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Alex Lifeson Planet Rock interview now online
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Planet Rock RadioUPDATE - 11/30@11:08AM: The interview is also now up on SoundCloud (thanks RushFanForever).

Darren Redick of UK internet radio station Planet Rock spoke with Alex Lifeson via phone from Toronto earlier this morning where Rush is busily working on recording their upcoming Clockwork Angels album. The 10-minute interview is now available online at the Planet Rock website and you can also listen to it using the player below.

And if you don't feel like listening to the interview, reader Distant Early Warning listened in to the interview and was kind enough to give us a detailed, bullet-point rundown of all the key points:

* Currently in the studio in Toronto putting in long hours;
* They already had the 5 songs written of which 2 had been recorded so needed 5 or 6 more;
* After a slow first week, they got on a roll and after 4 weeks, all songs had been written;
* In response to a question about whether the direction of Clockwork Angels had changed, Alex said yes: BU2B and Caravan had set the tone, but last month some other pieces came together that were more melodic and had different arrangements and presentation than they were used to doing. However, the rest are heavy;
* 3 or 4 songs are over 7 minutes long and most of the rest are over 6 minutes - there's a lot of intense playing;
* Alex did not have much to do with the recent box sets - Neil does the design side of things;
* The 'I Love You Man' sketch was left off the concert DVD because of union issues (Screen Actors Guild) - it was difficult to get all the releases for it;
* They want to finish CA by Christmas but Alex was not confident about this. They have mixing booked for the New Year and he reckoned they would do a bit of recording and mixing at the same time, in time for a spring release;
* They hope to be out on tour in May or June, with Europe on the agenda but maybe not until 2013;
* On the subject of festivals, while they find it intriguing and potentially lucrative, they've never felt comfortable with it, as they would want more control over it (the time and the 'show' itself). However, if the right one came up where they had the control over the show, with a decent timeslot, they would consider it;
* Lastly, a big no to doing any small scale 'bar' gigs to 500 people.

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#11 - Posted 11/20/11 @8:52PM by PetieLee [contact]

Really? No Europe until possibly 2013?!!! Bummer but hey, gives me time to save!!!

I love the fact that these are not gonna be short songs on Clockwork Angels.

Love that Rush is gonna be as heavy as ever!!! Cannot wait!!!

Love da Geddy! Miss da Geddy!!! ♥
#10 - Posted 11/18/11 @7:22PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

It's Alex talking, so it's hard to know what happened when. He said a long time ago that there were some "friendlier, melodic" parts. perhaps they've just become cohesive in completed songs recently.

I can't remember where Neil said this (there are soooo many interviews these days...;), but he commented way back that the beginning and end of CA were already well-orchestrated. So presumably, Ged and Al have been writing music for the middle chapters recently.

I'm all for heavy, but I hope Ged has room to shine w. vocal melodies on all songs. Those are my favorite parts of Caravan and BU2B -- "I can't stop thinking big", and "until our final breath..." in the chorus. When his voice conveys, hope, empathy, compassion, ambition and other such emotions is when I think Rush are at their best.
#9 - Posted 11/18/11 @7:03PM by skl183

Is this still a concept album? If they music was written off the cuff in the studio, don't really see how it would sound "different" from recent output. They were writing on the road at one point if I remember. Or maybe that was Queensryche?..lord I'm getting old.
#8 - Posted 11/18/11 @2:59PM by grapefruit [contact]

No Europe til 2013?! So disappointing! Guess I will have to make a trip home to Canada next summer... wasn't planning to but I don't want to wait til 2013!

I do NOT want to see Rush at a festival and really hope they pass that over. It's not the sort of environment I like, especially a lone female concert goer! I am glad Alex doesn't feel so good about festivals either...
#7 - Posted 11/18/11 @2:05PM by A-CELL-OF-AWARENESS [contact]

Does anyone know who the enthusiastic (and cute!) young lady is who appears in the DVD scene with me during Vital Signs? Is she (are you) a RIAB'er? It's really neat to watch how she leaned into the scene with her fist pumping to the music and a big happy smile!!! Perhaps I owe her a 'thankyou' since Alex probably said to the producers: "Don't put that pink letter holding, sign making, license plate touting prop-fanatic nutjob in there unless it's to get a deserving female in there too!" Ha! N'yuk N'yuk N'yuk!! Woob Woob Woob Woob Woob!!
#6 - Posted 11/18/11 @12:39PM by drmike [contact]

Yes, I agree--thanks Distant Early Warning for the summary (and always thanks to Ed!). a couple of "melodic" songs (nothing wrong with that) and the rest are pretty heavy. OMG, this is going to be *good*! Quick calculations give a total of close to 70 minutes of new music for the CD. I always feel a bit cheated when there's only 60 minutes on a CD that could have 80 minutes of music on it (and at the same time feel lucky to get 60 min, because the old LPs could only hold about 40 min).

One thing that's missing is whether they rearranged and re-recorded Caravan and BU2B.
#5 - Posted 11/18/11 @12:12PM by RThompson150 [contact]

Thank you reader Distant Early Warning and Ed for the latest info on Rush's new album project Clockwork Angels.
From what I was reading on the blog posted this morning, Clockwork Angels sounds like a awesome album. Like I say Rush can do no wrong! Rush gets better with age and looking forward to their new tour next year. Rush is a cool, awesome progressive rock band. So glad Rush went back to doing a progressive rock concept album. The new merchandise by Rush rocks too!
#4 - Posted 11/18/11 @11:34AM by GoldenRushFan [contact]

on tour in May or June! hopefully that includes at least 2 nights at Red Rocks again...
#3 - Posted 11/18/11 @11:27AM by Jimbo [contact]

Yeah, I haven't seen the word "epic" dropped any time recently. Of course, these guys could totally make an epic song that is "over 7 minutes long." Great to have the extra bits of news!
#2 - Posted 11/18/11 @11:16AM by philradz [contact]

Still hoping for a near 20 minute song. I'd be happy with 15.

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