Clockwork Angels Tour concert film to get TV premiere on VH1 Classic Sunday, December 1st

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 10:16AM

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#13 - Posted 11/22/13 @7:12PM by Liverpool 78

The sound.

Has it been mixed to sound like it does when you're in the aircraft hangar that you see them playing in???

Who can honestly say, when watching Rush live, that they can hear every string, synth, miid programmed trigger, word, drum hit and cymbal crash as a separate entity?

I absolutely loved the Time Machine Tour but when I saw them at Sheffield UK I was directly in front of Geddy's Mike with a speaker blasting an ear crunching sound at me from the footlights and so that was more of a visual experience for me however, the following week at Birmingham UK from further back the sound was just as much a wall of noise - though equally as enjoyable.

It's nice, when you get a blue ray recording of the event, that you can hear the individual nuances that you absolutely do not hear in the hockey barn but I think that the soundscape on this offering is probably a more realistic representation of the real experience.

I liked it.

#12 - Posted 11/22/13 @3:09AM by Redcygnus [contact]

I have not seen the whole show yet, just snippets that have been on YouTube. It got me to thinking of the one Rush song that you think improves the most live when compared to the studio version?

My answer is the Tour of the Hemispheres version of Something for Nothing. The arrangement and Geddy's vocal phrasing are so much better than the studio version of the song.

I would love to hear how the song would sound if played today.

Any thoughts?
#11 - Posted 11/21/13 @9:03AM by deek139 [contact]

Why is this not available to download!!!! The concert is not available on Amazon or ITunes. If anyone sees it become available please post it.
#10 - Posted 11/21/13 @8:36AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Now, on to better things. I had purchased the CD, DVD and BluRay copies of "Clockwork Angels Tour" on Tuesday night. I had given a copy of the CD and the DVD as a birthday present. Unlike that "former friend," she will probably enjoy them.

By the way, I am planning on watching the BluRay sometime this weekend on my new HDTV l.ED television set.
#9 - Posted 11/21/13 @8:29AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Medocre, really?

I had the unfortunate experience yesterday of calling a "supposed friend," to ask him about how he had been doing lately. After a few minutes, he had launched into a tirade of about how Rush was not a significant band, because their music was not played on the radio, how Yes and Peter Gabriel were more important, how Rush was not influential and how Rush was a "mediocre" band.

Mediocre, really? As far as I am concerned, it is highly unlikely that I will ever telephone, or visit this individual again.

As far as I am concerned, radio programmers did not play Rush's music, because they had lacked the necessary intelligence, in order to do so. With very few exceptions, I have found out over the years that anyone, who does not like the music of Rush, is not very intelligent!
#8 - Posted 11/20/13 @6:22PM by KevinDallas [contact]

When will the movie be available on iTunes?
#7 - Posted 11/20/13 @4:58PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

Damn I wish I was still back on my dorm with VH1 Classic.

I'm glad Rush is getting all this attention. They deserve it!

And if Road Runner Records is behind it, than **** Yea to 'em!
#6 - Posted 11/20/13 @3:29PM by lisah [contact]

I must admit that I also welcome any and all exposure to Rush. If it's not your "cup of tea", then so be it.They deserve the respect that drastically eluded them for so long.There's no other band that works as hard as they do when it comes to giving fans everything when they're writting music, recording music or playing a live show.The tour,the movie and the dvd make me smile and bring up wonderfful memories of Rush friends from all over the world that come together for one reason. That we all love Rush and their music.
#5 - Posted 11/20/13 @3:12PM by Fear [contact]

This is a great opportunity for the casual Rush fans to check this out. Glad to see the continued exposure.
#4 - Posted 11/20/13 @1:39PM by Miles D. Coltrane [contact]

Due to Circumstances beyond my assumed control, the Clockwork Angels Tour was the FIRST tour I've missed since 81' (MP) & yes, I throw myself on the mercy of the court.

That said I was not only looking forward to seeing a larger-than-youtube renderings of the concert I was also heartily stoked to hear some stuff that hasn't been played in decades (Grand Designs, Body Electric, et.,al.) and of course (almost) all of Clockwork Angels. When the intro to Caravan started our entire row in the theater were wondering if the projectionist put the set two on by accident. So I had to wait until the Blu Ray showed up yesterday to see all of the first set but was still a bit bummed that the theatrical release chose to only play the CWA portion. Oh darn. Still an EPIC experience and even though I was an anti-string section guy going in I came out with a newfound respect for a proper string section vs. a synth/sequenced version. Oh yeah, and a slight crush on a certain red headed cello player.

Aside from that I definitely concur with others and their displeasure with the sound quality in some theaters but understand that the sonic capabilities of most theatrical based sound systems (even if "THX" certified) are simply not capable of reproducing both fast low frequency transients (Geddy's bass) as well as kick, floor, tom drums and synth generated sub-bass freqencies. BUT...everything above that 80-120HZ range sounded EPIC and Lerxst's guitar, never cut through a room sharper and clearer! Some of the shaky camera work from the theater show did kind of improve on a slightly smaller 55" screen too so all in all...I still wish I cut my Hawaii vacation short by three days to see at least ONE show from the tour!
#3 - Posted 11/20/13 @12:08PM by Liverpool 78


I've watched the second half of the show and all the add ons and extras and just want to say it's all still GREAT!!!

Love the strings, they especially make Dreamline shine.

What a band. I love being a Rush fan and I love even more that many of my friends and associates don't get it.

Now... where did I put that Vapor Trails remix.

#2 - Posted 11/20/13 @12:07PM by rushfan1968 [contact]

It will probably be on Palladia as well. Thats a HD channel.
#1 - Posted 11/20/13 @11:03AM by ncstaterush [contact]

The Best Buy t-shirt says 'BLAH BLAH BLAH'

o yeah.. 1st?
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