Preview of Rush's Family Goy parody from the Clockwork Angels Tour DVD/Blu-ray

Posted on Friday, November 8, 2013 at 8:00AM

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#12 - Posted 11/15/13 @11:17AM by Mr. K

Wow. That was bad.
#11 - Posted 11/9/13 @10:51AM by a measure of life [contact]

This is about as funny as a dead kitten.
#10 - Posted 11/9/13 @12:37AM by clohrox_bleach [contact]

The amount of second-hand embarrassment I am feeling right now is indescribable; I couldn't even make it halfway. Rush, guys, I love you, but couldn't you have chosen a better show to parody? Like King of the Hill, or South Park? Hell, I would even take American Dad. This was the complete antithesis of funny and I really expected better considering their past comedy work.
#9 - Posted 11/8/13 @8:40PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

If the choice is between 'Funny' or 'Die', this is die.

#8 - Posted 11/8/13 @12:02PM by mark one [contact]

what a funny video on the 8th of November
#7 - Posted 11/8/13 @11:53AM by Will Collier [contact]

If only Seth McFarlane was... funny.
#6 - Posted 11/8/13 @10:15AM by igolfbad [contact]

Ugh, you guys... just ugh. Let that count crap just die already.

Otherwise, hi! For some reason, I can't hear any sound on some of these embedded videos, including this one. Can anyone in the know help me out here?

Many thanks!

You may resume your count.
#5 - Posted 11/8/13 @10:12AM by riab4cameraeye [contact]

FIVE goy-den rings!!!!!!!!! See what i did there?
#4 - Posted 11/8/13 @10:02AM by Alexfan [contact]

Backswing, swing hard, oh no - the dreaded slice...

#3 - Posted 11/8/13 @9:29AM by Liverpool 78

Typing THIRD is as crass as typing First so I won't do that either.

#2 - Posted 11/8/13 @9:16AM by drmike [contact]

Lance, it doesn't bother me at all when people say "FIIIIRST!", just a glance and it's over. What bothers me more is when people go


third, fourth, fifth, etc. That's when it gets annoying.
#1 - Posted 11/8/13 @8:24AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Don't ya just hate people that do this:

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