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Rush Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray/theatrical release open thread
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UPDATE - 11/21@12:13PM: Rounder Records has posted yet another track from the video to YouTube. Here's Subdivisions.

UPDATE - 11/21@9:31AM: John at has scanned the CD booklet and made it available online here.

UPDATE - 11/20@3:42PM: Note that Clockwork Angels Tour is also now available on Spotify.

UPDATE - 11/19@3:50PM: Eric over at Power Windows has transcribed the liner notes and made them available online here.

UPDATE - 11/19@11:15AM: With today's Clockwork Angels Tour release, there are several giveaways/contests going on across the interwebs. Prog magazine in the UK is giving away a copy of the CD, DVD and Blu-ray along with a Geddy Lee Signature Squier Bass. For all the details and to enter just go to this link. There are a few Twitter giveaways going on too including one from Regal Cinemas where they are giving away one of Neil Peart's drums, and another from Music Vault where they are giving away the DVD (just retweet to enter). A few more preview videos are popping up online too including this one of Neil Peart's Where's My Thing? drum solo at the Modern Drummer site.

UPDATE - 11/19@8:39AM: There's a lot of great feedback regarding the theatrical screening in the comments. Besides some issues with the sound at some theaters, most folks seemed to enjoy it despite the fact that they only showed the second set from the show along with about a half hour of interviews. And of course - the gnomes gave a great shout-out to RIAB towards the end!

Tomorrow is the official North American release date for Rush's highly-anticipated Clockwork Angels Tour CD/DVD/Blu-ray; it released late last week in some parts of Europe and today is the official UK release. US and Canadian fans will get a chance for a sneak peek of the film tonight when a 2-hour and 25 minute cut of the concert video will be shown in theaters from coast-to-coast for a special, one night only screening. Fans can find theaters and buy tickets for the theatrical release at the Fathom Events website in the US, and at in Canada. There's also a 30-second trailer for the theatrical release available on YouTube, another trailer on the Rush YouTube page, and the official movie poster. The band has released several previews of tracks from both the CD and video over the last few weeks. On Wednesday Pandora Premieres began streaming the complete audio from the CD which you can check out here, and has videos of Red Sector A and Middletown dreams available on YouTube. There's also a 90-second preview clip of 2112 from the film available at this location, and the complete video of Rush's performance of The Garden can be seen on YouTube. This video of The Garden has also been getting some airplay on VH1 Classic's Rock Fest. Rush will be partnering with independent retail outlets to sell an exclusive 10" picture disc single of this live version of The Garden for a Record Store Day sponsored Black Friday event on November 29th. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson hit the interview circuit this past week promoting the Clockwork Angels Tour release. Geddy spoke with VH1 earlier in the week to break down 8 tracks from it in this 14-minute video interview and he also chatted with for a video interview which you can check out on YouTube here. Alex did a few radio interviews over in the UK including one with BBC WM and another with Planet Rock. Billboard also posted a great interview with Alex earlier today. The concert was filmed/recorded on November 28th of last year in Dallas, TX and the primary footage consists of this entire concert. As a bonus they also include 3 tracks (Middletown Dreams, The Pass and Manhattan Project) from the November 25th show in Phoenix along with a soundcheck recording of Limelight. The DVD/Blu-ray also includes a 25-minute tour documentary titled Can't Stop Thinking Big, the intro/intermission/outro tour videos and other exclusive bonus content. One of the special features to be included on the DVD/Blu-ray is a cartoon short parody of The Family Guy called The Family Goy, starring the voices of Geddy, Alex and Neil. You can check out a 1-minute preview of the cartoon on YouTube. You can see the official trailer for the film here and order your copy at this location (DVD, Blu-ray, CD). For those of you looking to pick up the DVD/Blu-ray in person, Best Buy is running a t-shirt giveaway with every purchase; details here (thanks Mark R). Rush is also offering a limited edition deluxe package exclusively available at the Rush Backstage Club for $99.99. If you already have a copy of the DVD/Blu-ray let us know what you think. For those going to the theatrical screening tonight, give us your thoughts/reviews in the comments. Rush on!!

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#149 - Posted 11/27/13 @10:05PM by Geddimus Prime

The 5.1 mix is the problem here. According to the liner notes the culprits are Mike Fraser from The Warehouse in Vancouver and Rich Chycki. They had audio production and Geddy's brother had overall production.

This is a huge disappointment as I was really looking forward to this. The lack of audio production quality with Rush releases (arguably since Test For Echo) are now very seriously tarnishing their once great reputation for technical awareness. Vapor Trails (even the Frankenstein repair), Rio (not even worth mentioning), and both S&A and CA (overcompressed wet blankets the both of them) It seems as if they have actually gone in the opposite direction with the advent of advanced recording technology. We should be hearing pins drop on these blu ray recordings. They have the board. They have everything isolated digitally. And they still can't stop screwing it up.
#148 - Posted 11/27/13 @5:32PM by rush21122 [contact]

sadly, tom sawyer and spirit of radio is horrible on this dvd, very mushy performances..Bug money isn't much better.
#147 - Posted 11/22/13 @10:11PM by rush21122 [contact]

as ahardcore rush fan.who ever would have thought in a million years they would ever do the body electric. and grand designs. in the same setlist. come on.. that's no way............
#146 - Posted 11/22/13 @7:12PM by Liverpool 78

The sound.

Has it been mixed to sound like it does when you're in the aircraft hangar that you see them playing in???

Who can honestly say, when watching Rush live, that they can hear every string, synth, miid programmed trigger, word, drum hit and cymbal crash as a separate entity?

I absolutely loved the Time Machine Tour but when I saw them at Sheffield UK I was directly in front of Geddy's Mike with a speaker blasting an ear crunching sound at me from the footlights and so that was more of a visual experience for me however, the following week at Birmingham UK from further back the sound was just as much a wall of noise - though equally as enjoyable.

It's nice, when you get a blue ray recording of the event, that you can hear the individual nuances that you absolutely do not hear in the hockey barn but I think that the soundscape on this offering is probably a more realistic representation of the real experience.

I liked it.

#145 - Posted 11/22/13 @3:14PM by Homey M Holmes

"I just can't believe someone has never had the balls to point out to Neil that his Ludwigs or Tama's sounded 100 times better than the current 'Neil Peart, I want to be a JAZZ drummer DW drums!'"

The "George Lucas effect."
#144 - Posted 11/22/13 @12:40PM by jiminseattle [contact]

DVD is coming today and from what I am hearing it will be a mild disappointment. Being a drummer myself I long for the Tama days of which I play. Then add to it that I do not know how to hook my DVD player up to my stereo I just have to listen to the TV cranked. Fuckin A!
#143 - Posted 11/22/13 @8:24AM by ClassicB [contact]

Neils DW drum sound is exactly how I knew it was going to be -- LOUSY. Neils DW drums and cymbals are not right for this band. They never have been. I've never heard a recording of Neil using the DW's and said "wow, those drums sound great!". Never! In fact, I cringe at some of the drum parts Neil is trying to achieve. I just can't believe someone has never had the balls to point out to Neil that his Ludwigs or Tama's sounded 100 times better than the current "Neil Peart, I want to be a JAZZ drummer DW drums"!
I would love to show Neil a video of him playing Territories on ASOH and then CA tour, and ask Neil, WTF are you thinking?
#142 - Posted 11/22/13 @6:45AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

As a drummer I am disappointed that the drums are so low in the mix. Snare sounds like he's hitting a phone book,kick drum sounds like a thicker phone book. Cymbals are a wishy washy mess with no power on crashes and no clarity on bell rides. People who have said this is the best live recording must be guitar/bass players.Not trying to be a whiner, just my observations so far.
#141 - Posted 11/22/13 @12:14AM by drummerboy2112

Oh and they missed his last 'blah' in the shirt that came with the blu ray

And we thought they were perfect harrumph!

#140 - Posted 11/21/13 @10:55PM by rush21122 [contact]

The one thing annoys me to no end on the Blu-ray is that annoying camera shot on neil looking up at him, it makes him look goofy, and they show it too much. Now on the bonus tracks its great cause that angle isn't on there. Love Manhattan project sounds great.

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