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First single from Clockwork Angels rumored to be released Friday, March 30th
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UPDATE - 3/19@11:12AM: backs up the May 29th release date in this article highlighting upcoming Canadian release dates (thanks Tim S).

Clockwork AngelsA few weeks ago a rumor came across my desk that Rush's record label Roadrunner Records would be hosting a Clockwork Angels listening party for industry executives, promoters and journalists at the end of this month. I was waiting for some independent confirmation before sharing the information and now Sniglets over at Counterparts has corroborated the rumor and added the following details:

Roadrunner Records is inviting 120 industry executives and promoters on Tuesday March 27th at 11 AM for a "Lunch and Listen" to the new Rush record. I saw an invite to this through a good friend of mine who is attending it and works for the NY Post. He also told me a single is going to be coming that following Friday so that puts us at the 30th for a new song. ...

It's not clear whether the single would be released for purchase at this time, or just released online for listening (via YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.). Last week Amazon began listing the album for pre-order with a release date of May 29th and Best Buy quickly followed suit. Since then Best Buy has completely removed their listing and Amazon's listing no longer has the release date or pre-order option. This likely just means that they were asked to remove the information, and that the release date remains May 29th. That's not to say that it won't get pushed back, as is usually the case with release dates. But I would think that we should see it released before the end of June at the latest. The other rumor that I'd first mentioned in my last Friday Rush updates post was that a 5.1 mix of the album will be made available.

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#33 - Posted 3/22/12 @5:10PM by Lucien [contact]

I really cannot wait any longer....
#32 - Posted 3/19/12 @2:38PM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

and lerxst said "let there be clockwork angels!" O_O i hope its that song that this single is going to be...with the leaked information in the past. sounds like a good possiblity, anyways. its still good news on the rush game :)

- 3/30/12 ~ very important date
- 5/29/12 ~ even more importance!
#31 - Posted 3/17/12 @12:17AM by What-A-Rush

OOOPS! After all that said above(#30) I just noticed that #9 beat me to it! I guess I'll have to say that this will be the third "song" heard from the new album! How's that? Very observant 'Lerxster'! Oh well! Either way,looking forward to hearing it. Thanks RIAB!
#30 - Posted 3/16/12 @11:59PM by What-A-Rush

#3, Hey Ed, I just thought of something. Speaking of technicalities,if the new song is released as a "single" on 3-30-12 wouldn't this be "technically" the "second" single from 'Clockwork Angels'? After all,'BU2B' was the second song on the CD single and the "B-side" of the 45! (Arguably better than the "A-side", 'Caravan'-in my opinion!) Theoretically,that would make the upcoming track the third "song" heard,not the third "single"! Of course,we Rush fans NEVER split hairs over ANYTHING about the band,now do we? Great news Ed,thanks for the info! As usual,great job on the site as well! Keep it up!
#29 - Posted 3/16/12 @12:20PM by skl183

A jangly acoustic number. Get out those lighters.
#28 - Posted 3/16/12 @10:28AM by jaeger [contact]

Re #27. That's true, but we'll all be there to buy the t-shirts and to encourage friends to buy from the back catalog. :) I am sure the younger players are the ones really suffering...
#27 - Posted 3/15/12 @6:41PM by CylonEmpire [contact]

I hope the boys don't get jacked again like VT where the CD ends up on some file sharing service before its on Amazon, iTunes, etc.. Selling music is so hard now. It's all about tours, t-shirt sales, celebrity appearances, radio royalties, and back catalog sales. Rush will be beyond lucky to sell more than 250K copies of this CD.
#26 - Posted 3/15/12 @5:47PM by The_Righteous_Rise [contact]

#5..your wayyyyyy off with just those 5...Subdivsions, The Big Money & TIme Stands Still have also been on the radio more than there...;)
#25 - Posted 3/15/12 @4:44PM by JediSushiChef [contact]

Will they just put the thing out already? For f's sake, it isn't like we've been waiting for two friggin years for the album. Sheesh!
#24 - Posted 3/15/12 @12:16PM by alexmai [contact]

Here in Italy, Radio Rock and Virgin plays sometime Rush... but in the previous years it happened more often... my first listen of Hemispheres was by radio ;)

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