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Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Photos from Neil Peart recording session with Vertical Horizon

Wed, Mar 21, 2012@10:14PM | comments removed/disabled

UPDATE - 3/23@3:51PM: Here's video of Neil Peart in the studio with Vertical Horizon. It looks like Neil plays drums on 2 tracks; Instamatic and another unnamed track.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 3/23@10:54AM: Vertical Horizon has posted to their Facebook page a new pic of Neil's DW kit in the studio and promise some video later today (thanks hermy).

We learned last month that Neil Peart would once again be working with Vertical Horizon on their new album, which they are currently working on at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles with sound engineer Tom Weir. We also learned that DW had made a custom kit for Neil for use in the recording sessions via this YouTube video from the January Winter NAMM show where Weir interviews John Good and Scott Donnell of Drum Workshop. A few weeks ago Vertical Horizon updated their Pledge Music site with the following message:

Okay this BIG news has come out online, and it's not definite yet ... but we're working to make it happen. I won't comment publicly online about it yet, but since it's out there I wanted you to see this. Neil and I are working on the scheduling, and DW has kindly made him a new kit to try and facilitate. Thanks for your support. Matt

And it looks like their work paid off since earlier this evening Sabian posted a series of photographs to Facebook from a March 19th recording session with Neil and his friend and Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell which you can check out here (thanks mark omalley). Neil had also made a guest appearance on Vertical Horizon's 2009 album Burning the Days, playing drums on three of the tracks along with penning the lyrics for one.

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