Rush Clockwork Angels Live tour DVD to release in May

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 10:00AM

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#17 - Posted 1/14/13 @7:41PM by kjbird [contact]

steve k - totally agree with you. I do LOVE this tours setlist. I like that they play what they want to play; i'm just grateful, when i'm able to, to catch them live to enjoy whatever songs they feel like bringing back. I would have liked to have seen some other deeper cuts such as Prime Mover and (of course) Jacobs Ladder as well to replace some they have already played on recent tours. BU2B would have been cool to see included on the DVD coming out, although i know they played it on TMT (and it was AWESOME live) which is why i was surprised to not see it played again. But to have CA in its entirety would have been EPIC!!
#16 - Posted 1/14/13 @5:49PM by steve k

I'll go to the grave in defending my earlier statement that this has been the absolute bravest set-list they have ever done. May not be my favorite set-list, but certainly their bravest. I love they can get away what they are doing. They are breaking the rules simply by doing what they feel like doing and not reverting to the standard "greatest hits" sets.
#15 - Posted 1/13/13 @11:22AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Here's a thought for another covers album for the 2014 40th anniversary (with the new guy) tour: Rush's favorite (non-Rush) "progressive rock" epics. Can you imagine songs like: "Yours Is No Disgrace," "Awaken," "Close To The Edge," "Roundabout," "The Musical Box," "Lucky Man," "Thick As A Brick," "Nights In White Satin," "Fool's Overture," "Crime Of The Century," "Echoes," "Free Hand," "Wreck" and "A Whiter Shade Of Pale," etc. being reinterpreted by Rush?
#14 - Posted 1/12/13 @8:55AM by Rob [contact]

#13 My guess is they had to trim things to keep the show under three hours.

I would also guess The Camera eye and Limelight got nixed for the same reason.

They did after all play it on the TMT tour.
#13 - Posted 1/11/13 @6:32PM by lcboman

I assume they filmed two shows so that all songs from both set lists on the tour will be on the dvd. That way CA will have continuity as well. I really wish they would play BU2B on one of the upcoming shows at some point, so we can see CA in it's entirety. I still don't understand why they did not play BU2B????It's important to the story and it rocked live during the TM tour!! I was really hoping to have a dvd of live CA beginning to end. Expecting the DVD after the next leg of the tour ends.
#12 - Posted 1/11/13 @1:43PM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

CD soundtrack as well, please!
#11 - Posted 1/11/13 @12:56PM by TMMB [contact]

From a business standpoint, you would think the DVD release would be at or near the end of the secong leg.
#10 - Posted 1/11/13 @12:51PM by jaeger [contact]

Yeah, ooooooh, yeah!
#9 - Posted 1/11/13 @12:16PM by hockeyisback [contact]

I'm a little skeptical of this release date. I think the early rumoured release date of the Time Machine dvd was Sept or Oct 2011 when in reality it wasn't released until December 2011. I'm betting on a later release date of Sept of this year after this tour is complete with some extra bonus songs added with a slightly different setlist....hope I'm wrong
#8 - Posted 1/11/13 @11:18AM by RThompson150 [contact]

I can't wait to own this live DVD. I loved this tour!
#7 - Posted 1/11/13 @11:03AM by Lerxster [contact]


#6 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:35AM by rtrushfan [contact]

Well I certainly hope that releasing the DVD/Blu-Ray of the tour in the spring/summer will allow them to release a deluxe 35th anniversary edition of 'Hemispheres' in the fall with a Rich Chycki 5.1 mix. ;)
#5 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:35AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

The DVD will be released the same week the U.K. tour will start, and just 3 days before my 57th birthday and the Rush London Concert at the O2 Arena both on May 24th.

Old Prog Rock Fan.
London England.
#4 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:25AM by cpb [contact]

...OR the setlist may change! :O
#3 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:19AM by nhlrush [contact]

It seems a bit odd that they would release the DVD before the 2013 portion of the tour is over...that means that some fans who missed the 2012 shows and were planning on seeing them in 2013 could actually see a produced DVD before their own local show...i know there is youtube videos of every song and city..i wonder if this will be updated and the release date changed.
#2 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:16AM by Red Comet [contact]

It was a great show. Hoping I'm in there somewhere!
#1 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:09AM by cpb [contact]

First! And I will be the FIRST in line to see if my wife and I made it into the video. Such a great show!
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