Rush Clockwork Angels tour concert video to release September 24th

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 10:53AM

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#14 - Posted 3/12/13 @6:11PM by Gortguy

@eshine: I was at the Dallas show and Ged was in fine voice, better I think than when I saw them on the Time Machine tour. I can't wait for this blu ray!
#13 - Posted 2/27/13 @2:16PM by tjubb [contact]

DVD? This better have a Blu-ray release as well! That's the only way to watch Rush on your tv!
#12 - Posted 2/27/13 @1:29PM by lapirata2 [contact]

Does this mean they don't plan to add any new songs to this tour? Usually they ship 4 songs in and take 4 out.
#11 - Posted 2/26/13 @3:04PM by Rob1855 [contact]

Do we know who is producing / directing? Same guys who did the last one, or someone else?
#10 - Posted 2/26/13 @1:22PM by eshine [contact]

To anyone there, how was Ged vocally on these nights?
#9 - Posted 2/26/13 @9:33AM by bravado [contact]

Thx kj. That would be an awesome b-day present
#8 - Posted 2/25/13 @11:22PM by kjbird [contact]

#6 - it doesn't take much to get us RIABers shredding a thread, now does it?

I'm really looking forward to this DVD, especially with all the lighting effects this tour - should be quite a rich recording. I'm hoping, as with the TMT, that they have a limited time showing the DVD at the theaters. After the tour was over in 2011, to see it on the big screen was amazing. Not the same as live, but the next best thing. The audience was soooo into it.
#7 - Posted 2/25/13 @11:12PM by kjbird [contact]

#5 bravado - Happy 50th man! Hope you had a good one!
#6 - Posted 2/25/13 @10:38PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

...And this thread is losing pitifully; comments are through the roof on the threads with Neil's purported gin blossom and/or trophy wife, and the Cookie-Monster-Death-Metal cover of 'Subdivisions'...

Meanwhile, can't wait for this DVD! I think Xmas 2013 sounds reasonable.

#5 - Posted 2/25/13 @10:11PM by bravado [contact]

awesome happy 50th b-day to me. RUSH ON
#4 - Posted 2/25/13 @1:28PM by lavilla2112 [contact]

It will be pushed even further back closer to Christmas as usual. Expect it.
#3 - Posted 2/25/13 @12:33PM by lisah [contact]

What a great way to relive the shows attended on the CA Tour! I can't wait for this! I wonder if there will be pre-orders ahead of time? The caravan thunders onward!
#2 - Posted 2/25/13 @11:07AM by simon r

After the frenzy of pre sales I wonder how people got on with general sales Friday. After seeing the comments about very poor tickets available at various venues. I managed to get good side seats lower bowl for Calgary & Vancouver. I got offered block 109 Alex side which looked good as I was getting Geddy side opposite. I even looked at floor although I didnt want these and it came up with row 20. Now that is good considering 1-15 are VIP!!
For Vancouver it showed 107 then 108 so clicked back and got 106 Geddy side so was happy to find then 105 came up after which was annoying. Floor seemed to have gone there. It depends on venue I suppose but hope Halifax people managed to get some good ones. Happy with my seats as I have been similar at Indy/Pitts/Manchester last yr!
#1 - Posted 2/25/13 @10:56AM by ghostcolon [contact]

Nice! Can't wait!
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