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Clockwork Angels: The Novel special Watchmaker's Edition
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UPDATE - 12/3@2:08PM: Author Kevin J. Anderson tweeted that the release date of 11/6 given by CD Universe, and others is not accurate and the actual release date is March 1st, 2013. Anderson also states in a tweet that he and Hugh Syme wrote a special companion booklet for it.

On March 1st of next year Back on November 6th a special Clockwork Angels: Watchmaker's Edition of the audiobook for Clockwork Angels: The Novel will be was released. The package contains the unabridged audiobook along with a WORKING clocktower. From the description:

Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition features the unabridged audiobook edition of Clockwork Angels, a novel by bestselling science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, based on the new concept album by the legendary rock band Rush. This compelling steampunk adventure is read by Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, who first conceived the story for the band's latest release. This special edition features the complete, unabridged audiobook packaged in a unique, working upright clock tower designed by the band's album cover artist, Hugh Syme. Intricately themed and largely handmade, this is a beautiful and functional design piece that will be a must-have for Rush fans and steampunkers alike.

Thanks to Eric at Power Windows for the heads up. The package appears to be on backorder and not currently available to order anywhere online. Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart's Clockwork Angels: The Novel was officially released in the first week of September and debuted at #18 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Best Sellers list. You can order the standard audiobook version of Clockwork Angels (narrated by Neil Peart) at this location, and the hardcover edition here.

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#51 - Posted 12/5/12 @11:19AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#49. True
#50 - Posted 12/5/12 @9:30AM by kjbird [contact]

Results of fan poll for
#49 - Posted 12/5/12 @8:44AM by kjbird [contact]

#48 - Soon, i think the site will be hopping with news about RRHOF. Thx for sharing about your friend. Of course, the intent of release is different than the benefit of an item. I think we as fans forget that even though we may not necessarily buy something, there's someone else out there with specific needs, that sees the same product as GOLD. What a great gift to give!
#48 - Posted 12/5/12 @7:37AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Whoa!This part of the CA Tour ends and the big news is an audiobook in special packaging...yawn. I bought the audiobook(normal edition)for a friend of mine, who is a huge Rush fan,an awesome drummer himself,and blind! He loves the book so far.He does admit that it won't rank up there with the literary masterpieces, but here's the key, he's really enjoying it, and he loves the fact that it is Neil himself reading it.
#47 - Posted 12/5/12 @7:11AM by freewilly [contact]

All these "spin offs" make me think I'd be most interested in a "Clockwork Angels the Movie"... an animated one, by Ralph Bakshi or the Japanese artist/director of "Spirited Away".
#46 - Posted 12/4/12 @1:32PM by CraigJ [contact]

#43 - if you pre-order digital you usually get it on release date. I actually pre-ordered the CD on Best Buy's web site and got it a day early. Of course I had already downloaded it a few weeks prior...
#45 - Posted 12/4/12 @1:20PM by Rob1855 [contact]

#38 the Rush Backstage club sells it, but they've been sold out since the first of the year, approximately. Nothing left but odd sizes in less-than-desirable designs.
#44 - Posted 12/4/12 @12:55PM by drmike [contact]

#41 Nice list. I can see most of those cities on the next tour. I'm really hoping for a Maritime Canada show for all my friends and relatives down east. I missed the S&A tour when I lived in PEI and there's a website and facebook page with a Halifax group collecting signatures to urge them to play in Halifax. I'd prefer Moncton to make it easier for New Brunswick and PEI fans to also make it to the show.
#43 - Posted 12/4/12 @12:49PM by drmike [contact]

#40 CraigJ I never preorder, I always go to Best Buy on the release date so I actually have it as early as possible. Too many people preorder online then have to wait 3 or 4 days after release date to get it. That would have been torture with CA! Especially with the posting frenzy we had here on RIAB.
#42 - Posted 12/4/12 @12:38PM by kjbird [contact]

You need to add the city of Cincinnati to that list, sir...whether it be Riverbend or US Bank Arena ;) I'd bet Big Money on that one.

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