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Rush Clockwork Angels Tour preview from this Thursday
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UPDATE - 11/13@11:41AM: So much for this exclusive preview. Pandora has the whole thing streaming online here. Although it sounds like will be posting previews of the actual videos too - not just audio.

UPDATE - 11/12@1:48PM: Reader joesaracer noticed that the Barnes and Noble website listing for the CD has 30-second sample clips posted for all the tracks. will be hosting an exclusive streaming preview of Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour concert video this coming Thursday. From

... for 24 hours starting at noon EST on Thursday (Nov. 14), we'll have six performances from the DVD available exclusively to stream on

The sold-out arena tour in support of 2012′s Clockwork Angels, Rush's 19th studio album, saw the Canadian rockers playing material not performed since the '80s, alongside a string section in many cases. For our exclusive preview, we'll show you footage of some of those rarely performed songs as well as two performances with the "Clockwork Angels String Ensemble."

The exclusive performances will include: "Grand Designs," "Middletown Dreams" and "Territories" from 1985′s Power Windows; "The Body Electric" and "Red Sector A" from 1984′s Grace Under Pressure; and "The Wreckers" from Clockwork Angels.

For two weeks following our exclusive stream, two of the performances - of "Red Sector A" and "Middletown Dreams" - will be available to stream on-demand. ...

Next Tuesday, November 19th Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour will be released simultaneously on CD, DVD and Blu-ray and is currently available for pre-order (DVD, Blu-ray, CD).

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#26 - Posted 11/13/13 @9:51PM by PiDuBra [contact]

Do you all not see how close these numbers are from toppling the Beatles?
Do you think the Landing Saints, when beating the DALLAS cowbows SOUNDLY in the SuperUberMegaDome stopped thinking big when they were only one first down from breaking an NFL record?


America's Team.

Who DAT!

Of course all we have to do is have a remaining Beatles reuinion and all bets are off, including the lights in the Dome, the Rolling Stones record for indoor attendance, blah blah etc ctera spectacular.

Next upon the stool we'e a sight to make you droll...

Keep it cool keep it cool.
#25 - Posted 11/13/13 @8:35AM by marty from clayton [contact]

Frankly, I think Geddy sounds much BETTER on these clips. He sings the Temples of Syrinx the best ever, and way better than on ATWAS.
Go back and listen to the Hammersmith Disc on Different Stages (it's almost embarrassing), and then listen to S&A live or CA Live. He's WAY better now than then.
I don't know what some of you are talking about, but his mature voice is head and shoulders above his 70's whine.
#24 - Posted 11/12/13 @11:46PM by Rushhead [contact]

After listening to the 30 second sound clips I must say they sound REALLY good even though they are low quality Im loving the seperation and definition.

I see alot of people on here saying how much they hate Geds signing and that it is really bad blah,blah blah.. Here is the deal.. Geddy is putting emotion and musicality into his signing by singing the words with passion and feeling. He is signing with a more opera style approach to make the songs sound more grandiose and fatter. He is opening up his throat and singing from his abdomen which allows a bigger and more rich sound which doesnt sound restricted and pinched off like he has in the past. Brass players uses this same technique to produce a more open sound rather than restricting the airway which would produce a "pinched off" or "restricted" wimpy sound. Ged is singing out big in these songs letting his voice soar which every once in a little while does effect the pitch, but produces a full tone quality. For example when he sings the opening line of Force Ten and extends the Times in the beginning, he is trying to make it sound big and fat witch the vibrato and you can really hear him opening up his airway. Would you rather hear that or a wimpy high pitched voice yelling it?

I love his approach to singing these days and I dont think he is losing it one bit. They keep getting better with age and the overall quality they produce now is just amazing!

Cant wait to crank out the Bluray on Tuesday RRRUUUUSSSSHHHHHH!!!!
#23 - Posted 11/12/13 @7:47PM by Geddimus Prime

Fully agree with #20 and #21 -
Geddy is not getting enough critical feedback from his band mates regarding toning down/mitigating this atrocious belly-centric vocal style he has chosen to go with for whatever reason. He needs to bring more of his throat back into the mix. It's as simple as that. Geddy's unique, raspy, throaty vocals were integral to the whole formula. I suspect it is no longer physically possible and this is now what we are stuck with but come on. He can't put a little throat back into this situation? Whatever.
He is simply butchering the songs now.
#22 - Posted 11/12/13 @6:26PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

#4 I think you mean me haha :)

You guys are really rough critics. Geddy sounds great in the Garden. There are some places that sound bad, but it seems like he's going high for no reason in places. Maybe he's just excite on stage like he was at the RORHOF.

It could just be the lack of formal training.

I don't mind if they fix a few botches, but nothing even close to the ballpark of ESL or the Kiss Alive albums! Those sound straight studio. As does ASOH.

I like their live sound and they're holding up great!

#21 - Posted 11/12/13 @5:45PM by John E. [contact]

I think we all need to accept that Geddy just can't sing anymore. They are all great musicians but the vocals are pretty darn atrocious - live or not. It's funny, my wife can't stand Geddy's singing from the earlier days and that's the stuff I really like. When I say earlier days, I mean up to Signals.

Grace Under Pressure was a huge departure in terms of pitch for Geddy. He even seemed to lose some of his Canadian accent. I'd be thrilled with instrumentals from here on out. That's what does it for me. They lyrics are pretty irrelevant to me and the singing takes away from the songs. Harsh, I know but that's how I feel.

I love this band's music but it has devolved for quite a while. Still better than most stuff out there.
#20 - Posted 11/12/13 @5:44PM by Sean

Vocals are rouuuugh. Music sounds tight with the exception of Spirit of Radio where Alex sounds like a mess. Why couldn't they clean that up in the studio ala Exit Stage Left? Hoping the BluRay is fantastic because I just can't handle the audio of Geddy struggling any longer.
#19 - Posted 11/12/13 @3:46PM by Marathon Man [contact]

The clips sound good. I went to 7 shows on this tour. One of the best tours I have ever seen!
#18 - Posted 11/12/13 @1:14PM by Alexfan [contact]

I loved the shows. I think that Rush is a first-class band, and that they are as professional as it gets when it comes to delivering a truly amazing performance. They don't get high or drunk before a performance - ever - and they take all neccessary steps to rehearse, prepare, and deliver to the best of their abilities, every single show.

All that being said however, there are times when Geddy does struggle with some of the singing. To deny that this is true would just be pure denial. You can see it on his face if you can't hear it with your ears. The newer material he nails of course, but some of the older stuff, well, he set himself up for this years ago. He does everything he can to protect that voice while touring, but he's no spring chicken anymore, and he has been doing this for 40 years...

I would still rather see Rush than any other band, hands down. And, I would rather see Geddy struggle with some of the singing, than have another singer step in (can you only imagine that scenario).

I saw a live performance from Elton John on TV not too long ago, and I don't know if it was a one-off, or if it is his new norm - but THAT was cringeworthy. He is/was a singer, and has always been his voice that carried his songs. That being gone - time to hang it up IMO.

Geddy is not just a singer, he is a bass player (arguably the greatest in his profession), a keyboard player, a songwriter, and the frontman of the greatest rock trio of all time.

I just want to go on record as saying (in the wild event that Geddy might hear this kind of feedback from RIAB) that Gedddy, if you can hear me, keep doing it man, don't stop.
#17 - Posted 11/12/13 @1:10PM by joesaracer [contact]

There are some previews over at the Barnes and Noble website. Nothing high quality, but listenable. Ged's voice sounded fine through most of the material. Force Ten was a little rough, but hey, he's 60 and still sounds great!

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