Official Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour announcement and dates!

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 6:14AM

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#130 - Posted 4/24/12 @6:29PM by MMCXII

Live nation! Can I help you? Ah yes, the Rush VIP package. Yes, for 300.00 you get a ticket in the first 15 rows, a ltd edition shirt, a poster you will wrinkle on the way home and a laminate that is most definitely not a backstage pass. And on the day of the show, we will let you know which venue you will go to. What? You want to know what seat you are in? Sorry. I can only guarantee that we will get you into a show in your region. We cannot guarantee a venue choice, that would be the platinum package. Thank you for choosing Live Nation!
#129 - Posted 4/23/12 @7:20PM by daverocks2112 [contact]

No Kansas City date. I was really hoping to see them this summer for my 20th show. Haven't been to any concerts (or much of anything)since I lost my wife in April of 2011.
#128 - Posted 4/22/12 @1:17AM by palidrummer11 [contact]

From your guys' experience, how have the pre-sale (especially from Music Today) been? Did you end up getting really good seats, or just OK seats? I'm going to order from Music Today on the Monday pre-sale to get tix to the Gibson show in Los Angeles.
#127 - Posted 4/21/12 @5:24PM by Rockdoc [contact]

A silly question to add fantasy and fun to the discussion of dates...what do you think the stage setup will look like? Disco-ball blimps as a throwback to the '80s and Signals? Wagon train caravan? Dodge Caravan? Giant fire hydrant belching mist? Hot air balloon belching fire? Rube goldbergian machine with gears & levers that ends in a T-shirt cannon launching T-shirts on a headlong flight into the audience? There's a lot that could be done to spice up the visual effects since most folks are in the nosebleed seats.

Also, I wonder where fantasy set lists can be posted. I find them fascinating, as people share their own favorites while trying to contemplate what other Rush lovers might enjoy from a tour. Will post one later this weekend if the mere thought of it doesn't trigger a collective groan.

Rush on!
#126 - Posted 4/21/12 @2:10PM by benlacy2112 [contact]

So I see that a lot of people's avatars show them with either Geddy, Alex, or both. My question is, how do you guys typically come by the backstage passes? I would really really really like to get backstage for either the Indy or Columbus show. I've seen Rush a dozen times since I was 16 (1996), and I've never been able to score backstage passes. If anybody has any good info regarding this, I would love to hear it.

#125 - Posted 4/21/12 @1:21AM by What-A-Rush

A cool way to end Thanksgiving weekend. Looking forward to the PHX. show on 11-25-12. Hopefully I'll meet a lot of RIAB members. Aiming for the front row AGAIN! Great news! Thanks Ed.
#124 - Posted 4/20/12 @11:41PM by ShowgunSam [contact]

Oh, for the love of all that's holy, guys, please don't skip over Nashville AGAIN. Atlanta at the Verizon Ampitheatre on Nov. 1?? I'll be freezing my freaking ass off if I go there again. I probably be in Orlando by August so maybe I could mosey my way over to Tampa where at least it'll be warm...ish.
#123 - Posted 4/20/12 @8:25PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Ok guys I have some questions, and I would really appreciate any help!

Would you say that Music Today is the most reliable site if I want to get tickets during the pre-sale? I'm not interested in the VIP packages, but I want to make sure that on Tuesday or whenever pre-sales start, I'm going to the best place for tickets.
Also, when I am on the Music Today site, it says I have to 'register for the fan community' if I want to access ticket pre-sales. What does that mean? I can't find ANY place at all where I can sign up, unless theyre talking about the Rush newsletter on Is that what they're talking about??
This is probably my biggest question. When tickets begin to go on pre-sale, will I get an email from the Rush newsletter and/or the Music Today 'fan community' telling me that the pre-sale tickets are available to buy?
My last question is, why aren't they showing anything about Rush on the CitiCard site? Do they announce it a few days in advance, but just not yet?

Thanks guys, I really need some help with this!!!
#122 - Posted 4/20/12 @3:46PM by wackostu [contact]

Looks like Indi is out for me, and I am stuck with Chi town at the UC. Never been there (the UC, not Chicago). How is it for shows?
#121 - Posted 4/20/12 @3:06PM by TMMB [contact]


No way some ways, it's JUST the beginning!!! :)

Plus, I bet there will be a summer leg with 40+ shows in the US and possibly some in Europe and Japan.
#120 - Posted 4/20/12 @12:52PM by Andrew Sharp [contact]

33 road dates? wow! it feels like this is the end for Rush!
#119 - Posted 4/20/12 @11:29AM by scottw [contact]

Music Today has begun posting dates and ticket info.
#118 - Posted 4/20/12 @10:55AM by thrill51 [contact]

I also noticed yesterday that the Indy show had an onsale date of 5/11 and then changed to no date. Columbus had no date then changed to 5/11 today. I'm guessing the whole tour would be on sale by 5/11 if not already listed?
#117 - Posted 4/20/12 @10:51AM by thrill51 [contact]

114- I was having the same problem too and clicked it like 10 times. I then realized if you take your cursor and highlight just under the submit button, white text appears that says you registration was submitted. I'm guessing the black text for it is a programming enter. So if you hit register you are even if it seemed like nothing happened.
#116 - Posted 4/20/12 @10:27AM by patrush

#115 - To be honest, I don't even miss Gavin Harrison, Marco Minnemann's drumming is amazing. Storm Corrosion is my next big awaited listen. It should come out soon.
#115 - Posted 4/20/12 @10:17AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#106 Thanks Pat! One they didn't perform that at the Baltimore show for sure. Totally dig Marco Minnemann. Anxiously awaiting a little Storm Corrosion eh?
#114 - Posted 4/20/12 @10:11AM by zkzt

Love it when I try and sign up for the site official mailing list ath the Subscribe button it doesn't even work. Great job, Anthem web guys! Bah. Those presales are historically bad anyway. 200 section seats almost all the time. I'm guess better off buying day of sale and hoping for row P orchestra row seat.
#113 - Posted 4/20/12 @9:38AM by Cajava [contact]

#102 Thanks, good to know. I want to have as many options as possible to get some good seats.
#112 - Posted 4/20/12 @9:36AM by timintey [contact]

Ticketmaster added this for Manchester:

Live Nation / Radio Presale
Start: Wed, 04/25/12 10:00 AM EDT
End: Thu, 04/26/12 03:00 PM EDT
#111 - Posted 4/20/12 @9:13AM by RushInKC [contact]

I hope there is another leg to the North American tour. Neil could have a fantastic ride from KC to Des Moines to Omaha to Wichita to OKC to ABQ to Denver to SLC To Boise to etc. etc. etc. Please come hit the central plains and intermountain west.
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