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Possible cover artwork for Rush's Clockwork Angels album, tourbook revealed
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UPDATE - 4/3@3:58PM: I was politely asked by Rush's management to remove these images from my site, and I have complied.

UPDATE - 4/3@1:21PM: Several of you have pointed out that the clock is reading 9:12 - or 21:12 in military time (9/12 is also Neil Peart's birthday). Also, I believe this is just the cover artwork - not the final cover itself. The actual cover will likely have Rush and Clockwork Angels written on it in some shape or form.

This morning I was sent the possible cover artwork for Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels album and tourbook. They come from a reliable source which is why I decided to post them, and why I think they are legitimate. The album cover itself depicts the now familiar Clockwork Angels clock of alchemical symbols over a swirling red cloud. The tourbook cover is what's really interesting though. It depicts a cracked exterior wall along a sidewalk, with the crack revealing some steampunk gears beneath. On the wall written in a graffiti-style are rush, CLOCKWORK ANGELS, a CA logo of sorts and a red fire hydrant. Now here's the real intriguing part; sitting in front of the fire hydrant on the sidewalk is a Dalmatian. This is unmistakably a reference to Rush's 1982 Signals album, which celebrates the 30th anniversary since its release this year. Knowing that Rush played Moving Pictures in its entirety on the last tour to celebrate that album's 30th anniversary, this tourbook cover image seems to indirectly reveal that Rush will be doing the same thing with their Signals album on the upcoming Clockwork Angels tour. Pure speculation of course, but I wouldn't see any other reason to include the reference on the tourbook cover. We should know soon enough whether these are the official covers, since album artwork typically reveals itself online about 2 months or so before release - which is still scheduled for Tuesday, May 29th.

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#119 - Posted 4/6/12 @11:44PM by What-A-Rush

I'd like to respectfully disagree with #69 regarding 'Between The Wheels'. I think it's arguably one of the best Rush songs ever,and certainly the best song off 'Grace Under Pressure'.I remember when they brought the song back live on the R30 tour for the first time since the 1984 tour,and the place went nuts! The 'diehards'were shocked,to say the least.Overall,I think time has been very kind to 'Grace Under Pressure',despite the "change" in sound with a larger emphasis on keyboards.In any event,it's great to read the opinions of the younger Rush fans out there who are contributing to the band's staying power alongside the older fans.Great comment #69! Thanks RIAB.
#118 - Posted 4/4/12 @10:14PM by double-agent [contact]

Thank you, Crackhead, for leaving a nice thank you on forthoodradio's FB page! As soon as the new single hits, I'm going to shoot it to Dave in the Cave and he will play it!!!
#117 - Posted 4/4/12 @6:30PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#114- It's called FUN. F is for frolic thru all the flowers, U is for you and me, N is for......nuclear.....bombs..that burn down the whole town......uhhh, what?!!!
#116 - Posted 4/4/12 @5:19PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

What about Broons Bane??
#115 - Posted 4/4/12 @5:18PM by rocinante5m [contact]

Set 1................

The Spirit of Radio
Time Stand Still
Force Ten
Headlong Flight
Leave That Thing Alone
Bravest Face


Analog Kid
Digital Man
The Weapon
New World Man
Losing it
New Epic
New Epic
Drum Solo
Alex Acoustic into The Trees
Far Cry


Jacob's Ladder
Hemisphere/Cygnus Combo
#114 - Posted 4/4/12 @3:49PM by Earthshiner [contact]

Why do people post wannabe setlists? ... It's seriously ridiculous!
#113 - Posted 4/4/12 @12:17PM by SnakesandArrows [contact]

I recall the band not being happy with the sound of Signals and with the comment made in regards to Headlong Flight sounding like the 80s Rush but heavier, I might speculate that if Signals is played then perhaps the band will beef it up with heavier guitars...Just a random thought....
#112 - Posted 4/4/12 @10:35AM by marty from clayton [contact]

I know most of the clock are alchemy symbols, but I happen to know that 4 o'clock is actually a "low toner" symbol from a copier.
#111 - Posted 4/4/12 @9:57AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

have never played live* darn typo.
#110 - Posted 4/4/12 @9:56AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

now let's slow down a bit, i didnt get this inforamtion till today due to working yesterday, but jsut because we see two, count them TWO images that "might" be releated to Clockwork Angels, doesn't mean it is. for all we know it's a teaser, a rumored to be untrue. we shouldn't be worried about this till the album makes its apperance eh? Let rush work let Ed be the one to tell us, no reason in looking for it on your own, you won't find anything.

What i Think:
i personally feel that since rush is getting closer and closer to retiring, (i say after 40 years) they should play songs on this next tour that they either haven't played in a long time or songs that they have played live.

this isn't a setlist just suggestions.
Cut To The Chase
Roll The Bones
The Necromancer (even if they played a 30 second part i'd be happy)
Peaceable Kingdom
Bravest Face

those are just my opinion i've made my own "dream set list" but i know it's never going to happen, had this really cool idea for an "oldies" medley with Xanadu, By-Tor and The Necromancer.

so like i said - we don't know anything. not yet anyways
the only thing i'm focused on at the moment is 4/19
headlong flight. let's start with this first, kay?

-Listening to the 1990 Presto Tour live in Mountain View Califorina.
have a nice day, Favheadache09

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