaton]
    Official website for Neil Peart's drum tech Lorne Wheaton
  • [Donna Halper]
    Website of Donna Halper - Rush friend and the woman credited with discovering the band.
  • [Kevin J. Anderson]
    Websites/blog of author Kevin J. Anderson
  • [The Legends of Brocklehurst]
    Peter Brocklehurst is a roadie, driver, small-time criminal, and, among other things, a friend of Neil Peart. They first met in London back in the early 70s. This time of Neil's life is chronicled in his book Traveling Music and Peter is mentioned. They remained friends and Peter ended up being Neil's driver and personal assistant during the European leg of the Hold Your Fire tour.

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Rush-related Charity Links

  • [A Brush of Hope]
    Alex Lifeson supported charity/auction of celebrity-made paintings for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

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