Rush Clockwork Angels Live tour DVD will NOT release in May

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 6:59AM

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#33 - Posted 1/19/13 @9:43PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Regarding Feedback II:

Here's a thought for another covers album for the 2014 40th anniversary (with the new guy) tour: Rush's favorite (non-Rush) "progressive rock" epics. Can you imagine songs like: "Yours Is No Disgrace," "Awaken," "Close To The Edge," "Roundabout," "The Musical Box," "Lucky Man," "Thick As A Brick," "Nights In White Satin," "Fool's Overture," "Crime Of The Century," "Echoes," "Free Hand," "The Wreck" and "A Whiter Shade Of Pale," etc. being reinterpreted by Rush?
#32 - Posted 1/18/13 @6:37PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I enjoy FeedBack but it rarely makes it into my playlists, and I am of the opinion that it is NOT an official Rush studio album no matter what the boys or any of you say so you can all go to .......just kidding, have an awesome weekend everyone!
#31 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:35AM by random_sample [contact]

I love the idea of a "Feedback 2" type album from Rush in the future. I haven't heard anything about this possibility until this thread and I'm not sure of the chances of it happening, but I would love it ,if they did another album of covers.
#30 - Posted 1/18/13 @10:09AM by rushman110 [contact]

I know it makes sense to delay this until after the tour, but didn't Snakes and Arrows live come out before/during the 2nd leg of that tour? I swear I remember listening to it on the way to the Toronto show in 2008. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to the DVD as I only really want to see a good recording of Manhattan Project with the strings! I got the "B" night in Cleveland but kept hoping the whole night that they'd pull a switcheroo.
#29 - Posted 1/18/13 @6:45AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

you can quote me all you want. Not sure about the e-mails you're referring to however. My post to geddyf was actually meant to be funny but maybe it didn't read like that. I thought his post was so "matter of fact" about what's going to happen that he should be able to at least tell us the setlist for R40.LOL haha nudge nudge wink wink etc. I think the quote of mine you referred to was in response to people discussing whether there would be an R40 Tour or not, and for the record at the time I personally didn't think there would be, UNLESS it was mid to late summer of 2014. Also I would rather see them play 2 or 3 new tracks on an R40 tour if it happens, rather than doing FeedBack 2.Fly By Night would be cool although I would love to see them break out full version Xanadu again. Al and Ged should start hitting the weight room hard so they can tote those big double necks!
#28 - Posted 1/17/13 @6:30PM by jaeger [contact]

Also, if you like, I will never quote you again. :) :)
#27 - Posted 1/17/13 @6:29PM by jaeger [contact]

#23. My point(s) was that in your quoted text you had a point (or at least an opinion agains the idea of FB2.) Also, that the supposed FB2 could have arisen from your original email that entered the minds of other people after you saw such a thing as a possibility. This might have been more obvious if the missing final quote mark in my quote of your previous email had been there. :)

I doubt there will be a FB2 myself.
#26 - Posted 1/17/13 @5:20PM by Rob [contact]

#25 - Posted 1/17/13 @5:19PM by Rob [contact]

Wouldn't be something if politicians apologized like this when they lie to us?
#24 - Posted 1/17/13 @4:24PM by Runkerry

Yep. May sounded ambitious to see this one hit the shelves. But Clockwork Angels Live as a title, while likely isn't exactly imaginative ; ) Not that I can think of a better title. Just think that DVD or album titles like Exit.....Stage Left, Different Stages, and Time Machine have more resonance. Just a view.

A 'Feedback 2' would be great. I am not at all certain that another studio album will follow as Clockwork Angels will be such a tough act to follow. But I felt that way about Snakes & Arrows!
#23 - Posted 1/17/13 @4:09PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

what's your point jaeger?
#22 - Posted 1/17/13 @11:41AM by jaeger [contact]

But: "Posted 12/25/12 @7:50AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#49- You may be right but it would have to be in the last half of 2014 I think. These guys need an extended break. If the ClockWork Angels Tour lasts until the end of Aug. 2013 they could take almost a full year off and fire something up for Aug.2014 Of course they would start rehersing a couple months before that.So they would have at least 9 or 10 months off. I hope they don't do Feedback 2 or something like that..." Hmmm
#21 - Posted 1/17/13 @11:38AM by jaeger [contact]

"Feedback 2" sounds like an excellent idea, given the obvious influences on CA...
#20 - Posted 1/17/13 @6:56AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#19 - We "may" get to hear Fly By Night? Can you not look into that crystal ball of yours and tell us the exact setlist for the R40 tour? C'mon man!!
#19 - Posted 1/17/13 @12:45AM by GeddyF [contact]

This was a no-brainer. Rush has consistently kept the same method when releasing live DVDs for the past 11 yrs or so. My prediction is that the Clockwork Angels Tour will likely resume from late May until late Aug/early Sept with numerous extended breaks throughout.

The live DVD will be called "CLOCKWORK ANGELS LIVE" and be released some time AFTER Nov 1st, but BEFORE Christmas 2013. It will include footage of the entire set-list and a few little extras at the end.

Rush will essentially be on break from early Sept (aside from light promo for the live DVD) until next spring when they will record "Feedback 2" (studio version of some favorite covers with a possible Zep, Who, Hendrix, and Cream cover in there) and start their R40 tour in the summer 2014. We may finally get to hear "Fly By Night" live again summer 2014!!!!
#18 - Posted 1/16/13 @2:34PM by jaeger [contact]

Regarding which, Daria has something to say: link
#17 - Posted 1/16/13 @2:32PM by jaeger [contact]

All ready to vote for Ged for Best bassist of all time. Just made the typo realization of the pseudo-anagram Eddgy (Lee)
#16 - Posted 1/16/13 @1:55PM by TMMB [contact]

Didn't put too much stock in the May release. Never made sense from a business perspective.

Thanks for the update Ed!
#15 - Posted 1/16/13 @1:53PM by ShowgunSam [contact]

#11 - Do you have any idea how expensive that would be? I mean, it's a cool idea and I agree with you about the "different perspective" aspect of it all, but it isn't a very realistic scenario for a professional filming. It would, however make more sense to do that for the album since they record every single show, anyways.
#14 - Posted 1/16/13 @12:36PM by kjbird [contact]

#12 - yes, we saw Chris Rock on that tour here in was called "Kill the Messenger". Hilarious. What i remember about that show, (besides the hilarity of it all)was how some who had season tickets at the Aronoff Center had NO CLUE who this comedian was (as they go to all the shows)and 1/4 way through there were a lot of decked out, dressed to the nines blue-hairs exiting the building. Probably thought they were about to witness another Bill Cosby.
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