Rush 2013 Clockwork Angels tour rumor update

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 4:32PM

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#25 - Posted 1/20/13 @1:00AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Furthermore, the fact that is most telling is that those individuals who says things like "Rush sucks," are incapable of articulating a reasonably intelligent response, upon being asked why they hold this point of view. When asked why, their response is usually "because I say so." Therefore, their arguments are invalid. As far as I am concerned, if you are unable to defend your position, you should not say anything!
#24 - Posted 1/20/13 @12:41AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


I am really sorry to hear that you have to put up with this. Of course, it has been my experience that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who enjoy the music of Rush and/or progressive rock and idiots. I have never met an intelligent person, who upon being introduced to Rush, did not like them. Conversely, I have never met an intelligent person who has detested Rush. In fact, I have based my friendships upon this fact. If they do not enjoy the music of Rush, they will never be my true friends.
#23 - Posted 1/19/13 @4:13PM by jmreidfo [contact]

If Cinci is the closest for me then I'm there...I still think Nashville may be in the mix (?) but I'll take Cinci...

How's the viewing there and how are the 'camera NAZI's?' Anal? Loose? Just wondering...
#22 - Posted 1/15/13 @5:00PM by Field [contact]

Summerfest, awesome! Time Machine tour was a great memory I will never, ever forget. YYZ performed with fireworks going off over the Milwaukee lakefront/skyline. Cannot wait!!!
#21 - Posted 1/14/13 @11:54AM by simon r

No 11-Can recommend Molson Ampitheatre -lovely place by Lake Ontario.Even the lawns offer good views and really cheap. Toronto is lovely city anyway. I find the crowds special there to.I went there for Vapor Trails tour and fell in love with the place-been back 2004,2008,2010 for RUSH tours. Alas we dont have anywhere like that in England-all flat fields alas.
I can also recommend the Quebec D`ETE festival if they play there like 2010-its in July and they have loads of things going on for about $50 all inclusive-they have had Maiden, Santana in past-imagine seeing bands like that for $50 not per show per week!-must be bargain of current times. I should work for Canadian tourist board but dont.Done Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Quebec on various tours.
#20 - Posted 1/14/13 @11:20AM by simon r

No 6 Thats dreadful-you have my sympathies. Cant you get some friends round to jump up and down on ceiling? invite the landlord round to hear what you put up with-then suggest you pay half rent and that clown pays the other half till he stops making your life a misery. Shouldnt he be evicted for A not liking RUSH and B singing like Sea Lion Dion? Email Mr Danniels today!
#19 - Posted 1/11/13 @3:12PM by rush25x [contact]

Yeah. With all seriousness. Someone should contact Rush's tour manager and beg them not play the Etess Arena. That place was built for boxing and is a total craphole for concerts. Saw the 2008 show there and it was not a pleasant experience from a venue perspective. They would be much better off playing Revel instead. Much nicer facility designed for concerts.
#18 - Posted 1/11/13 @11:14AM by 4syrinx [contact]

Flew back for the July 4 show in Atlantic City ( Estes Arena at Trump ) for the Snakes tour. It sucked. The first 10 rows or so are nothing but comped blue hairs. They knew nothing of the band, so much so that in one of Neil's updates he notes that he and his bandmates were not into that gig at all, no energy from the band that night. The worst Rush show of my 50 or so. I kicked myself in the ass for traveling cross country for that trip.
#17 - Posted 1/11/13 @9:35AM by LovinDaRush [contact]

Was hoping for the Cruzan Ampitheater in West Palm instead of the BB&T (crappy acoustics), but if they're coming down to So. FL, what am I complaining about???
#16 - Posted 1/11/13 @8:52AM by GE Filter [contact]

Memphis. Why has this town been deprived in the past. Come on guys do the home of the blues the pleasure of rocking the river city. We will even throw in an Elvis t-shirt. After the show make your way to Atlanta for another blow out show at Verizon.
#15 - Posted 1/11/13 @7:49AM by PwrWndws

boardwalk hall in AC would be better than Etess arena. Saw Tim mcgraw back in 1999. not bad but too small only 6,000 seats last i heard. Wildwood Convention center would be EPIC !!!!!
#14 - Posted 1/11/13 @12:03AM by smiley [contact]

toronto is beautiful, RushCon always highly recommended, and Sarnia, amazing memories, Canada is such cool space, open, and peaceful
#13 - Posted 1/10/13 @11:03PM by Diego [contact]

#7, did you play at the Odyssey? I heard Tom Petty warm up while on the golf course. It was cool to hear them go through the songs while paying golf. I've never done that for Rush but I did give it some thought.

I hope they continue with the same set list and alternate songs. This was the first tour in a long time that I could not travel for at least one extra show and they wound up adding songs. That makes it so much more enjoyable, especially if you were to see them on consecutive nights although they wisely are avoiding that now. I'm not sure if Geddy is limiting the song selection to fit his vocal comfort range but I was thrilled to see the reports come in from the first nights set lists on the CA tour opening nights. I've always wanted Rush to play a lot of songs from their current album, a few classics and then some random selections.
#12 - Posted 1/10/13 @10:35PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#5 Rocman! You know it brother! Count Mrdriven and myself in on that little gathering. Nothing like the fresh smell of The Trees with a side order of CA to boot.............;)
#11 - Posted 1/10/13 @9:02PM by lisah [contact]

I would love to see Rush play in their hometown, seems like it would add one more layer of excitement to the whole experiance. I wonder if the atmosphere would be just a little more charged?
#10 - Posted 1/10/13 @7:57PM by smiley [contact]

#9 open air IS best , pineknob, bayfest, molson, just naturally i guess, when the angels come with their RUSH friends, we'll be there angels willingly, and now CA and VT and 2112 are paralleling in intensity somehow, so more CA has assumed control, angels above, guide us again))) peaces to you
#9 - Posted 1/10/13 @7:18PM by lisah [contact]

#8, Hopefully they won't try to do Cynthia Woods Pavillion in The Woodlands any later than May! It will probably be 110 degrees(in the shade). Of course that won't stop me from going, TMT 2010 was held there, the acoustics are awesome. The sound was great at toyota center , but there's something a little more special about Rush's delivery at a great venue built especially for concerts, as opposed to a arena built mainly for basketball games. Either way, this is so great. I can't wait to hear all the CA material again. I hope they keep ALL of the CA material without changing it up too much. I really liked the deeper cus in the setlist. Rush On!!
#8 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:48PM by smiley [contact]

!that's Excellent learning, angels here houston, we'd be Honored to experience you again
#7 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:44PM by holeinone53575

I saw Rush at Tinley Park a couple times. Once in the first row. I got there early and heard the sound check. They went through Between the Wheels a couple times. It was a nice summer day. I love outdoor shows.
#6 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:41PM by anotherrushfan [contact]

I regularly have my sleep ruined by the unemployed guy in the apartment below mine "singing" everything from Elvis to ACDC to Celine Dion - and always in the key of Q# and at testicle shrinking volume. Worse than that he hates Rush.

So I would like to put in my application for Rush to make his living room one of the stops for the 2013 Tour please. Gig to start just after the lazy a-hole goes to bed at 8am please and as many of my fellow Rush fans to turn up as possible...

...I am prepared to start a petition for this to happen if anyone wants to sign it.
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