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Tue, Nov 29, 2022

Moving Pictures: Live 2011 to release November 8th, Time Machine 2011 theatrical release October 26th

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UPDATE - 9/20@3:15PM: After finally having a chance to digest all of this, I realize that the Moving Pictures: Live 2011 title refers only to the vinyl and digital releases, and will contain only the live tracks from the Moving Pictures album. The complete 2-CD companion to the Time Machine DVD will have the same title as the DVD and include the entire concert, and still looks to be a separate release not included with the DVD. On top of that, it looks like Neil Peart's instructional DVD Taking Center Stage will now also release on November 8th. That's a lot of Rush swag for one day!

UPDATE - 9/20@12:19PM: Here's the official marketwire press release link.

UPDATE - 9/20@10:46AM: The article also lists some more details regarding the bonus features (thanks Professordrums):

Bonus Material

Outtakes from "History of Rush, Episodes 2 & 17"
"Tom Sawyer" featuring the cast of "History of Rush, Episode 17"
"Need Some Love" Live from Laura Secord Secondary School
"Anthem" Live from Passaic New Jersey

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Details regarding the CD companion to Rush's upcoming Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland DVD/Blu-ray were released earlier today. The Huffington Post reported this morning that the CD companion will be titled Moving Pictures: Live 2011 and release on the same day as the DVD and there will also be a Moving Pictures: Live 2011 released on vinyl and digitally that will contain only the live tracks from the Moving Pictures album. Time Machine 2011 will also be getting a theatrical release through D&E Entertainment. From the article:

... Anthem, Rush and Rounder Records have again selected D&E Entertainment (, who theatrically distributed the documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, to bring TIME MACHINE... to the big screen and movie theaters across the U.S. starting October 26. D&E will be working with Eagle Vision to bring TIME MACHINE to theatres across the UK and other territories as well. Info on all screenings will be available at The big screen HD digital cinema presentation will give fans the best seat in the house and transport them from the theater to the front row of the concert. VH1 will be airing a 2-hour concert culled from the footage as part of their annual Rushashana program on September 29. ...

This also confirms the VH1 airing of an edited 2-hour version of the concert as part of Rush Hashanah later next week.

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