Rush to play the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 8th

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 7:09AM

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#27 - Posted 3/2/13 @12:18PM by Armeee [contact]

Uh.... thanks Ed for letting us run with this! LOL
#26 - Posted 3/2/13 @12:17PM by Armeee [contact]

Sure, Sundin had hands of gold and was a great goal scorer but that was all.
Alfie had the total package.... O and D and was a far better leader than Sundin. Mats was given the C because he was the best player on the Leafs, not necessarily because he was a leader. That's minor hockey stuff.
#25 - Posted 3/2/13 @7:55AM by limelighter [contact]

alfredsson never was close to sundin's talent. ever.
i love rush.
#24 - Posted 3/1/13 @9:10PM by Armeee [contact]

This is new ground for you as it is March and the Leafs aren't sucking hind teet.
Still plenty of time to implode.... and they will.

Go Sens Go
#23 - Posted 2/28/13 @11:42PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#22 - Leafs won tonight !!!! Maybe they don't suck so much afterall papa !!!

LEAFS RULE !!!!!!!!!!
#22 - Posted 2/28/13 @10:06AM by Armeee [contact]

I scored row 9 in the Gold Circle seats....... no promo code needed.
Tickets were $150 each.
#21 - Posted 2/28/13 @9:32AM by Armeee [contact]

Anyone have the Promo code Capital Tickets are asking for?

1/2 hour to go and I will check back often.

#20 - Posted 2/28/13 @9:17AM by Armeee [contact]

I was at the 2010 Bluesfest show. I was in the Gold Circle seats seperated only by a metal barrier. Those in GA were packed in like sardines. I had a few offers from people to get them a water etc as they could not get out.
After the show I saw that people improvised their bathroom needs in the form of hundreds of plastic water bottles that were not full of water.
GA is a young mans game as far as I am concerned.
#19 - Posted 2/28/13 @8:58AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#15 - Their yours. I will contact you offlist.
#18 - Posted 2/28/13 @8:40AM by kjbird [contact]

#17 - From all i've read and heard about the 1979 concert, so many unfortunate factors involved pre-show before the doors even opened (or were smashed through in this case by the force); numbers of people, not enough doors opened to deal with the flow, poor crowd mgmt and security, etc. I remember when i first saw Rush in Rio (i'm assuming GA in that instance?) can only imagine the magnitude of crowd control necessary to keep a crowd like that safe. One of my favorite DVD's.
#17 - Posted 2/28/13 @5:15AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

Message #14 kjbird
My wife who was just 18 at the time was in the front row at The Who concert in Cincinnati back in December 1979 and did not know about the tragedy until after the concert was over and back in her hotel room.
2 years ago in Dublin the Rush concert was G.A. and I was in the Front Row with no push from the people behind me at any time!

Old Prog Rock Fan.
London England.
#16 - Posted 2/28/13 @3:16AM by caravan44

Very smart business on Rush's part. They were offered a headline spot at Rocklahoma as well but are out of the country and things had been in stone for too long. Here are 2 good reasons why they are doing these 2 festivals again:

2010 - Ottawa Bluesfest - attendance - 31,298/35,000 ($1,970,000)
2010 - Quebec City Summer Festival - attendance - 88,550/100,000 ($3,860,000)

Add t-shirt money to that and you have some serious coin coming their way. I would fully expect a resurgence in Clockwork Angels again north of the border. By the way the album is $4.99 on Amazon right now. I never thought a recent release by Rush would be priced so cheaply but it looks like they are willing to do anything to get that thing to Gold ;) Last I saw it was just over 367,000 copies in the U.S. and that was just after the holidays.
#15 - Posted 2/27/13 @10:48PM by LaVillaRules [contact]

@8 would like to grab those tix if you still have them.
#14 - Posted 2/27/13 @10:01PM by kjbird [contact]

#13 - this is the closest that probably ever got. link Not sure which tour this was... GA can be a scary thing - i'm sure festivals these days are better monitored. I was only 10, and living out east, when the 1979 tragedy in Cincinnati at Riverfront happened with the Who concert. I only remember seeing an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati when i was 12 yrs old about that event. Don't know if any RIABers were at that concert. Who knew 10 years later i'd be living here. I think the GA ban in Cincinnati was just lifted like 6-7 yrs ago?

I was at a GA event 15 years ago in North Carolina, and the crowd outside the coliseum started rushing the doors - i remembered getting carried with the crowd, totally out of control. Nobody was hurt, thankfully.
#13 - Posted 2/27/13 @8:40PM by BloodofTheZodiac [contact]

Imagine that?? During Rush?? I hope an incident like that never happens again to any band, but during Rush would be the worst!!
#12 - Posted 2/27/13 @8:26PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Hopefully there will be no Cheap Tricks like a stage collapse.

LOL - Had to do it.
#11 - Posted 2/27/13 @6:53PM by BloodofTheZodiac [contact]'s only GA. It's basically a big field in front of the Canadian War Museum at Lebreton Flats. Saw Rush at Bluesfest in 2010 and it was cool, the but the set up and location of the main stage is so much better where it was last year and apparently it will be the same set up this year, which is a great thing!!
#10 - Posted 2/27/13 @5:17PM by Madskillz89 [contact]

Never been to bluesfest. So are these going to be GA?
#9 - Posted 2/27/13 @4:41PM by BloodofTheZodiac [contact]

I knew they were gonna play Bluesfest. The 6 day gap between Hamilton and Halifax made it very obvious.

I got my Hamilton tickets anyways because why not see them for a 4th time on this tour(Montreal and Toronto in October), and because I wanted to see this show in an arena again!!

I live a 20 minute walk from where Bluesfest takes place(Lebreton Flats)

Now to convince friends they NEED to see this show!!
#8 - Posted 2/27/13 @3:51PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Speaking of Which. Thanks for the Segway #7.......

Turns out I have two extra tickets for Hamilton. A couple of buddies will be on vacation and can't make it. Why they wouldn't cancel their plans is beyond me.

Sat Jul 6 2013
7:30 PM Rush
Reserved Floor All Ages

Sec FL3, Row 14, Seats ( 37 - 38 )

Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON
2 $120.75 (CAD)
Total Item Cost $241.50 (CAD)

USPS Global Priority Mail $14.00 (CAD)
Total Service Fees $31.00 (CAD)
Total Delivery Charge $14.00 (CAD)
Total Charge $286.50 (CAD)

Just asking what I paid including service charges.
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