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Posted on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 12:02PM

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#8 - Posted 10/4/13 @5:46PM by Rob [contact]

#5 Having been a veteran of "the pub" myself, I think I'm qualified to say that RIAB is not a "messageboard or forum" and was never intended to be even when the pub existed.
#7 - Posted 10/4/13 @5:23PM by Diego [contact]

I don't care much for speech code. Ed is free to do what he wants with RIAB though.
#6 - Posted 10/4/13 @3:33PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Sad huh...me thinks MGayRushFan is stuck in the closet
(not that theres anything wrong with that)
#5 - Posted 10/4/13 @2:42PM by cpb [contact]

OK, let's get real, RIAB peeps...

I was quite excited about the Vapor Trails remaster, the upcoming DVD, the fact that Neil posted a blog update and there's the Hemispheres gold disc...all this stuff, so yesterday I came back over to visit my friends on RIAB and what I see is something along the lines of

"Out Of The Cradle is gay."
"You're a complete imbecile. And probably a little gay yourself you gay."
"Yeah, it's uber-gay."
"Yeah well why don't you and your gay-pronouncing gayness go gay up in a big gay gayathon you totally gay gay."

I'm assuming I didn't miss much.

Anyway, it reminded me of when we actually had a forum for RIAB, which Ed was having to spend way too much time trying to moderate for the reasons illustrated above. So my question is: do we actually want one again if someone like ME is willing to do the work on it, and it can actually keep the more rubbish posts out of the way? I'm not saying there shouldn't be disagreements about the MUSIC - there should be debate! - but maybe a forum where there's more free-for-all can keep the comments centered on the pertinent Rush stuff.

This is a legitimate question; I'm not being preachy. What do you guys think? RIAB forum, or no? (I mean, there's always the Power Windows site...and Progressive Ears...)
#4 - Posted 10/4/13 @12:34PM by Ajax5 [contact]

On the preorder front, I noticed that the Clockwork Angels Tour DVDs are *finally* up for preorder on Amazon.ca. (I love it that it's listed as "import"--in Canada, and with the DVD being produced by a Canadian production company. Sheesh.)
#3 - Posted 10/4/13 @12:22PM by highwater [contact]

I encouraged a friend to pick up the VT Remix, and he relayed that it is currently on backorder at Amazon. I guess the reception was more than positive because they're sold out of their original stock. How awesome is that?
#2 - Posted 10/4/13 @12:22PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

My copy of VT Remixed arrived late yesterday afternoon (God bless Amazon). Popped it in my car. All I can say is, wow. There are nuances in the songs that I never heard before. Peaceable Kingdom no longer sounds like mud. Geddy bass has actual *tone*. Each guitar part is distinct. And, most importantly, I no longer get a headache trying to listen to the whole album through. It is practically a brand new record.
#1 - Posted 10/4/13 @12:08PM by Alexfan [contact]

Just got back from a three day golf trip, sat down at my computer, and...

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