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Geddy Lee talks Clockwork Angels Tour video, Vapor Trails Remixed in new Rolling Stone interview
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Geddy Lee recently sat down with Rolling Stone's Andy Greene for a new interview to discuss the band's upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour concert video, Vapor Trails Remixed, the band's future, and more. Here's Geddy discussing what goes into choosing which show(s) to film:

Sometimes it's a very concerted effort to choose a time and a place, as it was with Rio. We wanted to record in Brazil and we wanted that location. And when we chose Cleveland, there was a very definite reason for that because Cleveland was the first city that really embraced us. It was a full-circle thing. But this tour, we didn't make any plans originally to record it, but then after we saw that our work was paying off and we were so proud of the show, we thought, "Okay, we have to record this." We had a second leg planned in the new year, and at the time we didn't know whether we would change songs or not. The feeling was, "Life is too unpredictable. Let's not record it next year. Let's record it now because at least we know what the show is." So we quickly found a venue that was appropriate, or really a couple of venues, and that's how we did it.

Here's Geddy on the band's future plans (or lack thereof):

... our manager is talking all the time about the future and we're choosing to ignore him. There has been talk of some sort of anniversary tour that might be the next thing we do, but we definitely have not decided if or when that's going to happen. ... The plan now is to have no plans. We have had a great 10 years of tour, album, tour album. I can honestly say that the three of us enjoyed this tour more than any one we've ever done. We left on a high note, but we recognize that we need to pay attention to our families and recharge our batteries. So we decided that we're just not going to discuss anything for a little while. ...

Geddy also touches on the Vapor Trails Remixed project:

... it was hard to get people onboard. "Why are you obsessing over this one record? You have 20 records. Why the fuck do you care about this one record?" I just felt it was so pivotal that the songs required some justice. We gave it one last kick of the can, and Andy from our management suggested that David Bottrill have a go at it. I thought it was kind of strange/full circle that the guy we almost used in the first place is trying to save it. We were on tour and Neil didn't want to have too much to do with it. The album has a lot of very painful memories for him. We said, "Don't worry. We're going to let David just follow his instincts and he'll do it while we're touring." David just got the record right away and started sending us mixes. Of course, we'd have comments here or there, but generally he understood what it should sound like. So, I'm very pleased with the end result. I think he's finally brought some completion and some justice to some of those songs we'd put so much of our heart and soul into.

You can read the entire interview online at this location (thanks Geddimus Prime).

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#31 - Posted 9/25/13 @2:39PM by kjbird [contact]

#26 - thank you, sir, may i have another. Hilarious.

From the interview with Geddy - -
"I worry about my voice 24/7 when I'm on tour. It's like a pitcher and his arm. It's constantly the thing that my whole life revolves around. It's not getting sick, not getting too dry. My diet, my regime, the whole life I have on the road has always got that little bit of stress because I'm always afraid I'm going to get a cold. And it's just such a nightmare when you got a cold or an irritation and you have to do a show. It's just a fucking nightmare. So I live on constant fear of it."

I'm amazed that he and Alex still do as many meet and greets for every gig on their tour. I have not been to a M&G (yet?), but if he shakes hands, especially...OMG. I compare this to a M&G my hubby and 2 girls recently attended. They met Stan Lee at a regional Comic Con (ok, funny story, and i won't mention names...u know who u are) but i had someone ask me "Oh, is he that Spiderman guy?" to which I replied...."uh, that's like asking is Geddy Lee that Starman guy". LOL. How does one classify genius? But, back to my point. Stan Lee's "handler" was speaking to a small group of 25 people, before Stan entered this room (private room for an hour--it was an autograph session, photo op time, question & answer time - pretty cool). But one hard/fast rule: "don't shake the mans hand, don't hug him--the man is 90 years old, we don't want him catching any germs, etc. Just don't touch Mr. Lee". Like I said, i'm sure Geddy takes more precautions than we even know about to keep himself immune and healthy to all the crazy germites out there...i know germites is not a real word, but i typed it and it fit :-)
#30 - Posted 9/24/13 @9:21PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#26! Nice Buckle man!!
#29 - Posted 9/24/13 @1:55PM by CraigJ [contact]

#10, so 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything after all? Now we just need to figure out what the question is...
#28 - Posted 9/24/13 @12:51PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

rocket cow.I'm getting hungry reading these.
#27 - Posted 9/24/13 @12:36PM by lisah [contact]

#26,now that's funny! How about developing a line of Rush themed Rocket sauces? They could sell them through Rush site and Bubba's site.This could open up a new cash cow for the boys.
#26 - Posted 9/24/13 @11:34AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Just so everyone is aware, the next tour will feature an expanded line of sauces:

Soup Sauce: Must be taken before any other sauces for full effect of that sauce

Traditional Rocket Sauce: A tried and tested favorite everytime
Scud Missile Sauce: Sometimes misses the target - this was tested in Calgary ... ouu, um, Red Dear
Stealth Sauce: Silent but very satisfying - this was tested on the T4E tour when they showed up unannounced for the a "Blind Date" concert in Toronto. May cause flatulance and Vapor Trails but so worth it.
Drone Sauce: Kicks in when "We have assumed control"
Rocinante Sauce: Said to be out of this world
Steampunk Airship Sauce: A Caravan of different ingredients handpicked in The Garden by Pedlars, Anarchists, and Carnies, creating a Halo Effect.
#25 - Posted 9/24/13 @11:22AM by conky [contact]

hey #11...

rocket sauce. at point blank range it leaves a mark. just sayin' :>

pleasure leaves a fingerprint as surely as mortal pain
in memories they resonate and echo back again...
#24 - Posted 9/24/13 @11:11AM by lisah [contact]

Good info.from Geddy in that interview.I'm glad to hear they are spending this downtime with family.Music is important to them, but their families come first.I really feel that they will most definitely return to the studio for another album followed by a tour.I agree with Lance on the timing.Probably in 2015 for the album and late 2015 or 2016 for a tour.Personal story on photos,my husband took all our photos on the CA tour. He doesn't spend the whole night doing it,but takes quite a few from each show.We sat dead center 4th row in Cincinnati,the closest we've ever sat.He didn't take any pictures that night.We decided to just soak it all in and enjoy being so close to this amazing band.It was well worth it.Rush On!
#23 - Posted 9/24/13 @10:01AM by RushFanForever [contact]

In regards to a comment made by the interviewer to Geddy Lee about individuals who spend too much time viewing and capturing things through the tiny screen of a smartphone:

'It's the same thing when I'm traveling with my wife on holiday. We're enjoying some wildlife or whatever and I'm sitting there taking pictures. She's always tapping me on the shoulder going, "Ged, why don't you just sit there for a minute?" It's because you're just seeing it through the context of composing a shot as opposed to just letting it be for a moment.'

This relates to an article below from the UK Telegraph which pertains to the above.


I believe as a society in general we've become too reliant on smartphones for all things.

What's interesting is that the article was posted on Geddy's birthday without realizing it.
#22 - Posted 9/24/13 @7:23AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Just another loser, like a cat in the rain, I'm enjoying a nice breakfast with some left over spaghetti smothered in ROCKET SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. Topped with diced Gershon's. Popcorn for dessert. Yum.

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