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Sat, May 18, 2024

Geddy Lee on his upcoming memoir My Effin' Life, supporting spoken word tour and whether he and Alex would ever consider touring as Rush again

Tue, Oct 10, 2023@11:42AM | comments

Geddy Lee has started to hit the interview circuit in support of his upcoming memoir My Effin' Life and associated spoken word tour, and chatted with Matt Cord and Steve Vassalotti of Philly's 102.9 yesterday about what fans can expect from both:

... "I'm trying to have a different sort of interviewer every night, every city. So we'll chat for a while and talk about Rush and talk about life. Talk about wine collecting and baseball and whatever comes up. Yeah. I'll read some excerpts from the book. Then I'm going to open it up to the audience because I really love interacting with them and hearing what their questions are. Sometimes you just can't guess what they want to ask." ...

Many fans had been speculating about who the interviewer would be, and whether it would be the same person for all the dates, so Geddy confirms here that each city will have a different interviewer. When asked about whether he and Alex would ever consider going back out on the road as Rush, Geddy gave a long-winded answer, talking a good bit about he and Alex playing at the Taylor Hawkins tribute show last year and their experience with that, and concluded by saying, "I wouldn't say it's impossible - that's the best answer that I can give you.". We'll take it! You can listen to the entire interview below or online at this location.

Geddy Lee's My Effin' LifeThe book is slated for release this coming November via Harper Collins, and is currently available for pre-order via Amazon and other retailers. As mentioned above, Geddy Lee will be conducting a spoken word In Conversation tour in support of the book starting next month, with the North American leg kicking off Monday, November 13th at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, followed up by another 13 dates across the US and Canada throughout late November and early December. The North American leg ends on December 7th at Massey Hall in Toronto before crossing the pond for the UK tour in Wolverhampton on Sunday, December 10th. You can get all the details and learn how to get tickets at

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