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Rush 2012/2013 Clockwork Angels tour updates
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UPDATE - 5/17@9:45PM: just sent out the official newsletter announcing the 2nd Toronto show pre-sales. There's no additional information in the newsletter than what we already knew, but they did give a nice shout-out to RushCon:

Thanks to the folks over at RUSHCON who run the 'By-the-fans, for-the-fans' event where fans have an opportunity to raise money for an important charity whilst having an amazing time learning more about the band, getting to know each other and connecting with other fans from around the world. Over the past 11 years- we hear how much those that attend enjoy it! As this second Toronto show goes on sale for October 16th, please note that RUSHCON will be held in Toronto on October 12-14th. For more details please go to

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 5/17@8:12PM: Both the Music Today fan pre-sale and the VIP pre-sale for the 2nd Toronto show are now listed on their respective sites as starting tomorrow at 12PM as we had expected (thanks Adrian B).

Pre-sales for the initial batch of European dates for Rush's Clockwork Angels tour are beginning to wind down, with general ticket sales kicking off tomorrow in the UK and Saturday in Germany. The newsletter that went out earlier this week also promised that more European dates would be announced shortly. Folks over here in North America are also wondering whether the band will play some more North American shows in early 2013. Hopefully we'll get some more mews on that front shortly too. Tickets for the recently added 2nd show in Toronto will go on general sale next Thursday, May 24th with pre-sales beginning this weekend. The AMEX pre-sale for Toronto is listed at Ticketmaster as beginning this Saturday at 10AM. That likely means that the fan and VIP pre-sales will begin one day earlier, which is tomorrow at 12PM. Neither of these have been officially announced yet nor are they listed at either the Music Today website or VIP Nation. But if you plan on purchasing fan or VIP pre-sale tickets for this show, I'd suggest going with this assumption. Just keep a watchful eye on these sites over the next 24 hours, and hopefully will also send out another newsletter. As another Rush tour slowly begins to take shape, Eric over at the Power Windows site is reminding everyone to scan their ticket stubs and other memorabilia for his extensive Rush Tour Archive:

As another Rush tour is about to begin, I ask that you please take the time to scan your ticket for the Rush Tour Archive. I have been maintaining this archive for many years now (since the demise of the National Midnight Star), and and with the exception of the Boston Fleet Center show of the Vapor Trails tour, I have a stub or advertisement for every show of the last ten years.

If you can please take a moment to scan your ticket and email it to me, or if you do not have a scanner, take a quality photograph, please do.

In addition, if you have any ticket stubs or advertisements, handbills, photographs of marquees, etc, from previous tours, perhaps you can fill in the gaps? Who knows, you might have a stub for a show that has been forgotten in the depths of time.

My ultimate goal is to be able to provide a complete archive of the touring history of Rush for everyone to see.

If you've never checked out Eric's Rush Tour Archive before, I highly suggest that you do. This page has every known Rush tour and tour date listed along with setlists and scans of ticket stubs and concert posters. It's an invaluable resource for Rush fans.

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#11 - Posted 5/18/12 @1:11AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

i was very quiet this week hoping for some announcement about mp3 previews for the new album - i know we are all dying to here it. but in the mean time i have been "traveling back in time" as Dirk puts it and been listening to 70s and 80s Rush.

the moving pictures tour that i have is one of the best shows i've gotten, from chicago's 4 nights it's got great sound quality.

theres been alot of songs that i have really wanted to hear them play for this clockwork angels tour and i'm starting to get a final idea of what i want to here.

I.E: The Trees
Distant Early Warning
The Big Money
Entre Nous

i mean the list can go on. but like i have said in the past, what they play is amazing, what i want is a dream. no matter what i will enjoy it.

Happy Friday!
#10 - Posted 5/17/12 @11:12PM by Earthshine [contact]

Was reading Neil Peart's website and his words on the passing of Andrew MacNaughtan. I really hope they pay tribute on the CA tour by playing 'Afterimage' with a montage of his work on the big screen. Perhaps for Freddie Gruber as well.

' were gone. From all the lives you left your mark upon...

T-Minus 26 days to Clockwork Angels
5 Months, 27 days to Seattle show.....and finally knowing where the hell I'm sitting lol
#9 - Posted 5/17/12 @10:28PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Went to see VH in about 77 and after four songs Roth fell to the stage and the lights came on. They said it was food poisoning....puleeeez! You could not pay me to go see Van Halen. Rush is it!
#8 - Posted 5/17/12 @9:50PM by Earthshine [contact]

#7. Yeah, I'm not surprised. I have their new album and while the playing is pretty good, the lyrics are just awful and juvenile. Even worse is that they are all dusted off songs from their late 70's era. No new material as I understand it. I was hoping for an updated sound and a different set of subject matter given their experiences and age.
#7 - Posted 5/17/12 @6:39PM by limelighter [contact]

sorry---off topic--- but van halen has cancelled 30 shows on their upcoming tour this summer. sources say they are fighting again. not good. can't they all get along?? rush can after all these years.
#6 - Posted 5/17/12 @6:02PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Ed - You nailed it brotha !!!!!

Just checked out Music Today ( I have been checking every couple of hours today) and the second Rush show is up, and goes on sale tomorrow at noon.
#5 - Posted 5/17/12 @4:22PM by Jaybird [contact]

My RUSH concert count using Eric's site was 1,873 thru the TIM tour.

So adding 33 stateside for CA, they roll over to 1,906.

Not sure my count is spot on, but it is close.
#4 - Posted 5/17/12 @3:47PM by Ghost Rider [contact]

#3 I love it! So ironic that I was a sophomore in high school when Power Windows was released. To this day, I rank Power Windows as one of my all-time favorite albums. I think it was Bill Banaciewicz who stated in his biography that Power Windows was a "flawless" album. I actually wouldn't disagree with him because I love every song on it. I remember buying the cassette and playing it until my ghetto blaster ate it, then I went and bought another one (this was a clear CrO2 tape) and my Dad's tape deck ate it after playing it twice!

I was so happy when I was able to purchase it on CD. :-)
#3 - Posted 5/17/12 @1:34PM by bluecondition [contact]

I have been listening to some of the Sector box set remasters trying to bide my time until the 12th. Power Windows has really stood out to me, I hope on the tour they decide to play a couple songs from it. For me it is their strongest songwriting of that period and the remaster really makes it sound great cranked up. While I was trying to go to sleep the other night I sort of had this funny thought, that thematically Power Windows is kind of like the classes you might go through in a day of high school:

The Big Money - Economics
Grand Designs - Science
Manhattan Project - History
Marathon - Physical Education
Territories - Social Studies ?
Middletown Dreams - Lunch ?
Emotion Detector - Psychology/Sociology ?
Mystic Rhythms - Band Class ?

It makes a lot less sense now that I type it out ... just a fun thought while we all wait anxiously!
#2 - Posted 5/17/12 @12:59PM by mark one [contact]

2ND!! and happy as hell

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