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Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour updates
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UPDATE - 5/4@12:27PM: Although it's not officially listed anywhere yet, it looks like the Cleveland show will be going on sale next week. Reader Dean S contacted the venue and was told that general tickets sales will begin on Saturday, May 12th.

UPDATE - 5/4@12:01PM: General ticket sales for Bristow, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Bridgeport are now underway - Dallas gets underway in 1 hour. VIP pre-sales for San Jose and San Antonio are now also sold out.

The second round of pre-sales for Rush's 2012 Clockwork Angels tour are beginning to wind down, with general ticket sales kicking off tomorrow. This second round included 12 dates: Bristow, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Bridgeport, Atlanta, San Jose, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. Music Today fan pre-sales for all 12 of these dates closed yesterday at 5PM. As of this post VIP pre-sales for Bristow, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Dallas and Houston have sold out, but are still open for the other 7 dates (VIP packages for Detroit, Boston and Brooklyn from the first round are also still available). Various Live Nation, radio and venue pre-sales are still ongoing for most of the dates through this afternoon, with the Live Nation ones using a password of drumline. For more information including passwords (where available), just check out the tour page, and for more details on how all the pre-sales work check out my ticket sales and pre-sales guide. General ticket sales for Bristow, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Bridgeport, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Dallas begin tomorrow at 10AM (local venue time) with San Antonio and Houston going on sale Saturday at 10AM, and Atlanta and Phoenix on Monday at 10AM.

Looking ahead to next week, we should have pre-sales for at least
Indianapolis, Charlotte, Columbus, Tampa and Seattle. Not all of these are currently listed at Ticketmaster as going on sale next week, but the Citi Private Pass site is listing them all as going on CITI pre-sale next Tuesday, May 8th - which means all the other pre-sales will also occur the same week. And although they haven't been officially announced yet, we can be fairly confident that both the Music Today and VIP pre-sales for these dates will kick-off next Monday at 12PM. Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland does not use Ticketmaster or Citi Private Pass so it's still not clear when tickets for that show will go on sale, but it's very possible it'll also be next week. And there are still no details regarding any of the 5 Canadian dates, although I suspect that they will also be going on sale next week. I'll be updating the tour page with all of this information as the official word rolls in. Please note that delivery of the newsletter seems to be having some issues as I've received several reports of folks receiving the newsletter late or not at all. So don't be completely reliant on the newsletter; be sure to check the various ticketing sites regularly, and I'll have info posted here as well as soon as it comes in. Also note that Showlist DC is running a contest where you could win a pair of tickets to Rush's September 9th show in Bristow. The contest runs through 5PM this afternoon and you can enter at this link.

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#30 - Posted 5/4/12 @12:35PM by marty from clayton [contact]

#28 - victory - I had great luck on the TM tour with pre-sale (4th row in St. Paul), but a lot of frustration and only decent seats this time around (lower level, row S).

I have NO problem with people who are excited sharing their ticket successes.

If we can't be happy for each other even if we ourselves weren't as successful!
#29 - Posted 5/4/12 @11:28AM by Ronjul21121 [contact]

Really luck cause most presales do NOT have good seats like everyone thinks
They get 15 rows and back on the floor which sucks cause there are alot of people in front to look over
Best way today is pay a little more and get the real ticket you want
The system is not like it used to be waiting in line and getting a good shot at seats when they go on sale
I got front row twice back 20 years in Montreal
Its all about who pays more to get the good seats
Good luck

RUSH rules !!!!!!
#28 - Posted 5/4/12 @11:28AM by onelittlevictory [contact]

#26 I'll say something, the whole ticket buying process stinks! Even worse is when people feel the need to get on here and post about their great seats when others are obviously distressed about their own lack of luck!

Worse still, when people get tickets with the intention to sell them on Ebay at inflated prices! People on this very blog did it all the time last tour (listening #12)! Why buy tickets only to upgrade later with the money earned gouging fans on Ebay!

Even ticketcrapper is scalping tickets. The whole thing is terrible!
#27 - Posted 5/4/12 @11:11AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Wow #26, that is killer. Did you get those tix at the regular sales time? I am so torn on what to do monday, go to the initial presale (roll the bones), wait for the citi sale and (roll the bones) or just wait till the regular sale. Seems like it can go in so many different directions. Luck of the draw I guess.
#26 - Posted 5/4/12 @11:00AM by Ronjul21121 [contact]

Orchestra 2 Row A center babe!!!!!!
Lucked out and got 2 tickets Bristow
WOW in total shock right now

Going to Houston 5th row center

No South Florida dates. This time

Almost sure there will be 2nd leg next year based on cities this leg

Presales sucked this week no good tickets for fans at regular price. Come on somebody has to say something here

Cant wait for album and tour

Will be 30th time seeing RUSH !!!!
#25 - Posted 5/4/12 @10:17AM by zkzt

wow, the VIP sale really cleaned out the Orchestra seating! I don't think I was able to pull up a single seat in the first 15 rows this morning. And I only got one chance to get a single 'nosebleed' seat (is there such a thing) in the Orchestra. Good thing I snapped it up.
#24 - Posted 5/4/12 @10:09AM by seth2112 [contact]

floor 1 row b

one down three to go
need to nail my columbus cleveland and detroit seats next~!
#23 - Posted 5/4/12 @9:35AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#19 - you may want to check out the Power Windows Website - Eric has a lot of old articles in there. I dont remember Alex saying that either, but I did find one article where he stated Signals was concentrated on Syncs.

Also, while you're there, check the Rush Comic. I have 2 copies of it. I often wondered if a newer version came out - I guess not. Still hoping though.
#22 - Posted 5/4/12 @8:59AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

marty has a great point

IF signals or clockwork angels or ANYTHING was to be played in full. something would have been said, ie. when the promotions for the Time Machine Tour went out, we had already known that MP was going to played in it's entirety. the only thing we didn't know was how they were going to do it, and the rest of the songs on the tour.

so, it looks like we get rush of all ages this time round!
PLEASE Dirk Lerxst, Pratt bring back Roll the Bones!
PLEASE Dirk Lerxst, Pratt bring forth Cut To The Chase!

"HELLLLLLLLLLLO Cleveland!, i can you see now, how ya doing Cleveland!?"
^ just heeard that from time machine CD, love listening to the show.
#21 - Posted 5/4/12 @8:25AM by marty from clayton [contact]

If they were going to be playing Signals in its entirety, it would have been all over the promotions BEFORE tickets went on sale.

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