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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Geddy Lee on Planet Rock radio this morning

Thu, May 10, 2012@9:22AM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 5/21@8:12AM: The interview is now available here (thanks Iconic2112).

UPDATE - 5/10@2:40PM: Darren Redick's show with the Geddy Lee interview is now available for streaming on demand via the Planet Rock website at this location (thanks asif). Geddy's interview starts at around the 41-minute mark.

UPDATE - 5/10@10:20AM: UK/European fans rejoice! Geddy confirmed that the band will be touring Europe in the Spring of 2013. He also confirmed that they will likely be filming the tour and releasing a DVD/BD although didn't give any details.

UPDATE - 5/10@9:54AM: Geddy started off speaking a bit about the Governor General's Award. He then went on to explain the concept behind Clockwork Angels. Now they are playing Far Cry and will speak with Geddy a bit more after that.

UPDATE - 5/10@9:43AM: They are currently playing Headlong Flight and Darren Redick announced that Geddy was there (he's in London?) and would be coming up next.

As I'd reported earlier in the week, Geddy Lee will be a guest on Darren Redick's show on UK digital radio station Planet Rock this morning. He should be coming on at any time now. They'll mainly be chatting about Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels album but I imagine that Geddy will also be asked about the potential for a UK/European leg of the Clockwork Angels tour next year. You can listen live to Planet Rock online at

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