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Posted on Friday, November 15, 2013 at 12:45PM

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#63 - Posted 11/18/13 @11:47AM by lisah [contact]

It's go time tonight!! Got my Rush tee already,just have to shine my Presto Bunny Hop shoes and I'll be ready for the red carpet world premiere! Rush On!!
#62 - Posted 11/18/13 @11:42AM by lisah [contact]

Sn&A, yes!! It's about time somebody mentioned that one. I love it. Spindrift, TMMB, TWTWB,Armor & Sword. Not to mention we get to meet Harry Satchel! One of my favorite ones to listen to and watch. The writing on that was great,both lyrically and musically. I like the wide variations from track to track. Glad I'm not the only one who likes Spindrift! Rush On !!
#61 - Posted 11/18/13 @11:10AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Thank you all for the nice posts. I love Snakes as well including Spindrift and The Way the Wind Blows, does not blow by any stretch of the imagination.
#60 - Posted 11/18/13 @10:54AM by simon r

Pleased to see Alex was over in UK but annoyed the record management didnt arrange a dvd viewing and Q&A like they did in 2010 when Geddy came over. These things are planned surely so Classic Rock nomination would have been at least a months notice so why didnt anyone think DVD due to be released lets find a cinema in London and do Q&A with Alex!! It worked so well with Geddy in Nov 2010 just a shame a rare visit by Alex and we dont get the chance to see him or dvd on big screen.Looking forward to dvd anyway
#59 - Posted 11/18/13 @10:21AM by kjbird [contact]

Who-hooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Will be lovin me some Movie-ng Pictures tonight :-) :-) Can't wait to live it all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#58 - Posted 11/18/13 @9:48AM by CraigJ [contact]

Spindrift is my favorite song from the 2000's. It seems to be polarizing, not sure why - it has all the elements that make it a great Rush song. I typically hear comments like "that's when I'll use the bathroom."
#57 - Posted 11/18/13 @7:53AM by Light of Deneb

I am so torn. Should I get the DVD tomorrow or wait to receive it as a Christmas gift ? It will be a perfect a gift. But, why wait over 36 days for it ? I guess I'll put the two videos available on Radio.com in a loop and play it until the pixels are galvanized in my brain :) Hell, someone will have the entire concert on their You Tube channel in a few days. I'll bet the house that someone will do that under the radar so we can view the concert for free before it's taken off by big brother. That does it! I'll wait out the 36 days.... Sorry about the stream of conscious writing here. Might not be an ideal forum for this type of writing but we are all friends and avid Rush fans. So you guys will give me a pass this time :)
#56 - Posted 11/18/13 @6:04AM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

Spindrift is pretty epic. TWTB is amazing.
#55 - Posted 11/18/13 @3:55AM by eshine [contact]

Totally, 100 percent agree, jiminseattle - Clockwork Angels, The Anarchist, Carnies = an incredible trio of songs.

The title track is simply Rush at their proggy finest. Multifaceted with beautiful, lush melodies one moment that give way to an all out jam the next. Quintessential Rush through and through. Just perfectly executed.

The Anarchist is simply brilliant. I agree, it's not only an incredible Rush tune - but one of the best rock songs ever recorded. I will never forget hearing it for the first time, when Ged's bassline kicks in - It's one of those seminal Rush moments where I was covered head to toe in goose bumps, knowing that I was hearing yet another Rush masterwork.

And Carnies - seemed straightforward enough, a solid Rush jam - until the chorus just sends it soaring. A perfect marriage of lyrics and melody - one of Ged's finest moments.

I'm still blown away by just how good Clockwork Angels is - can't wait to get my hands on that Blue Ray :)
#54 - Posted 11/18/13 @1:37AM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Musicofthespheres, YES!! Finally someone else who loves Spindrift! Haha. I really like TMMB, but spindrift and The Way the Wind Blows are just awesome. That's definitely a great trio of songs. But yeah, CA, The Anarchist, and Carnies in a row is unbelievable. Can't wait to see it in theaters tomorrow!
#53 - Posted 11/17/13 @11:47PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

hey jiminseattle -- going back a few threads to where you posted:

"CA followed by The Anarchist (one of my five favorite tunes of all time by any band) followed by The Carnies is just like a punch in the face. Those three tunes kick ass and the rest of the CD does not leave me wanting anything."

I know you've mentioned that many times B4 too, and just wanted to say that I AGREE 100%. I feel the same way about S&A and the trio of Spindrift, TMMB, and TWTWB. Though I'm probably in the great minority on that S&A trio (I do not get the hate for Spindrfit...).

But those 6 songs, and I'm good.
#52 - Posted 11/17/13 @11:01PM by fordman [contact]

In case anyone missed it, Best Buy is offering another t-shirt combo package with the dvd and blu-ray. I haven't see a good close-up picture of the shirt but it appears to be just a white shirt with the Pink Rush logo. Only one size (XL of course) and adds around $5 to the price of both the dvd and blu-ray.
#51 - Posted 11/17/13 @8:48PM by CraigJ [contact]

It is what it is...
#50 - Posted 11/17/13 @7:53PM by jiminseattle [contact]

50. I got nothin.
#49 - Posted 11/17/13 @6:25PM by CraigJ [contact]


Where's My Thing? /Here It Is! makes me very happy to listen to. The neighbors probably don't appreciate it very much though...
#48 - Posted 11/17/13 @5:58PM by Denny Crane [contact]


#48 - Well, from what we've seen so far there is a very good chance your requested shot of Alex won't even be on the video. There is a good possibility that your requested "special moment" will probably be a long panning view from the 30th row instead of Alex's insane guitar work.

Here's an idea... each musicians could have a video camera filming just them for the entire show... the consumer can then select which band member they wish to view. It could be an option in the menu.
#47 - Posted 11/17/13 @5:48PM by CraigJ [contact]

I just wanna see Alex's face when he's scrubbing out Force Ten.
#46 - Posted 11/17/13 @3:40PM by rush21122 [contact]

one other for sure is that THis is totally live for sure. no over dubs no tinkering in the studio and patching certain vocals parts up,, its AS IS... for sure.. and defiantly time machine was as well..
#45 - Posted 11/17/13 @3:07PM by Denny Crane [contact]

I am almost positive that Geddy's brother, Alan, handles this video production stuff for the band. If so, you'd think he would know what camera shot should be used for certain parts of songs, solos, musical highlights, etc...
#44 - Posted 11/17/13 @2:46PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

It's not the shooting that's the issue, it's the editing.

They obviously have plenty of cameras as shown by the plethora of angles. So it's not that they didn't get the right shot at the right time, it's that someone in the editing bay said "This is exciting rock music, so we need to have exciting zooms and pans and cuts every .72 seconds!"

They've got the shots, they just need to let the footage speak for itself and stop trying to amp it up so much in the edit suite.
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