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Clockwork Angels: The Novel highlights posted at The Lofty Oaks
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UPDATE - 8/5@11:11AM: Part 9 - the last in the series - has been posted.

UPDATE - 8/3@9:53AM: Part 7 of the novel highlights has been posted.

UPDATE - 8/2@1:11PM: Part 6 of the novel highlights has been posted.

UPDATE - 8/1@10:08AM: Part 5 of the novel highlights has been posted.

UPDATE - 8/1@10:08AM: Part 5 of the novel highlights has been posted.

UPDATE - 7/31@8:57PM: According to a post over at Kevin J. Anderson's blog, he'll be offering signed copies of Clockwork Angels for $24.99 via

... you can order [an autographed hardcover] through for the cover price of $24.99. To be clear, this is signed by me (Kevin J. Anderson) and not by Neil Peart, but there's no extra charge. I will even personalize the copy, if you make a note in the "comments" field. Copies will ship at the beginning of September, as soon as I receive and sign them. (International customers, be aware that international shipping is pricey... I don't set that!) We also have bundles up if you would like to buy Clockwork Angels: The Novel along with my first novel Resurrection, Inc. (which was inspired by the Rush album "Grace Under Pressure," and was the book that originally brought me together with Neil) or a bundle with my new novel Death Warmed Over, the first in my Dan Shamble, Zombie PI series, which will be released at the same time as Clockwork Angels: The Novel. Save $5 with each bundle.

----- snip -----

Clockwork Angels bookWe are about one short month away from the release of Kevin J. Anderson's novelization of Rush's Clockwork Angels album. Carter Biel at The Lofty Oaks website was lucky enough to receive an advanced review copy of the novel from ECW Press and over the past week has written a series of blog posts as he reads the novel. The posts so far are - as he describes it - a sort of play by play movie trailer of highlights:

I don't think it is possible to "give away" a book like you can a movie. Books have much more happening on many levels. Plus the action is scrolling in your own mind with characters, scenes and settings of your own device. In that light I have decided to write a series of posts about "Clockwork Angels - The Novel" by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart, as I am reading it. A sort of play by play movie trailer of highlights. I'll try not to divulge any real plot secrets or serious spoilers. I just wish to relay a few thoughts and insights as to go along with my reading. This will all lead up to an official review of the book in total. ...

He does a good job of setting the scene and giving a high-level description of what's going on in the novel without giving away any important plot points, but the posts do contain some spoilers so consider yourself warned. That said, the Clockwork Angels album itself is sort of a spoiler for the novel anyways, and we've all already heard the entire album and read the lyrics. He's currently about half-way through the book and has written a total of 4 blog posts which you can check out at the following links (SPOILERS!): part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. He'll also be writing more posts as he progresses through the novel. You can pre-order the audiobook version of Clockwork Angels (narrated by Neil Peart) at this location, and the hardcover edition here.

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#29 - Posted 8/1/12 @2:49PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

#27 riab4cameraeye: HAHAHA that's awesome!
#28 - Posted 8/1/12 @9:52AM by limelighter [contact]

#26-- clockwork angels CD for .99 cents?????-----
total slap in the face........
#27 - Posted 8/1/12 @9:47AM by riab4cameraeye [contact]

Off topic - Was watching CNBC this morning and Facebook stock crossed $21.12. The host, Brian Sullivan announced a nerd alert and that the stock price had just passed the RUSH line. The other host Jim Krammer hesitated (I dont think he got it at first)and then joked that was great investing insight. Brian was actually filling in for another host (David Faber) and said that Faber was off getting his his RUSH tickets for the upcoming tour!
#26 - Posted 8/1/12 @9:00AM by sonvolt10 [contact]

Amazon is selling Clockwork Angels for $0.99 today. Wow!!!

#25 - Posted 8/1/12 @8:26AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

Thanks message #24.

My hotel booking at a 2 star hotel in New York is setting me back $150 (without breakfast) a night + 14.75% Sales tax along with $3.50 City tax they will then charge me a "Book tax" to look after my package!

Old prog rock fan.
London 2012 (first Gold today!)England.
#24 - Posted 8/1/12 @7:37AM by jaeger [contact]

#23 You might try to "pre-position" one at your hotel. :)
#23 - Posted 8/1/12 @5:37AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

It cost me $4 postage for the sampler booklet to be sent to England, so the book may end up costing twice the price for us international customers.
I hope signed books will be sold at concert venues when I fly over for the East Coast shows in October.

Old prog rock fan.
London (Day 5) 2012 England.
#22 - Posted 7/31/12 @11:52PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

I hope Rich C. didnt record it. My ears still hurt from the CA recording...
#21 - Posted 7/31/12 @11:28PM by Taurus Pedal Boy

I'll just wait to read it for myself. I get tired of all this pre-hype pre-review stuff (with music, movies, books, EVERYthing).
#20 - Posted 7/31/12 @8:40PM by Rushguy [contact]

Already ordered, but I wouldn't even consider reading this book for at least a year. I treasure new albums so much and it takes me at least that long until I feel I got it all figured out. The book will be a delicious treasure in the dog days next summer, poolside. Or maybe even during next year's Thanksgiving trip. I appreciate the blogger giving exposure, and I am sure it will be interesting to read his thoughts. Maybe the post will still be online next year. Until then, stick your spoilers in your hat ;)

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