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Rush releases official music video for The Wreckers
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Rush - The WreckersEarlier today Rush posted the official lyric video for The Wreckers - the second single from Clockwork Angels - to their YouTube channel. The video is shot in the same style as the video for Headlong Flight, depicting a puppet show-like shipwreck along with the lyrics for the song. You can watch the video below or at this location (thanks John at

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#42 - Posted 9/5/12 @9:24PM by bensommer [contact]

Follow the bouncing ball!

I just think a band w/as much cred and budget as Rush should have a better staged video. Even a fan competition (free to them) could turn up something better!
#41 - Posted 9/4/12 @2:01PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Hydraulics and holes and timing always have amazed me.

Here we are just three days from the setting of the clouds in motion, on this new tour. Yesterday was Labor Day, and the President drove right by me, twice, on the way in and out from his visit to the Teeth of the Hurricane, La Place, LA. I stood there waving on the curb as his motorcade passed by in their inpenetrable dark-aged windows. I sat there waving from the curb, yet i felt as if I was Clint Eastwood sitting there in an empty chair, as he passed by, shoveled away by puppeteers, like the dank carpets strewn onto the curb with all the furnitures and the photos from Hurricane Isaac's passing, which kept NOLA clean, but flooded our neighbors in La Place. For all day, we had been gutting the house all the way down to it's studs. (Ohh baby! don't touch my sausage?) Funny how Aug 29th 2012 was exactly 7 years since Katrina hit us, and now Isaac hits. I remember that crab in Lafitte... and that alligator sauce piquante.

My point timely this song THE WRECKERS.

My other point is, to save sanity, I've got to get out of the teeth of New Orleans and see y'all in New Hampshire.

It's been a while since The gorgeous Gorge, and I need some philosopher's consolance in this universe right about now!
#40 - Posted 9/3/12 @7:20PM by jplerxt [contact]

Totally nonplussed by the video - just doesn't really fit the music. I've a grip about the videos in TM tour as well - too hokey - they detracted form the music, for me. Just my opinion. Can't wait till the 7th, though.

#39 - Posted 9/3/12 @9:46AM by Hill


I'd have to agree with you there. But it seems that recently I've taken a liking to Carnies and Seven Cities. I didn't care for those two songs at first, they were the last holdouts. But now I can't get enough of them.

It's funny how CA is the record that keeps giving!
#38 - Posted 9/2/12 @7:28PM by holeinone53575

I think The Wreckers is one of the best songs on CA.
#37 - Posted 9/2/12 @4:39PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Did anyone else see that 12 year old that jams Tom Sawyer on the drums? If you go to Jackson Price BU2B on youtube he is downscreen. Amazing chops for such a young man. Jackson aka Palidrummer is a smokin hot whaler as well. He puts me to shame and I have been playing for 30 somewhat years. They call me a weekend warrior. These kids are living it. Bright futures.
#36 - Posted 9/2/12 @4:11PM by marty from clayton [contact]

#35 -
"of course I picked one of my favorites Between the Wheels - a great wedding/marriage song if there ever was one"

#35 - Posted 9/2/12 @2:57PM by brianrush2112 [contact]

For the casual fan the video is fine-RIAB fans already know the lyrics and many, like me, know All their lyrics after 36 years. As an example- my wife ( a casual fan) was going to allow me to have a RUSH song sung at our wedding knowing how big a part of my life their music has been all these years- of course I picked one of my favorites Between the Wheels - a great wedding/marriage song if there ever was one- all was cool until BTW came up on rotation one night while we were listening to music and she asked to see the lyrics. No BTW sung at our wedding. I've often thought the lyrics should be displayed on the screen behind the band while playing live- Has anyone else noticed how the song Firework by a popular artist is on the same level as the Garden? Thats the difference between RUSH fans and alot of people and popular music-Boom boom boom-the moon moon moon ahh ahhh ahhh vs "the measure of a life is a measure of love and respect the way you live the gifts that you give in the fullness of time It's the only return that you expect". wow .Sept 24!!!!!
#34 - Posted 9/2/12 @2:31PM by zkzt

Video was simply too good to be twoooff
#33 - Posted 9/2/12 @2:27PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

hahaha jk obviously. Actually that reminded me, a while ago I showed my mom the The Big Money music video, and she thought it was a joke. I thought it was such a funny music video, because it's totally what I imagined style in the '80s to be like. She told me "I thought that was another one of their videos where they dress up, like the one you showed me." She was talking about the Time Machine Tour vids lol. I wish I was around for music videos like that, back when the block animation was so advanced (I saw Dire Straits' Money for Nothing video, and thought it was so funny how that kind of animation was groundbreaking for the time), and they all feathered their hair (is that what it's called???). Anyways my mom thought it was really funny when I told her it was an actual music video from 1985. I think the boys should have done a really 80s music video for The Wreckers, just as a joke.

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