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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Rush to be featured in the next episode of ABC's Schooled

Thu, Apr 4, 2019@10:50PM | comments

UPDATE - 4/11@2:50PM: The episode aired last night and Johnny Atkins shows up in two separate scenes wearing his trademark Rush t-shirts. At about the 3-minute mark of the show Laney and C.B. are planning how to revive the school's student radio club, and Johnny the janitor appears. He proceeds to reminisce about the school's old radio station, which he started back in the '80s, and tells them about his radio show, "Rush Hour. 30 minutes of non-stop Rush songs." Lainey and C.B. eventually start the club, but end up micromanaging it to the discouragement of the students. Someone then steals the equipment and pirates the station, spreading rumors about Laney and C.B. At about the 13:30 mark Johnny Atkins shows up when it's revealed that he is the radio pirate. You can watch the episode online at the ABC website here (or on Hulu).

Johnny Atkins as the janitor in SchooledActor Sean Marquette portrays the recurring character Johnny Atkins on the ABC '80s throwback comedy series The Goldbergs. The character was first introduced early in Season 3 of the show and is known for being a huge Rush fan and always wearing a Rush concert t-shirt in every episode he appears in. The show even aired an entire episode centered around Rush and featuring Marquette's character back in Season 3 (Season 3, Episode 21 - Rush) as described in this post. In one episode earlier this year (Season 6, Episode 16 - There Can Be Only One Highlander Club), the Johnny Atkins character was featured wearing multiple Rush t-shirts throughout the episode. Atkins also appears in The Goldbergs '90s era spinoff show Schooled where he plays the janitor at William Penn Academy. According to the show's publicist (Ike Richman Communications), next week's episode of Schooled (Season 1, Episode 11 - Glascott Mascot) will feature Atkins and his love of Rush:

... In this all-new episode, character Johnny Atkins, who always wears a Rush concert T-shirt, shows his love for Rush in a new way. In Schooled, Johnny is working at William Penn Academy as a custodian and reflects about his time in high school working at his school's radio station. He claims he put together a show called "Rush Hour," featuring 30 minutes of the greatest band in the world, Rush! ...

The episode will air this coming Wednesday, April 10th at 8:30PM on ABC. You can also watch it online at the ABC website here (or on Hulu).