Rush Spring 2013 Clockwork Angels North American tour official tour date and pre-sales announcement

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 6:29AM

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#142 - Posted 2/28/13 @9:03AM by jmorg503 [contact]

Got tickets for the Portland Oregon gig, section 102, row R, seats 11 and 12. I've been a fan since i heard "Working Man" back in 1974, and they've been my favorite band since. But this time i'm taking my wife, who has never seen them in concert. I can't wait for her to feel the energy, the melodic tones flowing through her, and all the people moving in and around us, singing songs and just enjoying the experience. Worth every penny in my opinion. This could very well be their last tour and i was not going to miss it. So glad i get to experience this with my wife.

Quick question for those who've already see a show in their Clockwork Angels any of you know their set of songs they're going to play, other than songs from the new album?

Thanks, and wherever you are, have a great day.

#141 - Posted 1/24/13 @5:11PM by bytorandthesnowcone

Anybody know the venue password for the Mohegan Sun presale Friday morning?
#140 - Posted 1/23/13 @9:19PM by smiley [contact]

!Angels willing, being there will be a serious blessing, still grateful Texas made the final list, it's a miracle, and GR back home, west Michigan is so blessed, thanks to whoever decides, cool to be around people with similar musical loves, RUSH ON!)))
#139 - Posted 1/23/13 @8:53PM by lisah [contact]

Smiley, hope you get a chance to be at the Austin show. This Caravan just keeps thundering onward. That is a beautiful thing, indeed!
#138 - Posted 1/23/13 @8:25PM by smiley [contact]

learning so much from your sharing, thank you all, patience is always hard, though Them Angels always seem to come through! They are working
#137 - Posted 1/23/13 @1:24PM by dingus [contact]

#134 simon r I agree w/you too. I got lucky and got great seats right before the show twice last year. One of those times, I pulled up front row in front of Alex about a week before the Cleveland show. You just have to be patient and know how to play that ticketing game.

kjbird, I agree w/you too about the VIP seats....I like to know where I'm sitting ahead of time. 3 of the 4 shows I went to last year I was 7th row or closer....which are within the VIP that makes me reluctant to go VIP this time around. Why bother spending the money for VIP if you can get something comparable at regular price? If I could pick my VIP seat like on the Time Machine tour, I'd probably go the VIP route.
#136 - Posted 1/23/13 @12:44PM by kjbird [contact]

#132 - no worries...wait till the dust settles, you'll find some good ones.

#134 simon r - agree with you. Both shows i caught in 2011 were non-VIP, one was a last minute decision and i got center 16 rows back from a fellow RIABer. The other I got 4th row, Alex's side. They'll open up, just have to be patient at times. It is a headache, though, i'll admit. I cannot handle not knowing where my seat is, and knowing i can get decent ones at a reasonable price and know ahead of time where i'll be, is what keeps me from going VIP route.
#135 - Posted 1/23/13 @11:52AM by jmreidfo [contact]

just landed 2 tix - 9 rows up immediate stage right for Nashville! Due to me being vertically challenged I have no interest in sitting on the floor! Am 'happy as a leetle guhl!!!!!!!!!!'
#134 - Posted 1/23/13 @11:36AM by simon r

Stressful time for everyone all this presale stuff. I wouldnt panic too much-quite a few fans managed to get great seats days before a show or on night last yr. Of course if you want VIP you would have to strike lucky but it has been done- I got 3 rows from stage middle block in Glasgow in 2011 3 weeks before show at face value-no VIP last time UK.I usually buy general sale as soon as they are available-got great side seat lower level Geddy side in Vancouver in 2011 7 rows back level with row 2 on floor.
126-I think they will do either Gorge or White-they finished in 2011 there-just a case of whether tour will finish East or West this time-I have a hunch it will be East if NY Radio City is inc. I also think LA,Vegas,Toronto,NY will be added to these as they are favs of band.
#133 - Posted 1/23/13 @9:11AM by zkzt

I guess I shouldn't ask the obligatory "will the setlist change". With the same moaning voices asking for Losing It. YKWYA
#132 - Posted 1/23/13 @8:20AM by mysticbeat [contact]

Well all my throwbacks (all with rows in the teens)are showing up
now on Ebay for ridiculous mark up prices. All I can hope for now
is some more dates being added and plane trip here we come.
#131 - Posted 1/23/13 @6:08AM by kjbird [contact]

#128 smiley - it's "Limelight"
#130 - Posted 1/23/13 @4:31AM by michinman [contact]

palidrummer11 - You're in good company over there in LA. That must have really been cool to meet Erskine. Can't imagine that. I'm like you too though, I don't listen to jazz much for leisure, I've always been into rock pretty much all my life. Anyway let's hope for some dates in California. Cheers.
#129 - Posted 1/23/13 @1:15AM by palidrummer11 [contact]

#117 - michinman:

Yeah, I'm 17. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of jazz, but I definitely respect it a lot. I mainly listen to it because it's such an important foundation of pretty much all modern music (dubstep and rap don't count as music). I'm in a weekend jazz ensemble at a prestigious arts academy in downtown LA, and that's exposed me to a ton of jazz over the past three years. I'm still a rocker, and I think I always will be, but it's absolutely impossible to ignore the greatness of classic jazz drummers such as Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Philly Joe Jones, Max Roach, Art Blakey, Tony Williams, Dennis Chambers, Peter Erskine, Ndugu Chancler, and too many others to list. I've actually had lunch with Ndugu Chancler. He's the head drum professor for the Popular Music Program in USC's Thornton School of Music. My number one choice for colleges is to be in the Popular Music Program. That's my dream. I met him at a summer jazz camp at Stanford, and stayed in touch with him. I got to sit in on one of his classes, he introduced me to Peter Erskine (!), who teaches jazz drums at USC, and took me to lunch. He's such a cool guy. Really nice, really smart, and of course a fantastic drummer!

I don't necessarily get excited listening to jazz, but I'm definitely inspired by the musicianship. I met and had a full conversation with Todd Sucherman this past summer. His advice to me was to listen to the influences of my influences. That was some of the best advice I've ever gotten. So, the more time I take listening to jazz and the great jazz drummers, the broader my range of influences gets. I think that's the key to jazz for someone like me, who has a passion for their instrument, but in a genre other than jazz. Dave Weckl is so amazing. I just got the 14" Sabian HHX Evolution Hi Hats that he designed (like Neil's Paragon line). They are unbelievable.

I think Neil is the best rock drummer ever, even better than Bonzo. I know it's debatable, but I have several solid arguments for why Neil is the best rock drummer to ever live, but I don't need to get into it right now. His progressive-style playing is extremely musical, and he creates some of the most genius drum parts in the studio that I've ever heard. But, to quote what you said, I agree that others are better for their particular type of music. There are just so many other unbelievably good drummers out there.

Thanks man! And I hope you get to see Rush around the same time you visit your family over here in Cali. My camp's only for two weeks (June 22-July 6), so I won't be gone for too long.

Well, so much for keeping my posts short...

#128 - Posted 1/23/13 @12:30AM by smiley [contact]

hey Austin venue has a free ticket contest, need to know what Rush song was used in the movie, I Love You Man, anyone know?
#127 - Posted 1/22/13 @11:26PM by jeffc3 [contact]

I can't believe that I forgot to read Rush is a Band the one morning summer tour dates go on sale.

Raleigh PNC arena is 10 minutes from me, and the prime block of seats is already sold out. Ugh!

Got some decent seats in the second block... but not the primo seats I was hoping for. :(
#126 - Posted 1/22/13 @11:24PM by takeafriend [contact]

Stay tuned for additional tour announcements for the summer dates that will resume when the band returns from their European leg in June. These will include but not be limited to Hershey, Wantagh, Saratoga, Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, and will finally see RUSH return to Grand Rapids and Halifax for the first time in decades!
We look forward to seeing you on the road!

SEATTLE DATE PLEASE!!! (Or, at least the Gorge or White River). I got a bad feeling about this....
#125 - Posted 1/22/13 @11:19PM by takeafriend [contact]

I saw where their announcment said, "dates in Portland, Vancouver.." What no Seattle show? That would SUCK!
#124 - Posted 1/22/13 @11:08PM by lisah [contact]

#123, Who could resist those cute ears? Not too mention that great taste in music! It's the total package.
#123 - Posted 1/22/13 @11:05PM by michinman [contact]

I wish I could wear the logo on my chest like everyone else, rather than my back.
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