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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Neil Peart joins California's Channel Islands All Eight Club

Mon, Jan 29, 2018@8:59PM | comments

UPDATE - 5/11@9:44AM: Here's an update regarding this via Instagram. It looks like they received their official membership recently:

----- snip -----

Back in October of last year, Neil Peart, Michael Mosbach (Neil's riding partner and Rush security man) and SABIAN Cymbals' Chris Stankee paid a visit to San Clemente Island, one of the eight islands that make up the California Channel Islands, thereby becoming members of the All Eight Club - a select group of people who have set foot on all eight of the islands. Each of these islands requires very special visitation arrangements so it's not an easy accomplishment, and Neil and company needed to be escorted by the Navy SEALs in order to visit. The trio are now included in the list of 200-plus members on the Santa Cruz Island website's Channel Islands All 8 Club page. Michael posted a photo of Neil on the island to the West Side Beemer Boyz Instagram page back in October, and I'd featured it in a Friday Rush updates post back at the time, without knowing the full significance of the event. A big thanks to the folks at RushCon for the heads up and information. It's good to see Neil out and about and enjoying his retirement. Hopefully he'll get back to writing about all of his adventures and sharing them with his fans on in the near future. Neil's last post to his website was way back in May of 2016!

I guess we know who's in charge. All 8 achieved! #bubbarulez #variablecrew

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