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Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour: third round of pre-sales begins today at 12PM
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UPDATE - 5/9@11:26AM: Radio pre-sale password for Columbus is qfm96 (thanks SchemingDemon).

UPDATE - 5/9@10:08AM: Radio pre-sale password for Cleveland is wone (thanks dingus).

UPDATE - 5/9@8:19AM: Various Live Nation, radio and venue pre-sales begin today at 10AM local venue time. Live Nation pre-sales will be using the drumline password again. The Tampa and Seattle VIP pre-sales are now sold out along with Toronto. Music Today fan pre-sales end today at 5PM.

UPDATE - 5/8@11:31AM: There is a venue pre-sale starting tomorrow for the Indy show which will be using a password of BLFCLOCK (thanks Ellen). It also looks like the Live Nation pre-sales will be using the same password as last week: drumline.

UPDATE - 5/8@9:36AM: There seems to be some confusion with today's pre-sale for the Cleveland show. The Quicken Loans Arena says the pre-sale is sponsored by AMEX, but when you click through to the ticketing site it says CITI. I'll assume the ticketing site is correct until I find out otherwise.

UPDATE - 5/8@8:03AM: The Toronto VIP pre-sale is now sold out. CITI pre-sales for Indianapolis, Columbus, Charlotte, Tampa and Seattle begin today at 10AM local venue time. AMEX pre-sales for Cleveland and the Canadian dates also begin today at 10AM.

UPDATE - 5/7@2:10PM: General ticket sale for Phoenix is now open. Fan and VIP pre-sales for all eleven dates listed below except for Seattle are now underway. Seattle will kick off in less than an hour at 12PM PST.

UPDATE - 5/7@11:34AM: Music Today fan pre-sales and VIP pre-sales for Indianapolis, Columbus, Toronto, Montreal, Cleveland, Charlotte and Tampa begin at 12PM EST; Winnipeg and Saskatoon at 12PM CST; Edmonton at 12PM MST; and Seattle at 12PM PST.

UPDATE - 5/7@11:29AM: I spoke too soon regarding the VIP pre-sales I guess; the VIP Nation website is currently being updated as we speak - listing the pre-sales as beginning at Noon today as we had anticipated. Good luck everybody!

UPDATE - 5/7@11:24AM: There is still no official word regarding any pre-sales yet, and the VIP Nation website still lists all of the dates as coming soon. However, all 11 dates are listed at Music Today as going on fan pre-sale today at Noon. I'd go with the assumption that VIP pre-sales will start at Noon too, despite the lack of any official word yet. Better safe than sorry.

UPDATE - 5/7@10:01AM: Montreal is now also listed at Music Today. General ticket sale for Atlanta is now underway.

The second round of pre-sales for Rush's 2012 Clockwork Angels finished off last week and the third round kicks off today. Although there has still been no official confirmation from the newsletter, the remaining 11 dates (except Montreal) are now listed at the Music Today website as going on sale today at Noon. These shows are Indianapolis, Columbus, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Toronto, Cleveland, Charlotte, Tampa and Seattle. The VIP Nation website still gives no indication exactly when the VIP pre-sales for these dates begin, but I will go with the assumption that they will also kick-off today at Noon until I hear otherwise - which is consistent with what we've seen on the first 2 rounds of pre-sales. Montreal seems to be a special case however. I should also mention that both Atlanta and Phoenix general ticket sales begin today at 10AM local venue time. CITI pre-sales for the US dates (except Cleveland) will begin tomorrow at 10AM. The general on-sales for all of these dates should occur next weekend, but Ticketmaster still does not have them all listed. I'll be updating this thread along with the tour page as more details come in. For more information on how all of the pre-sales work check out my ticket sales and pre-sales guide.

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#40 - Posted 5/10/12 @8:18PM by driley86 [contact]

Why are they not coming to Wisconsin? (don't be mean)-they always have!?!
#39 - Posted 5/9/12 @9:58AM by Cajava [contact]

Does anyone know if there is a separate venue password for Columbus??
#38 - Posted 5/9/12 @9:19AM by dingus [contact]

The password for the radio presale for Cleveland is WONE.
#37 - Posted 5/8/12 @8:36PM by palidrummer11 [contact]


I'm not sure, and I don't think anybody knows yet.. how big is the venue in Toronto?
I'm going to the LA one, and even though Neil lives here, they probably won't film it, since the Gibson Amphitheater seats only like 6,000
Whoever's making the DVD will want to show a really big audience, I think
#36 - Posted 5/8/12 @4:32PM by kharmon [contact]

Will Toronto be the show that gets filmed this tour???
#35 - Posted 5/8/12 @8:41AM by JTFL [contact]

I think Ticketmaster has all the good seats within the first few rows reserved for their Platinum sales. I hate all this pre-sale stuff. Here in Tampa there are 4 pre-sales. Gone are the days of them going on sale to everybody at the same time and giving everyone an honest chance.
#34 - Posted 5/8/12 @7:53AM by Ajax5 [contact]

I nearly missed out--I had no clue pre-sales for Toronto were on deck (I last checked in on Sunday), and we're in the midst of buying two cars and a little bit distracted. Didn't get in the first 15 rows, but at least I'm in.
#33 - Posted 5/7/12 @9:57PM by Mark In CTown [contact]

I hope everyone was able to get the seats they wanted today! Me, I opted to wait until the general sale on Saturday and go for good upper level seats in Cleveland. I've seen Rush second row for Snakes and Arrows and 30th row for the Time Machine Tour that was filmed. This time, I kind of want to see the lights and multimedia spectacle. Also, money is tight this time around but hey, as long as I see the Holy Triumvirate, I'm good with where ever I sit.
#32 - Posted 5/7/12 @9:33PM by ryrush87 [contact]

I was able to get my Saskatoon tickets at 11am local time because I don't think they know that Saskatchewan doesn't follow daylight savings lol. So in all reality 12pm Central Time was actually 11am Saskatchewan time :) In the winter months yes Sask falls in with Central Time but in the Summer months it falls in with Mountain Time.
#31 - Posted 5/7/12 @8:36PM by Madskillz89 [contact]

You've got to be kidding me... Thanks for the notice. All the Toronto tickets are gone.

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