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Rush's Clockwork Angels album/tour most-anticipated of 2012
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Clockwork AngelsAccording to Darryl Sterdan of Canada's Sun Media, Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels album and tour are among the most-anticipated of 2012. A couple of days ago he revealed his list of the 12 most-anticipated albums of 2012 and Rush was #8:

#8 - Rush, Clockwork Angels: Tick tock, dudes. Way back in the summer of 2010, the long-running Canadian power trio teased us with two tracks -- Caravan and BU2B -- from this 19th studio album. Word is they'll finally unveil the rest this June.

I'm guessing more like April/May since recording has already wrapped up, but we'll see soon enough. And Rush's upcoming tour in support of the album also made his top 12 most-anticipated tours of 2012:

#12 - Rush: Yes, their new album Clockwork Angels should be ready. But if the Toronto prog trio's 2011 Time Machine: Moving Pictures tour wasn't a precursor to a 2112 trek in 2012, then I'm high priest of the temple of Syrinx -- and these guys aren't nearly as sharp as I've always thought.

He might be right about them playing 2112 in its entirety. Geddy didn't rule out the possibility in this recent Billboard interview:

... We really enjoyed that whole experience. We played for three hours -- you can tuck a 45-minute album in there and still play lots of new things and lots of other things. If we were really out of our minds, we would attempt something like [1978's] "Hemispheres." If Rush has a cult following, within that cult following there's a following for "Hemispheres" [laughs]. I'm not sure we're up for that one, but I could see us doing "2112." ...

Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.

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#26 - Posted 1/5/12 @7:12PM by skl183

Again with the 2112 rumors. Maybe it happens this year I dunno. Then again maybe they'll play the Winter Olympics in February 2012. It can totally happen!!1!!111
#25 - Posted 1/5/12 @1:52PM by dinoman [contact]

More from Presto. That's what I'd like to see (hear). Chain Lightening, Scars, Anagram, Red Tide, and esp. Available Light....any or all of those would be AWESOME!

As for 2112, I think it would be cool for them to do the whole suite. Maybe done up with some good stage theatrics/video. Something really over the top. I've actually never heard the whole thing live, just the abbreviated versions. And as for "they just played it in 97". That was 15 years ago!!! I don't think it would be outrageous for them to do it again! (besides, I missed that tour!)
#24 - Posted 1/5/12 @9:53AM by solar federale

...and Best I Can!
#23 - Posted 1/5/12 @8:41AM by solar federale

I would love to see them play any of the following: Before/After, Chemistry, I Think I'm Going Bald, Anthem, Afterimage, Lessons, Grand Designs.
#22 - Posted 1/4/12 @6:06PM by mark one [contact]

they will always play t. s . every tour. i wish they would give it a break. thats just the way it pun intented
#21 - Posted 1/4/12 @3:42PM by cvachon84 [contact]

I would want them to play any of the Following Great DEEP CUTS:

COUNTDOWN,Jacob's Ladder, A Farewell to Kings, Something for Nothing,The Necromancer,Kid Gloves,Red Lenses,The Weapon,The Analog Kid,Turn the Page, Open Secrets, Tai Shan,and Territories. Bring Back Digital Man and make it stay permantely in every tour from here on out until they retire. However with this list of songs I am dreaming right.
#20 - Posted 1/4/12 @3:22PM by tonyt2000 [contact]

I saw Rush for the first time on the Time Machine Tour and thoroughly enjoyed the airing of Moving Pictures and thought they did it exceedingly well. That said, if they were going to do something similar again, I'd love to hear something like "Hemispheres" if they were up for it. Hell, hearing the first side would make me perfectly happy. I'd LOVE to hear "Permanent Waves" or even "Signals" in their entirety, honestly, and just stick to side one of "2112" or "Hemispheres". Don't want to wear the boys out, now, do we?
#19 - Posted 1/4/12 @1:03PM by MMCXII

Thought they dropped roll the bones because "we" were tired of it? 2112 lp in its entiret please?
#18 - Posted 1/4/12 @10:16AM by cygnus_72 [contact]

#8, you're absolutely correct. 2112 is definitely near the top of my list, but like I said before, I think it's about time to put some old staples on the shelf for a tour or two in lieu of some older/different material. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a fan who wasn't completely surprised when they heard Entre Nous or Digital Man. I know I was.

And if people are true fans, then they're going to stick with Rush no matter which song they play, no matter when they were born. Personally, I think they should bring out the following three songs now that I've heard the Camera Eye live:

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
A Farewell to Kings
Jacob's Ladder

Look at the Snakes and Arrows tour. That setlist was fantastic because they brought out some old songs that they hadn't played in a while.

Anyway, if I got to hear those three songs live and in person then I can die happy. Hemispheres would be a great way to end the first set. Anthem would be a great bonus, but I don't think they'll play any of these songs.

*wipes away tears*
#17 - Posted 1/4/12 @9:49AM by solar federale

Every tour since Vapor Trails has been documented on DVD. Fans who want to see the "hits" live or haven't seen Rush live can always go back to them.

Since the CA tour will most likely be on DVD as well, I think it's time to drop some of the standards and bring out the deep tracks.

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