Geddy Lee talks baseball, Clockwork Angels Tour film in new interview

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 5:29PM

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#7 - Posted 11/14/13 @1:41PM by What-A-Rush

Kudos to Geddy for acknowledging the influence AND importance of Deep Purple. In my opinion, their 2013 snub seems to be his biggest disappointment about Rush's induction, and understandably so. Perhaps we'll see this GLARING omission rectified in 2014, along with Kiss! Fingers crossed! Thanks RIAB!
#6 - Posted 11/13/13 @7:57PM by PiDuBra [contact]

Coming from a Yes world rational POV, where and when Led Zeppelin was King, every time I think of Mt. Rushmore, I think of Deep Purple.

Every time I think of Honus Wagner and funny Tarot cards, I kick myself for not going with the Rush Rats in KC to see the baseball collection.

perhaps I was too wasted. Or lead around by the nose by a Geddycorn.

What's up with Neil's still blue nose anyway?
#5 - Posted 11/13/13 @6:41PM by Greenewolfe [contact]

Enjoy your year off boys!!! You deserve it!! Thank you for all you do....
#4 - Posted 11/13/13 @5:08AM by Jaybird [contact]

Is there a link for possible get togethers for next Tuesday?

I live In Northern Virginia and noticed it's at four places.

Anyone going to Hoffman 22?

Beers and dinner beforehand, maybe somewhere right there? Metro is right there too.
#3 - Posted 11/12/13 @11:46PM by Rushhead [contact]

After listening to the 30 second sound clips I must say they sound REALLY good even though they are low quality Im loving the seperation and definition.

I see alot of people on here saying how much they hate Geds signing and that it is really bad blah,blah blah.. Here is the deal.. Geddy is putting emotion and musicality into his signing by singing the words with passion and feeling. He is signing with a more opera style approach to make the songs sound more grandiose and fatter. He is opening up his throat and singing from his abdomen which allows a bigger and more rich sound which does not sound restricted and pinched off like he has in the past. Brass players uses this same technique to produce a more open sound rather than restricting the airway which would produce a "pinched off" or "restricted" wimpy sound. Ged is singing out big in these songs letting his voice soar which every once in a little while does effect the pitch, but produces a full tone quality. For example when he sings the opening line of Force Ten and extends the word Times in the beginning, he is trying to make it sound big and fat with the vibrato and you can really hear him opening up his airway. Would you rather hear that or a wimpy high pitched voice yelling it?

I love his approach to singing these days and I dont think he is losing it one bit. They keep getting better with age and the overall quality they produce now is just amazing!

Cant wait to crank out the Bluray on Tuesday RRRUUUUSSSSHHHHHH!!!!
#2 - Posted 11/12/13 @6:14PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

Wow! I know he donated that collection a few years ago, but I didn't know they named the exhibit after him in the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

He really is the funkiest guy in a Rush! I think someone said that during the HOF ceremony.

I hope Kiss (and their fans) doesn't take Geddy just mention Yes and Deep Purple as a snub. But I understand what he's saying.

Also please vote for me in this RUSH contest ^_^

#1 - Posted 11/12/13 @5:38PM by John E. [contact]

Thanks for the update.
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