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Rush Clockwork Angels Summer tour pre-sale update, additional dates rumored
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UPDATE - 2/22@12:38PM: The 103.5 The Fox pre-sale for Denver is going on right now using the password ANGELS (thanks jfred).

UPDATE - 2/22@9:55AM: Live Nation pre-sales for most of the US dates begin at 10AM local venue time via Ticketmaster. From what I can tell the password will be dazzle, but I'll double check that at 10AM.

UPDATE - 2/22@9:40AM: VIP pre-sales for Hamilton are now sold out, general ticket sale begins in about 20 minutes!

UPDATE - 2/21@7:48PM: Reader between the wheels let me know that WTPA 92.1 out of Hershey is having a pre-sale tomorrow from 10AM to 5PM using the clever password RADIO.

Early Tuesday morning Rush announced via the newsletter 13 more dates for the Summer leg of the 2013 North American Clockwork Angels tour. Late last week they had announced shows in Hamilton and Halifax on July 6th and 12th respectively, making a total of 15 for the Summer leg so far. VIP pre-sales for all of these shows except Milwaukee (not a Live Nation event) kicked off Tuesday at Noon, along with Music Today Fan pre-sales for all 15 dates. As of this post VIP ticket packages remain for all of the dates except Halifax. Music Today Fan pre-sales for Halifax, Vancouver and Denver are sold out, but will remain open for the other 12 shows until 5PM local venue time today or while supplies last. AMEX Front of the Line pre-sales for the Canadian shows in Hamilton, Calgary and Vancouver are ongoing as are CITI pre-sales for most of the US dates. These will also end today at 5PM local venue time. Live Nation pre-sales for the Canadian shows (including Halifax) are ongoing using a password of dazzle. Live Nation pre-sales for most of the US dates will run tomorrow from 10AM to 5PM local venue time and should also be using a password of dazzle. There will also be a few radio-station sponsored pre-sales running tomorrow. One that we know about is a Chicago pre-sale sponsored by WLUP that will be using a password of LOOPRUSH. There's also a Y108 pre-sale for the Hamilton show going on today although I'm unsure of the password. And 103.5 The Fox is running a Denver pre-sale tomorrow although I'm not sure of that password either. If you know either of these passwords, or know of any other pre-sales going on, please let us know. General ticket sales for the Canadian dates kick off tomorrow at 10AM (Halifax is Saturday at 10AM) and the US general ticket sales begin on Monday. You can find all the times and relative links for the pre-sales and general ticket sales in the tour section. For questions regarding all the various pre-sales be sure to read my guide to ticket sales and pre-sales.

In Rush's announcement of the Spring dates last month they listed most of the cities to be included on the Summer leg, one of which was Boston. But no Boston date was included in the tour itinerary released on Tuesday. For weeks I'd been hearing that there would be a Boston date on July 13th but my guess is that a scheduling conflict forced them to remove this date at the last minute. Indeed, several New England readers forwarded me a Live Nation email newsletter they had received which mistakenly showed an advertisement of a Boston show at the Comcast Center on 7/13. Since the 7/12 Halifax date is now finalized, there definitely won't be a 7/13 date in Boston (Rush does not do back-to-back shows) although it's possible they are still working to reschedule it. Several people have also noticed the large gap of dates between the 7/6 Hamilton and 7/12 Halifax shows. Boston could potentially fit in there somewhere, but from all the rumors I've been hearing over the last week, the 7/8 and 7/10 dates will be filled by 2 more Canadian dates in London, Ottawa and/or Quebec City. The Quebec City rumor is based on speculation included in this report by the Quebec Journal from earlier in the week saying that Rush may play at the Quebec City Summer Festival. The Festival runs through July 14th so I guess it's possible they could play there on 7/14 after the Halifax show too. Maybe they'd even break out Bastille Day in celebration! :) I'm guessing that these possible additional dates will be announced soon - probably within the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately I haven't heard of any possible additions to the Western leg of the Summer tour, which is unusually light as it includes only 6 shows. More information as I learn it.

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#21 - Posted 2/26/13 @2:35PM by lisah [contact]

#20, Here's setlist from SanAntonio show last Nov. 30,minus the 9 songs done from CA; Subdivisions, The Big Money, Grand Designs, Force Ten, Middletown Dreams, Territories, Analog Kid, The Pass, Where's My Thing, Far Cry, second set starts with 9songs from CA played in order,back to back, then, Manhattan Project, Drum Solo, Red Sector A, YYZ, Spirit Of Radio, Encore as follows, Tom Sawyer, 2112 / Overture/ Temples Of Syrinx/ Grand Finale. They switch out a couple of songs in each set, on alternating nights, but the rest of the show stays the same. I hope this helps. Enjoy the show! RUSH ON!!
#20 - Posted 2/26/13 @1:00PM by jmorg503 [contact]

Got my tickets for the July 28th Portland Oregon show. My wife has never seen them and i've been a fan since i heard Working Man in 1974. It's going to be a blast, and i can't wait to experience my all time favorite band with my wife. It's going to be so much fun.

On a side note, does anyone know the set make up for this tour. I would love to know what songs besides the Clockwork Angels numbers they are going to play.

RUSH On everyone!!!!
#19 - Posted 2/23/13 @5:16PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

I'm taking my wife and son to KC to see the CA show for the second time. And given that the guys aren't getting any younger, we went all in for the VIP package. Who knows how many more times we'll get to see them; better take the opportunity to get the best seats we can.

On a side note - I was at Disney World recently. After getting off a ride, I took note of the young-teen boy and his parents who had been in the car with me on the ride. I commented on his CA shirt and we wound up talking about our love of the Rush for a few minutes. (It had been his first Rush show, in Saskatoon. His dad was very proud. :) )
#18 - Posted 2/22/13 @12:56PM by BloodofTheZodiac [contact]

Got my tickets for the Hamilton show!! Section 116(directly across from the stage), Row 1, seats 1 and 2.

I wanted side seats close to floor level(section 122 or 108 preferably), so I originally chose section 122, but when the tickets got printed, it said section 112. The woman was confused and showed me on the computer what it said and it DID say section 122, row 5, seats 18 and 19. But the computer system said there aren't any seats 18 and 19 in that row in that section. So she called the ticketmaster helpline and the person wasn't understanding what she was trying to explain. We tried section 108 and it printed 107, but I hated that angle.

So we did a refund twice and tried a different but close section once again, but the entire system was messed up and whatever section she put in, the printed ticket would say a completely different section.

After half an hour and getting a refund 3 different times, I finally got a section and seats I was totally content with!!
#17 - Posted 2/22/13 @10:14AM by dingus [contact]

Does anybody know the PW for the venue presale for Cinci?
#16 - Posted 2/22/13 @10:07AM by Armeee [contact]

Not to get ahead of things and jinx this whole deal but there is absolutely no way that BF can wait til April 24th to announce the lineup.
In 2010 the BF date was announced after the festival lineup was already released.
Crossing my fingers!
#15 - Posted 2/22/13 @10:07AM by chrxtopher [contact]

Anybody know what the LiveNation mobile app presale password is?
#14 - Posted 2/22/13 @8:40AM by LisaC [contact]

Re #2: It is so unbelieveable to me that we would be talking about market saturation and Rush in the same sentence! Crazy, isn't it?
#13 - Posted 2/22/13 @12:03AM by BloodofTheZodiac [contact]

I think an Ottawa date at Bluesfest makes sense. A Monday July 8th show seems likely. Bluesfest runs from the 4th to the 14th this year. When they came here in 2010, the date was added way after the rest of the tour, because Bluesfest doesn't announce anything until late April. I noticed that once Bluesfest announced the lineup....that is the same day that the Ottawa show got added in with the rest of the tour dates. So I would expect the same this time around. April 24th is the official Bluesfest lineup announcement. I would assume a July 10th date in Quebec City would be added as well.

In any case....I'm looking forward to getting my ticket(s) for the Hamilton show in exactly 10 hours!!
#12 - Posted 2/21/13 @6:51PM by Armeee [contact]

I am still holding out hope that one of the "filler" July dates will include Ottawa's Bluesfest.

Thanks Ed.......... I hope your sources are right.

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