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Rush Clockwork Angels tour: 3 new European dates added
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UPDATE - 5/24@3:37PM: Reader Ben points out that it's actually been 33 years (34 next year) since Rush's last European festival gig - Pinkpop back in 1979. The Sweden Rock Festival needs to fix their poster! :)

UPDATE - 5/22@1:01PM: Toronto sports radio station The Fan 590 is running a contest to win a pair of tickets to the 2nd Toronto show on 10/16. For details and to enter go to this link (thanks Bigleaf).

UPDATE - 5/21@10:08AM: Ticket sale information for all 3 dates is now available online and I've also added all 3 dates to the tour section. Tickets for the June 2nd, 2013 show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam will go on sale July 2nd. Tickets for the band's June 8th, 2013 headlining performance at the Sweden Rock Festival - their first European festival in 35 years - will go on sale September 25th. And tickets for the June 10th, 2013 show in Helsinki go on sale next Tuesday, May 29th - which means pre-sales should be coming up this week.

Last night posted 3 additional dates to the 2013 European leg of the Clockwork Angels tour - June 2nd at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Holland; June 8th at the Sweden Rock festival in Solvesborg, Sweden; and June 10th at the Hartwell Arena in Helsinki, Finland. No details regarding ticket sales or pre-sales have yet been posted. Thanks to Adrian for the heads up.

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#23 - Posted 5/22/12 @9:44AM by lerxst68 [contact]

Hey 15 TauRush you're from Haarlem! We definitely meet :-) You know, Woody ;-)
#22 - Posted 5/22/12 @4:36AM by lerxst68 [contact]

I guess Rush and Rotterdam have decided to split up after 32 years! Amsterdam here we come... and Sheffield/Glasgow/Cologne/Berlin :D Rush on!
#21 - Posted 5/21/12 @9:30PM by lavilla2112 [contact]

Heard Jack Black on Stern today. No nod to Rush whatsoever when referencing influencing bands... Thought that was odd...
#20 - Posted 5/21/12 @7:51PM by scotto2112fan [contact]

Hazlnut - Very good job!!! hmmmm sounds like a familiar song. Rush On!!
#19 - Posted 5/21/12 @4:55PM by hazlnut [contact]

The announcement of new dates has inspired a song...

Our first stop is in Amsterdam
To check the Redlight girls
The Dutch babes smile in their thongs
ready to rock our worlds

Sweet hash brownie daydreams

Golden Heineken delight
Get directions
To the Ziggo Dome
Don't miss the show tonight

We're on the train to Stockholm
Aboard the Sweden Express
We'll catch some shows along the way
We dig the band that's the best

Wreathed in smoke at Hostel Bar
Too old to burn the midnight oil

The softness of my special foam pillow 

Rewards my sore bones toil

Pulling into Bahnhof Zoo
Excitement fills the air

Perfumed by a German Sausage
The Rail Pass gets you there
#18 - Posted 5/21/12 @3:11PM by chilehed [contact]

Today is 21 12...kind of.
#17 - Posted 5/21/12 @1:53PM by MajorSkalle [contact]

I've been training around in Sweden several times, but it's more expensive and time consuming than the airplane. That's at least my experience. I guess the trains will be cheaper if you order a ticket some weeks before. I do believe you should go with an airplane between Stockholm and Helsinki.

From Berlin to Stockholm sounds like a long train ride. Perhaps it would be easier to detour through Denmark? I have no idea if the airplanes over in Copenhagen even goes to Helsinki, but I believe they do.
#16 - Posted 5/21/12 @1:26PM by irishguyincc [contact]

Would there be a semi-inexpensive transportation option that would allow me to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin to Stockholm to Helsinki? Would flights be the best option, or is there a train or other inexpensive option?
#15 - Posted 5/21/12 @12:46PM by TauRush [contact]

@oldprogrockfan: The Ziggo DOme is a brand new concert hall which will be opened on june 24, 2012. More info: link
For me a lot closer to home, so way to go Rush!
#14 - Posted 5/21/12 @11:19AM by bakes7 [contact]

Rush in Amsterdam! wow that sounds (and smells) incredible...

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