Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rush Headlong Flight single now available for download via iTunes, Amazon
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UPDATE - 4/25@3:47PM: Headlong Flight is up on SoundCloud too!

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Headlong Flight on iTunesHeadlong FlightUPDATE - 4/25@11:20AM: Headlong Flight debuted on the Medibase Rock Chart at #25 and is working its way upward where it is currently sitting at #17. It's also sitting at #91 on the iTunes charts, and is the #1 downloaded rock song on Amazon.

UPDATE - 4/24@12:40PM: Headlong Flight on Spotify.

The Headlong Flight single was officially released to radio last Thursday and has been starting to get some steady rotation on rock radio stations everywhere. A day before that had posted the full 7:20-minute version of the song for streaming online. That full version of Headlong Flight is now also available as a download purchase in the US. You can purchase it either on Amazon at this link, or on iTunes at this link. It's also now available in Canada, the UK and other parts of Europe as well. Last week posted the official video for Headlong Flight to YouTube. It's titled as the Official Lyric Video and has a number of visuals that display the lyrics to the song interspersed with old performance video of Rush along with some other steampunk visuals. Here it is:

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#218 - Posted 5/4/12 @1:48PM by smcgov34 [contact]

I have a 1973 Sansui rig that I have had completely recapped with some large Infinity 8 Kappa speakers, it's jaw dropping, I have some older turntables, I have a yamaha px2 which I will put up against any 2K unit, then went and found some really super clean examples of old Rush records and they'll blow your mind. I would highy recommend going vintage if you know a good electronics tech and can get your stuff updated cheaply. I agree 100% on the compression, just a listen to the remastered Earthshine was more than enough to convince me, that entire album was a huge mistake. But they have to compete on radio, I think they should release a radio version and then have another version for home listening.
#217 - Posted 4/29/12 @1:56PM by palidrummer11 [contact]


I totally agree bro! I don't think are any (almost) 60-year olds out there that can do anything close to what the holy trinity lol is doing

Another thing i realized that's a little unrelated is just how deep their catalog is. I know it's always been pretty obvious that they have a ton of songs (this will be their 20th studio album.. its amazing when you think about that), but most of my other "favorite" bands (at this point, Rush isn't even my favorite band, it's just on a whole different level, since it's a huge part of my life.. I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about) only have like 4 or 5 songs that I like.. before I got into Rush, I would have looked at those bands and said "Oh yeah, I LOVE _______!" There would have only been a handful of songs that I really loved, which is fine, but now that I think about it, there's that same amount of songs in one Rush album that I love even more than a handful of songs in another band's entire catalog.. Moving Pictures is the obvious example, but if you look at Power Windows for example (my second favorite album, next to MP... and soon to be my third favorite once CA comes out!), there are 8 songs, and 7 of them (not a HUGE fan of Mystic Rhythms) would usually be enough to make me say "Oh yeah I love that band"... Signals, which isn't even in my top 5 favorite albums (still an AMAZING album, though), has 6 songs on it that are way better than most songs I've heard by other bands

I know we've all said that even Rush's less popular stuff is still way better than another band's best stuff, but I really sat down and thought about it, and it's just amazing how true that is... on top of that, Rush has about 5 times more albums than most other bands.. it's just really unbelievable

It's not like I'm just discovering this, but I never REALLY thought about it... and the fact that I'm 16 years old, and these guys are still such a huge part of my life- the other 'generation' of Rush fans- is amazing

I'm really glad I have you guys to talk about Rush and geek out with.. I talked about them too much at home and now my family won't even listen to me when I talk about Rush lol.. they love me, of course, but I went overboard with Rush lol
#216 - Posted 4/29/12 @12:18AM by Bleeder [contact]

Well shit. I really wasn't all that happy with the new song, but, as usual (been a fan (huge, major, addicted fan) sense 1978) I played it for a few times (maybe 20 or so) and then didn't hear it again for a few days (maybe a week).

Then I listened again... maybe a couple or three or ten times.

This song is really good compared to the other 100's of original Rush songs. I really don't understand (being a musician myself and writing songs and getting older) how these guys can do it. They are playing as well, no, better than they have sense the 70's. They are in their late 50's! I just don't get it.

I guess it just shows how great these guys are at their profession. It's just amazing what Alex, Geddy and Neil are doing given that 99% of other bands their age are just sitting on the couch now.

Older bands are still producing music but really, listen to Headlong Flight and honestly state that anyone of these bands can out play these guys, write music like these guys or out "kick-ass" like these guys. Maybe my Rush-fan-boyism is kicking in but really, something, or someone, has has kicked them in the ass and got then playing and writing music like the good old days.


Can't wait to see them live this fall!

Sweet bejezus I'm happy right now! LOL
#215 - Posted 4/28/12 @4:46PM by CraigJ [contact]

@211 - Thanks - I'll look into that. I've had good luck with Denon stuff in the past. I really do miss my old Denon analog amplifier. It "only" had 60 wats per channel, but it had 6db of headroom - clean 240 watt peaks of sonic goodness...
#214 - Posted 4/28/12 @4:33PM by Chris42wilts [contact]

Perhaps they could just have a nod towards those of us who are not into heavy metal or grunge or the Foo Fighters etc. Those of who grew up with the band as progressive rock band that played music that was actually melodic,listenable and was allowed to breathe.
#213 - Posted 4/28/12 @4:19PM by Tintin [contact]

And add my voice to the growing chorus of folks who are not very happy about the presence of dynamic compression on recent Rush recordings. If Clockwork Angels could be remixed or remastered to eliminate the compression, I'd be willing to wait another year for it. I know this won't happen, but if Richard or Nick are listening, please take note. I don't think Rush wants its legacy to be tainted by squashed mixes.
#212 - Posted 4/28/12 @4:13PM by Tintin [contact]

You won't regret purchasing a decent turntable and listening to your old Rush on vinyl. I'd forgotten how good it sounded until I reactivated my turntable a couple of years ago.

Did anyone around here listen to S&A on vinyl? Did it sound any better or different from the CD?
#211 - Posted 4/28/12 @4:11PM by Tintin [contact]

209 -- I suggest this one:

#210 - Posted 4/27/12 @4:44PM by Homey M Holmes

Check on Amazon...there are good cheap new ones...
#209 - Posted 4/27/12 @3:50PM by CraigJ [contact]

So, can anyone suggest a modern turntable that is affordable? I have a crapload of vinyl and I'd love to be able to listen to my bootleg pressings from the 80s (I have a killer live in ST Louis from the Permanent Waves tour), and possibly get some of the newer stuff on vinyl. I've been very much out of being interested in music for the last few years for various reasons, but lately it's something I've been finding that I want to get back into now that I have some time to enjoy it.

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