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Mon, May 20, 2024

Alex Lifeson on making music with Geddy Lee, Envy of None, and others in new Ultimate Classic Rock interview

Thu, Jul 1, 2021@1:13PM | comments

Alex Lifeson3Ultimate Classic Rock posted more from their recent interview with Rush's Alex Lifeson earlier today. This latest installment focused on whether Lifeson felt any urgency to make new music with his longtime friend and bandmate Geddy Lee:

... "We've talked about it, but we're not moving in any specific way right now," ... "I have all of this stuff going on, and he has stuff going on in his life. If we don't get together, that's fine." ... "We talk to each other, probably every other day," ... "He's my absolute best friend and always was. That's not going to change. I know if we do sit down and start [messing] around, it will be very casual over a cup of coffee, and [we'll] see what happens. But there's no urgency." ...

He notes that both he and Geddy have been busy with other projects and spending time with their families. Lifeson's many musical side projects include writing a track with Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and Metallica's Kirk Hammett, and his new group Envy of None with Andy Curran and Maiah Wynne. He explains that most of those side projects just start out because a friend asked him to provide some guitars for a song or two:

... "That's the way this Envy of None stuff started out with Andy [Curran]. He just asked me if I would kindly throw in some guitar on some music that he'd been working on. I wasn't doing anything and I'd love to, so I said, 'Yeah, sure!" As it grew, and then [singer] Maiah [Wynne] got involved, it took on a whole different character, and now it's become a big project for us." ... "This has been sort of a resurgence these last few weeks of all things musical for me. It's not bad - after being retired, I've sort of come out of retirement," he laughs. "I've been forced into being proactive with all of this, but it's fun!"

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