Monday, May 14, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tour official UK/Europe dates announced
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UPDATE - 5/14@1:38PM: There's also an O2 Priority pre-sale for all the UK dates starting on Wednesday at 9AM (thanks Melissa).

UPDATE - 5/14@11:32AM: Until I hear otherwise, I'm going with the assumption that the Planet Rock VIP and Live Nation VIP pre-sales are separate.

UPDATE - 5/14@11:12AM: Hold the phone... it's possible that the Planet Rock VIP pre-sale and the Live Nation one are totally separate. Still gathering details - everything is confusing as hell as usual...

UPDATE - 5/14@10:59AM: The VIP pre-sale will be sponsored by Planet Rock and to participate you need to register for free at this link.

UPDATE - 5/14@10:37AM: I've added the UK dates into the tour section. Despite the fact that these shows are over 1 year away, tickets go on sale this weekend! I'm still gathering all the details, but it looks general ticket sales for the UK dates will be this Friday, May 18 at 9AM. It also looks like there will be VIP tickets available through Live Nation UK this coming Thursday, May 17th at 10AM.

This past week Geddy Lee revealed in his Planet Rock interview that Rush would indeed be taking the Clockwork Angels to the UK and Europe at some point in 2013. In confirmation of this early this morning posted some official dates including 5 in the UK in late May and 2 in Germany in early June with the promise of more dates to come. Here they are:

May 22: Manchester, England - Arena
May 24: London, England - O2 Arena
May 26: Birmingham, England - LG Arena
May 28: Sheffield, England - Motorpoint Arena
May 30: Glasgow, Scotland - SECC
June 4: Cologne, Germany - Arena
June 6: Berlin, Germany - O2 Arena

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#35 - Posted 5/18/12 @7:12AM by Theycallmethedublinman [contact]

Will be standing in Berlin on June-06-2013...just over a year from now. And this time I'll take my 11 years old son to see the holy trinity for the first time (for him...) :D:D:D
#34 - Posted 5/15/12 @12:24PM by UnstableCondition

Wow, business must be tough for the promoters if they're looking to get cash in their pockets this far in advance. Or do they just know that people are suckers and will cough up a full year before a show - and even before anyone knows what the new album sounds like...?

Yeah, that's probably more like it...
#33 - Posted 5/15/12 @9:56AM by Dave in Leeds [contact]

No Newcastle concert?
Best atmosphere of all the ones I caught on the last tour.
Maybe still to be announced.
#32 - Posted 5/15/12 @7:29AM by Shota [contact]

I really don't get the idea of a VIP Sale in Germany as we have no seated areas at least on the floor part of the Lanxess Arena (don't knwo about Berlin)
As far as I see there is no VIp package on Ticketmaster
#31 - Posted 5/15/12 @6:26AM by Flygaricdrummer [contact]

I just thought i would add that the email does not mention that any passwords are needed, i will let you all know if i hear otherwise.
#30 - Posted 5/15/12 @6:21AM by Flygaricdrummer [contact]

I received an email this morning from the fan club, all U.K. dates will have a fan club presale on Wednesday at 9AM.The link to purchase UK fan club pre-sale tickets is: link
#29 - Posted 5/14/12 @9:20PM by Lerxster [contact]

They just start announcing presales and start selling tickets without much instruction at all. They probably say, "Hey, we don't know exactly what we're doing but so what, that Ed on RIAB will sort all this out for the fans." :D

#28 - Posted 5/14/12 @6:12PM by Dave in Leeds [contact]

So where is the fan club pre-sale?
OK if you are with O2 but what about the rest of the loyal UK fans??
#27 - Posted 5/14/12 @5:43PM by ianian65 [contact]

Manchester, Birmingham and London here I come and to think it was my birthday last Saturday. This is a great news!
#26 - Posted 5/14/12 @3:58PM by Babelfish [contact]

Am already booking flights from Ireland to Phoenix Arizona for November/December and thought that was far ahead planning, now I will be turning round to book over a year ahead for thew Europe leg, still at least its only a short hop to UK fingers crossed they hit Dublin again!!
As for prices, the guys are worth every penny/cent !

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