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Sun, Jul 3, 2022

Neil Peart's Far and Away: A Prize Every Time released

Fri, Apr 1, 2011@3:56PM | comments removed/disabled

Neil Peart's 5th full-length book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time began shipping today. The original release date had been given as May 1st but the Rush Backstage Club, Amazon and other retailers have already begun shipping it. Neil spoke at length about the book in the most recent update at

... I have long wanted the stories I write for this department to be “dignified” and made permanent by appearing in print, and at last I made it happen. ... I needed a title and subtitle, which would help direct the design of a cover, which I would develop with Hugh Syme, as usual. ... All in all, it was a solid two months of work, but I was delighted to see it truly coming together—a collection of stories that had been written and published independently now took on a unity, a single narrative span, that covered almost four years of my life. At first I had been daunted by having to write the “Intro” and “Outro,” but they proved to be the keystones in framing the twenty-two individual stories, to make it feel like one. ...

He gives some background on the cover photograph in this passage:

... The cover photograph I chose was taken by our Master of All Things Creative, Greg Russell, while he and I were riding together in Central California in 2008, on the Snakes and Arrows tour. The setting is the Westgard Pass, between Nevada and California, and at the time of using the photograph in a story called “South by Southwest,” I remarked that it was the kind of spacious photo you didn’t often see in motorcycling magazines. (They tend to focus on the hardware.) However, this panorama certainly captured an element of what I love about motorcycling, and nicely exemplified the title, and the subtitle. ...

Back in early February the Rush Backstage Club began taking orders for a limited edition hardcover edition of the book priced at $74.99 and immediately sold out all 500 copies within just 1 day. According to the official sellsheet (PDF 180KB) the regular hardcover edition is 8x10", 260 pages, with 4-color throughout and 150 photos. You can purchase your copy at this link.

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