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Clockwork Angels biography/essay by Neil Peart available online
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UPDATE - 5/20@8:15PM: Here's a short review of the Clockwork Angels album from (thanks snowdog2113). It's a positive review although not as glowing as the ones we've seen thus far.

UPDATE - 5/20@8:13PM: The essay/bio is also posted at as a full PDF file complete with images (thanks James W). The essay's title is The Future as Seen from the Past (Or: Yesterday's Tomorrowland).

Reader snowdog2113 recently discovered that the complete Clockwork Angels biography/essay written by Neil Peart has been posted online at the Roadrunner Records website. You can access it at this link by clicking on the Biography tab. While we've seen many excerpts from this essay in various interviews over the past several weeks, we hadn't seen the entire biography until now. Neil outlines the entire 3-year history of the Clockwork Angels album - from its inception in 2009 on through the recording of Caravan and BU2B, how the idea for a novelization was born, and the addition of strings from David Campbell in the 2012 mixing phase:

... On the bright side-even the brilliant side-one very special aspect of this project is the lush and exotic string arrangements, by David Campbell. One January afternoon at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, I stood in the control room listening while the strings were being recorded. It occurred to me that all songwriters should experience the sensual delight of hearing their songs performed by an accomplished string section. For example, when these virtuoso artists on violin, viola, cello, and double-bass executed David's plangent orchestration for "The Garden," there was not a dry eye in the studio. ...

You can read the entire essay at this link (click the Biography tab).

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#19 - Posted 5/19/12 @10:18PM by Dino [contact]

interesting read
#18 - Posted 5/19/12 @2:43AM by wackostu [contact]

Neil's writting is so brilliant! Makes me want this ablum even more. I even took June 12th off, cause all I am doing is playng this thing, loudly, over and over.
#17 - Posted 5/18/12 @3:39PM by Earthshine [contact]

Liver, I am a big fan of 'Parallels' of that album. Also love the title track 'Going for the One'. That BIG church organ WAkeman is playing is phenomenal
#16 - Posted 5/18/12 @12:34PM by Liverpool 78

My last will and testament will include an istruction to lock the church doors until the last chord on Steve Howe's Telecaster fades away :-)

#15 - Posted 5/18/12 @12:03PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]


Yes, I did listen to the "HD" version of Awaken...all 15 minutes...very stunning, perhaps YES' finest piece!? As to the idea of playing it at a funeral, I don't know if my friends would stick around for the entire song. LOL.

Anyone going to the DET show that can recommend good places to stay and to party at? I just scored 4th row center. Sorry for the gloating...

Have a great weekend, my Rushians.
#14 - Posted 5/18/12 @11:42AM by Alexfan [contact]

Thanks for the pointers. Read it and loved it. All of this trickling information is just wonderful.
#13 - Posted 5/18/12 @11:41AM by snowdog2113 [contact]

I got completely lucky finding that. Why the hell it's under the Biography tab is beyond me. I was just browsing Roadrunner's site to see if any new links to reviews had been posted and stumbled upon it. Great stuff, though!
#12 - Posted 5/18/12 @11:36AM by jaeger [contact]

"That built-to-be-performed quality is clearly evident on all of the songs on Clockwork Angels, too. Like the nineteen albums that have come before, these songs are "Made 2 B Played," again and again for years.
And, if the fates allow, they will be.." Very nice to hear that from Neil!
#11 - Posted 5/18/12 @11:27AM by M next 2 I next 2 K next 2 E [contact]

As always with Neil, a great read. I love all the insight he gives in this peice on the processes they went though. I cannot wait to hear the end result....must be patient...must be patient...

Oh yeah, Happy Friday!!
#10 - Posted 5/18/12 @11:20AM by Tai Shan [contact]

Is it June 12th yet??? :)

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