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Yes' Chris Squire, Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez comment on Rush's Rock Hall induction in recent interviews
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Coheed and CambriaCoheed and Cambria is a modern-era progressive rock band from New York that is often compared to Rush because of their science-fiction-themed concept albums, progressive sound and frontman Claudio Sanchez's high-pitched, Geddy-esque vocal stylings. Sanchez addressed the comparisons in a recent interview with explaining that he's never been a big Rush fan but has recently come to respect the band and their place in rock history:

... Sanchez, admits that it was after all of the comparisons that he's gone back and given several of Rush's albums a critical listen, confessing he actually likes a few. "Some of those records are very important," he adds. Referring to Rush's upcoming Hall Of Fame induction, Sanchez says, "They have a thing that they do, and I think it's important for rock and roll so I think they totally deserve it." ...

Chris Squire - YesCoheed and Cambria released their latest album The Aftermath: Descension this past week. Legendary bassist Chris Squire of Yes was also recently interviewed and asked about Rush's Rock Hall induction (thanks DOUG1). Here's what he had to say to when asked whether he was upset that Rush was getting inducted before Yes:

... I can't object to that. Logistically, it's probably difficult for whoever the committee is to bring in Yes. Rush is fairly simple. It's the same three guys and always has been. They deserve to be there, no doubt about that. But there still seems to be a certain bias towards early-Seventies prog rock bands like Yes and King Crimson. ...

Rush and the Rock HallYes' upcoming tour will feature complete performances of three of their classic albums from the 1970s: 1971's The Yes Album, 1972's Close to the Edge and 1977's Going for the One. Geddy Lee has often cited Squire as one of his biggest influences as a bass player. Tickets for the upcoming April 18th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony where Rush will be inducted are now on sale. Multiple price levels are available as shown in this seating diagram but the $75 and $100 level tickets are currently sold out leaving only the higher-priced $350, $500 and $750 levels available. It's not clear whether any of the cheaper tickets will be released at a later date, but there are several available on various ticket broker sites. The ceremony will take place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 18th and Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters will be inducting the band. The other inductees are Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, and Donna Summer. Slated to appear at the induction are John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr., who will perform for King, with Mayer giving the induction speech; Don Henley, who will induct Newman; and Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson, who will perform in honor of Summer. Although not officially announced yet, Heart revealed via their Facebook page last week that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden will be doing the honors for them. So what do you think about the Foo Fighters being chosen to induct Rush into the Rock Hall? Take the poll and let us know. Reader (and author) Phil Simon has also created a Facebook group and associated event for the induction for those who plan to attend.

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#67 - Posted 3/22/13 @10:02AM by XelNaga [contact]

I remember Coheed when they were Shabootie (they played at the Woodstock Rec Center). To be honest, maybe the similarity in conceptual pieces is a Rush influence, but I do not see more beyond that.
#66 - Posted 2/13/13 @6:42PM by Liverpool 78

I've seen Yes in a number of forms over the past near 40 years, with Howe, Rabin, Anderson, Wakeman, Korochev, Downes, Horn...

I was never concerned about who was in the group. The gig was Yes and the memebrs of the band at that moment in time making Yesmusic.

A couple of past members have likened Yes to a symphony orchestra where the members come and go. I think that's acceptable.

Having said that my favourite gig was the Going For The One tour with 'the classic' line up however, the Drama Tour with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes was also good, if a short lived affair.

I really enjoyed The Ladder tour. I thought Igor Korochev reproduced Rick Wakeman's keyboard parts better than Rick Wakeman ever did. Not to decry Wick of course.

#65 - Posted 2/12/13 @9:04AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I must admit that the idea of Yes performing "The Yes Album," "Close To The Edge" and "Going For The One" back to back does sound intriguing. However, my only questions regarding this are as follows: Is Yes, really Yes, without Jon Anderson's involvement? Would you see Yes in concert without Jon Anderson, or Rick Wakeman for that matter, or would you prefer to see the "Classic Yes" version of Yes together for one last time?
#64 - Posted 2/12/13 @12:20AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

You are very welcome, random_sample. If you like "ABWH" and "An Evening Of Yes Music Plus," i think that you might like "Keys To Ascension," "Keys To Ascension 2" and "Magnification." As far as I am concerned, those are great albums. I cannot say the same thing is true about "Talk" however; in my opinion, that album is absolutely atrocious and should never have been released under the Yes label. It might be okay as a Trevor Rabin solo album, but as a Yes album, it represents the nadir of their output.
#63 - Posted 2/11/13 @10:08AM by random_sample [contact]

#53- Thanks, Enigmaticus. I only saw Yes (well, a version of yes) once in the late 80's , as I referred to. The ABWH concert at Pine Knob ,near Detroit. I would have liked to see Yes, on the 90125 or Big Generator tours, but I didn't.
I'm ambivalent ,on Coheed and Cambria. I remember when I first heard them, though (on 89X, which is a Detroit/Windsor station) they did remind me of Rush. The energy , time signature changes, and "weirdness", I guess. But apparantly, that was a coincidence, according to the guy from the band. I would have thought Rush influenced them. I've only heard a handfull of songs by them.
#62 - Posted 2/10/13 @2:02PM by lisah [contact]

Genesis is my second fave, after Rush, of course. We have most all genesis even from gabriel's era. I do have to say, IMHO, The yellow album with home by the sea & mamma, is my most fave. Seconds Out is terrific, considering it's a live one. Duke,Wind and wuthering also are must havesin my book. Genesis, Rush, Yes, three of the best bands that ever lived, not just in a progressive genre either. Three of the best, period. I saw Genesis 4 times, they were amazing in concert. RIABer's have great taste in music! RUSH ON!
#61 - Posted 2/9/13 @1:20PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

This link is my favorite thread on this blog, thus far.
#60 - Posted 2/9/13 @12:59PM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Regarding Supertramp, I had first heard and liked, 'The Logical Song' back in 1979, while watching Solid Gold on television. However, I had not fully started to embrace Supertramp until late 1980, when I had purchased "Paris" on cassette. I have always found John Anthony Helliwell's saxophone to be an integral part of Supertramp's sound.
#59 - Posted 2/9/13 @12:52PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Thanks for the Abacab link, kjbird.

Of course, as far as Genesis is concerned, my favorite Genesis studio albums are the following:

1. Foxtrot
2. Nursery Cryme
3. A Trick Of The Tail
4. Duke
5. Genesis
6. Abacab
7. Invisible Touch
8. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Of course, I also really like, 'Firth Of Fifth,' Dancing With The Moonlit Knight' and 'I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)' from "Selling England By The Pound." But overall, it is not my favorite album. With the exceptions of 'Back In N.Y.C.' and 'Counting Out Time,' I like everything else on "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway."
#58 - Posted 2/9/13 @11:24AM by kjbird [contact]

#56 - For nostalgia's sake, link I know Genesis is already in, but this was a fav of mine in the early 80's. Good 'ole Abacab.

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