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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Rush producer Nick Raskulinecz talks Clockwork Angels track-by-track in new interview

Mon, Jun 11, 2012@11:05AM | comments removed/disabled has posted a new interview with Rush producer Nick Raskulinecz where he breaks down the Clockwork Angels album track-by-track from the producer point-of view. From the article:

"Part of my responsibility as a producer - the biggest part of my job, really - is to be there for the artist and to help them see their vision through," ... "This album was Rush's vision," says Raskulinecz. "It wasn't mine. I was there to make sure it was played as brilliantly as they could play it, sung as high as Geddy Lee could sing it, and have the guitar solos bring me to tears. "I feel like we achieved all of those elements. There's so much emotion that we captured, just total from-the-gut expression. Three dudes making music - that's Rush!" ...

Raskulinecz then goes on to give his unique perspective on all 12 tracks from the album, including these comments on The Anarchist:

"One of my favorites, but I could say that about all the songs. To me, it's all about the riff, and this riff takes me back to the old days. That was one of the cool things about working on this record, helping Rush to know that it was OK to be like this. 'You guys can do this. You guys did it a long time ago, you can do it again. You own it!' "There's a lot of interplay happening between everybody. There was a demo, but we added a keyboard and the high strings - it morphed. Vocally, it was about getting Geddy up in that high register where he belongs. His energy level is pretty cool here. "I've said this for years: Alex Lifeson is the chameleon of rock guitar. He's got so much feeling. He brings me to tears when he plays; in fact, he's in tears while he's playing it! Some of his solos were from the demos, some he played in the studio a few times, and there were a few that he tracked multiple times. In every case, he had pure emotion."

You can read the entire interview/article at this link. Thanks to isaac for the heads up.

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